IGN has today released a new podcast which focuses entirely on Skyward Sword, discussing their experiences with the game and answering several questions from the viewers.

It’s worth a listen if you’ve been following Skyward Sword‘s various reviews and want to learn more about the kind of thought that was put into them, because the podcast features not only Rich George and Audrey Drake (the Executive and Associate Editors of IGN Nintendo respectively) who scored the game a 10, but also the contrasting view of 1up reviewer Jose Otero, who gave the game a B+. They have also been joined by Samuel Claiborn, an editor for IGN who has been working on their Skyward Sword wiki.

There are no plot spoilers mentioned, though there are some minor mechanics spoilers and character spoilers that those who have been following Nintendo’s official trailers will have likely heard already. You can check out their podcast here or just subscribe to their Nintendo Voice Chat podcast feed, as they will be following up with another more spoiler-filled podcast a few days after the game’s release.

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