Youtuber PeanutButterGamer yesterday released a new video for The Game Station, titled “Top 5 Reasons why Zelda is Awesome”. It covers several of the reasons that he loves the Zelda series (some more tongue-in-cheek than others). Hit the jump to watch the video, or check out his channel, as this video kicks off an entire Zelda-themed video month.

  • Zelda should start a genre of its own: Unique.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    This video was just great lol

  • Baddlerin

    Well that video had some broad reasons of why Zelda is awesome. It was cool that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in it for 1 second. Im a real fan and I like it more for lots of reasons and not just 5 reasons. I would say at least 100 or more for me (I'm not exaggerating) . When its Halloween me and my other friends dress up as Zelda Characters and everyone in my neighborhood thinks its pretty entertaining. Each year we take turns be other characters too. Well this is me so I like sharing my thoughts so I don't care if you like this comment or not.

  • Gilbert

    This video was ok but I think it could be a little better.

  • Gordon

    The word is "recurring." RECURRING. Not Re-occuring.

  • Soeroah

    Heh, princess bucket.

    Fat Princess?
    Marlee (I think is how it's spelt? Chrono Trigger one)

  • Loftwing81