This got sent in recently by forum member IGNIS and the staff loved it so much they just had to share it. Lord Ghirahim has been a big hit with our community ever since he first started appearing in Skyward Sword trailers several months back, and it’s a running joke that Ghirahim (or Debbie, as fans initially nicknamed him) is obsessed with being “fabulous”. This series of images shows Ghirahim posing as the cover person for a fashion shoot in “Fabulous” magazine.

Hit the jump to see the magazine!

Click on the six thumbnails below to see the full pages of this “magazine”.

Thanks again to IGNIS for the brilliant art, and if you have something of your own to share, you can always send one of our site staff a PM over on our forums.

  • Haha! That's awesome.

  • Ashmic

    I deem him David Bowie

  • It looks fabulous, darling!

  • Anonymous


  • kamikazemind

    I…actually love this lol

  • sami

    Oooh Debbie, you just look FAAAAABULOUS

  • prada

    I really love the cover its debbielicious

  • ChainofTermina

    …….I STILL don't get it. why Debbie? why not Bill or Frank or Kevin or something? why a girl's name? and what inspired this idea of him being 'fabulous'? what about him makes people want to describe him as 'fabulous'? I still have no idea what everyone's talking about.

    • The Cozmologist

      It's because he's so flamboyant and fancy! And because of the fact he's not as, well, manly as some other characters I'm guessing…

      • VivR

        What I like to know is WHY Debbie? Why not some other girls name? Debbie is definitely not the first female name that comes to mind. xD lol

        • The Cozmologist

          Why is Link named Link? Why is Zelda named Zelda? WHY AM I NAMED THE COZMOLOGIST? Ya' know, I don't really know…

    • Silver-Lynx4

      if you dont think he's FABULOUS then ur lost

      ps. Debbie the FABULOUS *3*

    • Jason Rappaport

      Likely because Debbie sounds like the name of some kind of flamboyant cross-dresser šŸ˜›

    • LunarMew

      You are right. He doesn't look fabulous, he looks like Duke Nukem or Chuck Norris or something.

  • Monaster

    Debbie is definitely the most fashionable of any LoZ character to date. Stay fabulous, darling!

  • GorCoronSumo

    Demon Drag Queen

  • Jason Rappaport

    This is the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

  • prada

    wow, lol though

  • Tiff

    Haha, I can’t even tell if he’s crossdressing or not.

    Love this! Please, make more!

    (Apparently “Debbie” originated from a user’s comment in ZU’s forums, right? Who was that user? I want to give my thanks.)

    • Jason Rappaport

      As far as I know, it was SuperDecimal or someone that SuperDecimal knew šŸ˜€

      Then I took the inside joke and used it in the mailbags. A lot. Specifically in the first-ever Fireside Mailbag. Which I think made it mainstreamified due to the epic combination of Old Spice Guy and Fabulosity.

      • GorCoronSumo

        When are you going to do another mailbag, they are awesome!

  • Loftwing81

    not to be a bad sport here but i really dislike one of the nest main villains in Zelda to…well you know look like that and be called "Fabulous"…..

  • Lancelot-sama!

    Work that tongue, baby, that's right! Fabulous, darling!

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