In the most recent edition of “Iwata Asks,” new information has been given about a previously unexplored area in Skyward Sword.  Concerning design, story, and gameplay, a video was released alongside the interview with Mr. Iwata.  Continue reading to view the video featuring the area, as well as see the highlights from the interview.

Beware of spoilers.

Below are the major highlights detailed in the interview, compiled by Locke at our affiliate, Zelda Dungeon:

  • There are three distinct areas in Lanayru Desert – each transforms into something new. This is unique to the desert, the other two regions modeled after returning several times and playing the same area over again.
  • The second area of the desert becomes a sea. You travel around by boat, and the dungeon here is a large ship drifting on this sea. (This is the second dungeon of Lanayru Desert, in which you fight Scervo and Tentalus.)
  • The transformation between past and present continues the Zelda series’ tradition of contrast. Ocarina of Time was especially an influence. This time, they wanted to be able to travel anywhere, not just by going to one location.
  • This is home to the ancient civilization mentioned in the first interview, which was inspired by the rocket fist idea.
  • Mining carts can only be used by timeshifting to the past. This gave rise to many other gameplay elements.
  • They were careful in designing the Ancient Robots not to make them look too mechanical, concerned that it might not fit in a Zelda game. They used clay objects as reference.
  • You will receive an ancient map, which you can compare to the present map to discover and solve puzzles.
  • The puzzles in the second area and dungeon are very logical.
  • You’ll have to find the ship as it moves through the sea using the dowsing mechanic. This is a step up from the stationary objects you find in previous areas.
  • The third area takes the transformation system even further. Link will have to transport Timeshift Stones in order to bring the past or present to other locations, among other leftover ideas they were unable to use in the other two areas.
  • Skyward Sword’s planners are all experienced programmers, designers, etc.
  • Enemies are used to solve puzzles. Specifically, the Ampilus was designed to accomplish the demands of solving certain puzzles. When it is defeated, it leaves behind its shell.
  • The three areas represent the investment of the planners’ personalities.
  • There’s a building in the desert that’s important to the story, and a big turning point happens here.

There you have it!  The release date of Skyward Sword is only two weeks away–which of these new revelations are you looking forward to the most?

Source:  Iwata Asks (via Zelda Dungeon).
  • That one Ancient Robot looked like Wolverine. 😉

    • I always enjoy reading your comments, Thareous. They're always fun to see. ^_^

  • X-factor

    Ooooooohhhhhhhh! So, when Link strikes the stone everything becomes alive, thriving, and colorful because he actually went back in time. I never connected that; I just thought it breathed life back into the surrounding area. Yep, I can feel it coming, the inevitable OoT paradox headache!

  • NintyLover

    I love the idea of the changing areas, that’s going to be a cool aspect. This game needs to hurry and come out.

  • Ashmic

    There’s a building in the desert that’s important to the story, and a big turning point happens here.

    ganondorf pls :3

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    Dear Zelda Universe,
    I know this may be too much, but I was wondering if you can NOT put place names, people names, and items, in the article's title. It is kinda a spoiler, and me (and maybe others) don't want to see spoilers. I've lasted a long time, just gonna make these 11 days the same. All due respect.

    • That's a valid point (and you communicated it very politely!)–ZU is committed to making it so that people can visit our main page without being exposed to Skyward Sword spoilers. Granted, the article titles have to be detailed enough so that people know what we're talking about, but I will definitely be more discreet in the future: you won't have to worry about getting spoiled by anything else. (:

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      For someone who is trying to avoid spoilers at all costs, at this point in time you probably shouldn't be visiting any major sites. Whether it's IGN, Zelda Universe, Zelda Dungeon…

      Cause this week and the next the internet will frothing to the max with previews, reviews and not only that leaks…. there are already leaks springing saying details and rumors of the game's ending and critical elements.

      Europe is getting it 2 days before North America, and I can pretty much guarantee you that people will be posting their YouTube video's all over the place.

      Just saying that if your avoiding even the smallest spoiler the best advice I can give to people just be void of the internet. Cause there is a tipping point where the internet will be flooding even more so with details.

  • TheMaverickk

    Also this just in…. but apparently a copy of Skyward Sword was leaked out.

    Apparently there is a leaked demo of the game that escaped from a recent European trade show and appeared online last night. People have already started hacking it, modifying textures, accessing different parts of the game and so on. Not to mention ripping music from this copy of the game (it's not stated whether or not this is a full copy and contains all the games content or if it's simply a build that contains areas for demo play).

    Regardless that's just what I was talking about…. as Skyward Sword gets closer to release the internet will be bursting with leaked information. If people want to check out the original story I found it's here;

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      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Maybe we all should stop posting info we find about new games.
      Unless it is given by Nintendo themselves.
      I hate these kinda things.

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        Thievery is not cool.

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    Still no sign of Gerudo. But always good information nonetheless.

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    Actually, when u see so many trailers and gameplay published by nintendo that get us excited is good because that means that there r more suprising and breathtaking secrets that producers don΄t reveal that make all the other trailers we ΄ve seen look less than the half! Think about it..

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