The celebrity fanbase of Zelda has been utilized recently to advertise the series more and more by Nintendo, most noticeably via Robin Williams and his daughter, Zelda.  Nintendo has released a series of videos on their YouTube channel in which celebrity fans of the games, most noticeably Chris Evans of Fantastic Four and Captain America fame, talk about their experiences playing their favorite Zelda games.  Granted, it’s clear that the people in these videos aren’t diehard Zelda fans, perhaps like the Williamses are, but it’s still nice that Nintendo is taking the time to show just how many people Zelda has touched over the years.  Hit the jump to see three of these short testimonials praising our favorite series.

Dustin Milligan is most famous for starring in the American television series 90210.

Sara Paxton is most notable for starring in films such as Shark Night 3D, Superhero Movie, and The Last House on the Left.

Aside from starring in the hit films Fantastic Four and Captain America:  The First Avenger, Chris Evans played one of the “evil exes” in Scott Pilgram vs. the World, which featured many musical references to the Zelda series.

Source:  YouTube.