Worried that Skyward Sword won’t have a high replayability factor or that there won’t be much to do other than the main quest?  Never fear, because NeoGaf user Dascu has compiled a list of just some of the activities that can be done in the game that don’t pertain to the main story.  As it’s presented in short list form, spoilers are light in regards to the plot.  Still, be wary if you’re not wanting even the most minor of location names to be revealed, or the types of collectibles and mini-games that will be available.  Read on to see the interesting little list for yourself!

Mini-games (repeated/give rewards)

  • Skydiving, on Fun Fun Island
  • Bamboo-cutting, on Bamboo Island
  • The Bug Island Challenge, inside Thunderhead
  • Pumpkin Shoot, on Skyloft
  • “Minesweeper” digging game, in Eldin
  • Boss Rush Challenge, in Lanayru
  • Silent Realm Challenge, in Lanayru
  • Playing the harp, at the Pumpkin Pub
  • Carrying pumpkins, at the Pumpkin Pub
  • Cleaning Pipit’s house

Non-repeatable “special stuff”

  • Minecart ride
  • Tadnote collecting
  • Spiral strike training on the Loftwing


  • Goddess Cubes
  • Heart Pieces
  • Bugs
  • Loot and treasure for item upgrading

It’s emphasized that this is only a partial list, and doesn’t include any of the quests involved with helping non-playable characters, and “doesn’t relate to the Gratitude Crystal collection to help out a particular character.”  With just this brief glimpse into the fun available in the game, Skyward Sword is looking more detailed and content-packed than ever.  Which of these intrigues you the most (personally, they had me at Pumpkin Pub)?

Source:  NeoGaf
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  • OniChick63

    yay first comment!!!!! anyway WTF? what is he waring? XD Istill can't wait for Skyward Sword

  • prada

    omgoose yay, that all sounds awesome, except for the skydiving(if its anything like the cucco diving in TP

  • these all sound epic, except for the minesweeper one. i hate minesweeper.

    • X-factor

      Come on! I love minesweeper! And now I can play it with my favorite video game and get rewarded for it 🙂

  • Maxi G

    "Cleaning Pipit’s house" is actually "one of the quests involved with helping non-playable characters", and is related to the gratitude crystals…

    Goddess Cubes aren't collectibles, they unlock treasure chests which hold collectibles and Rupees.

    And it's not Pumpkin Pub, but Pumpkin Landing :p

  • Fun Fun Island sounds…fun.

  • Maggio

    For some reason, the walkthrough guide is available at barnes and noble where I live… I got to glance through it today (I didn't spoil myself). The game is so epic looking… The hero's quest details are just about everything I could want (that's the second play through)

  • NintyLover

    Boss Rush sounds really interesting. I also can’t for the Minesweeper game. XD

  • princess

    What are goddess cubes…

    • Soulless Creature

      Game cubes with a different name. 🙂

      • Maxi G

        Cubes on the surface that you need to hit with a Skyward Strike (where you hold your Wii Remote in the air and then strike), which then unlocks a treasure chest somewhere in the skies (don't worry, you can see them on your map when you're flying in the skies).

  • Cuccoo 4 SS

    If I have to play some Minesweeper game for Heart Pieces, there is going to be so much rage. Minesweeper sucks so much in my opinion. It's bad enough that Runescape has it, but the greatest Zelda game ever? This mini-game is going to take the fun out of 100% the game if I have to play it just to get Heart Pieces, and knowing how Nintendo always puts an extremely difficult mini-game just to get something for 100%, get ready for some major rage.

    • SkywardSwordOwns

      There are no heart pieces, just rupees. It's an interesting way to go broke if you're like me and consistently dig up a bomb in the first three moves.