Yesterday, the second volume of the new Iwata Asks was released on the official site.  You can probably guess that there was a lot of Skyward Sword info in there, considering there’s less than a month until its release!  There’s a short, never before seen, spoilerific clip in there from SS as well.  If you already saw yesterday’s release of Iwata Asks from our earlier post about the new footage in it but missed out the text part because you couldn’t read Japanese, then head on over to their site because the translation was released today!  The videos have also been translated, so things will now be completely clear for all you Zelda fans out there.

If you’d like a breakdown of the new Iwata Asks footage you can find it at our previous post here.

Source: Iwata Asks (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • This is the most brilliant development team to work on such a Legend of Zelda title, IMO. They're filled with so much vision and perception of what makes the game immersive and enjoyable.

    • The X-Fails

      Tis's teh weurts gaim n histroy!

      Cawl of Doody and Heilo 4thevas!

      • Soulless Creature

        Get a dictionary then try again.

        • mcdude910

          I think he means: "Call of Duty sucks. Halo's pretty great, but it hasn't moved the gaming world, as much, nor does it have the sheer enjoyment of a good Zelda game. Skyward Sword seems to be an excellent installment to the series, and I truly can not wait for its release in November."

      • falconfetus8

        Obvious Troll -.-

  • Ashmic

    "Yes. And while you usually defeat bosses, this time you hold it back. " hmm i don't really know about that, but what can i say i can't say anything until i play the game

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Ok, I mean I like how this game is turning out, very much so, but 1 thing I've heard that I do not like


    I hate backtracking in any game, and I always loved the Zelda series for constantly presenting new places to go, it won't stop me from getting this game(already pre-ordered it) but it has toned down my excitement a bit, that and that article saying it was EASIER than OOT and TP, are you serious!? TP is the second easiest game in the series, plus no sky battles!? Damn

  • EraZ3712

    "In the series so far, you went to a dungeon once, and that was the end… no matter how big and complicated it was, if you beat the boss deep inside, you never went there a second time.
    But in this game, once you take down a dungeon, you may have occasion to visit it again. You may think that the second time will be easy because you've already beaten it, but there may be new challenges."

    INCREDIBLE!!! They're just throwing out more and more ideas which further enhances Zelda far more than we could have imagined!

    "In the Legend of Zelda series up till now, the fields were the scene of more easygoing play, but once you went into a dungeon, you would get a new item and act strategically and solve puzzles. There was a clear division. But this time, you may get a new item in the game field and the search expands from there."

    That means we'll have something to focus on when we're travelling as well! That means much less wasted time simply going from here to there! 😀

    Fujibayashi: "On the other hand, we paid a lot of attention to how to enter dungeons. In the original Legend of Zelda game, Link went into a dungeon with a tomp-tomp-tomp sound."
    Iwata: "Yes."
    Fujibayashi: I really wanted to recreate that! (laughs)
    Iwata: (laughs)

    *Laughs as well*