Worried that Skyward Sword won’t have a high replayability factor or that there won’t be much to do other than the main quest?  Never fear, because NeoGaf user Dascu has compiled a list of just some of the activities that can be done in the game that don’t pertain to the main story.  As it’s presented in short list form, spoilers are light in regards to the plot.  Still, be wary if you’re not wanting even the most minor of location names to be revealed, or the types of collectibles and mini-games that will be available.  Read on to see the interesting little list for yourself!

Mini-games (repeated/give rewards)

  • Skydiving, on Fun Fun Island
  • Bamboo-cutting, on Bamboo Island
  • The Bug Island Challenge, inside Thunderhead
  • Pumpkin Shoot, on Skyloft
  • “Minesweeper” digging game, in Eldin
  • Boss Rush Challenge, in Lanayru
  • Silent Realm Challenge, in Lanayru
  • Playing the harp, at the Pumpkin Pub
  • Carrying pumpkins, at the Pumpkin Pub
  • Cleaning Pipit’s house

Non-repeatable “special stuff”

  • Minecart ride
  • Tadnote collecting
  • Spiral strike training on the Loftwing


  • Goddess Cubes
  • Heart Pieces
  • Bugs
  • Loot and treasure for item upgrading

It’s emphasized that this is only a partial list, and doesn’t include any of the quests involved with helping non-playable characters, and “doesn’t relate to the Gratitude Crystal collection to help out a particular character.”  With just this brief glimpse into the fun available in the game, Skyward Sword is looking more detailed and content-packed than ever.  Which of these intrigues you the most (personally, they had me at Pumpkin Pub)?

Source:  NeoGaf
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