We are currently looking for some consistent, dedicated news correspondents (and some other general staff, but mostly news people) here at Zelda Universe. If you’re interested in applying, head on over to our Staff Openings page and send in an application.

If you want to learn more about what we’re looking for and what such a job entails, you can hit the jump for a video in which I go over these things in more detail.

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  • Well, whenever you say you're looking for more staff members, I apply and never get anything sent back… except for last time, when it took you seven months, and by that time I wasn't interested in working for people who took that long to get stuff done. Not trying to troll or be rude, but I'm just saying that if you really want this, you should probably follow through with it.

    • There have been various situations over the years with non-working app forms and such – sounds like you've had some bad luck in that past. At the moment though we have a good system set up and completely different people dealing with the staff apps.

  • derplette


  • I would love to become a news correspondent though considering that I'm going on holiday without computer access for a week tomorrow, this probably isn't the best time to apply.

  • Zanio

    I shall apply on Tuesday; I've got a thesis to finish off by then. Although, I guess that will be on Monday seeing as most of you guys are in America.
    (Dedication to Zelda: I managed to squeeze in a section about Majora's Mask, even though it's barely realated to my thesis topic.)

  • LadyAgonist

    I'd love to, except i wouldn't be capable of being 'consistent', especially next week, i have the 25th Anniversary Symphony and then Nottingham for the Hyrule town shindig 😀

  • TheMaverickk

    On that note there is a new trailer that came out earlier today showcasing the Harp from the game.

    If people want to see it view it here on IGN keep in mind that it shows key moments of getting the Harp, so consider this SPOILER material;

  • avert_from_the_norm

    I would love to, but my qualm with it is in the fact that i don't want the game any more spoiled for me than it is. but if you are still looking for people after skyward sword comes out then i think you will get a lot more people down for it.

  • TheMaverickk

    Actually… you know what the real problem is with getting news into Zelda Universe….

    Your SUBMIT NEWS function doesn't work any more. Now I remember that I've tried posting stuff over the last two months and every time I try to do it through the "Submit News" option it just bugs out and says "One Moment Please" after hitting the Submit button.

    It never changes at all.

    All this stuff started happening at around the same time these super ads took over as well…. where now the entire page gets covered by an ad when you load up a post or the main page.

    Just saying I bet it would be easier for the ZU staff to get new news from us peeps if the submit news option was working properly.

    • lockx

      Those adds drive me nuts…
      Seriously starting to make me want to not come to the site despite how awesome it is.

  • EstherIchigo

    I've send in a staff app before but never got a reply….

    • Easter Eggos

      That's cause ur lack of employment astounded us too much. Sorry, but we only allow the occupationed to news post for us.

      • EstherIchigo

        Oh, alright.
        I thought I would have heard something as well if I wasn't accepted :3
        Thanks anyways :3