A long time ago, I used to play a forum game called Hyrulian War.  The premise of the game was very akin to the board game Risk or Diplomacy, except that our variant was much more complicated and also Zelda-themed.  Upon a vast grid, a handful of players took up the causes of the various races of the Hylians, the Kokiri, the Gorons, the Gerudo, the Zora, the Sheikah, and naturally the Undead.  (Hey, we needed space for a seventh player!)  Over the course of several months, everyone would throw their military might at each other in hopes to come out victorious, whether with allies or on their own.

And then I saw a video for the game Hyrule: Total War. And in the back of my head, I knew that this was the game we were all playing in our heads long ago.  (Video after the jump!)

The game is a total conversion project of the game Medieval 2: Total War led by Zelda fan Undying Nephalim.  And, well, I think I’ll let Nephalim describe the project for me:

Hyrule: Total War is a conversion for Medieval 2: Total War. A vast majority of the iconic races from the Zelda universe have been represented as armies that the player can assemble, command, and ultimately use to destroy their enemies. The Hero of Time has chosen to return to the past, a choice that ultimately has ruined the charts of history and sent Hyrule into chaos. Major wars that were already decided have unmade themselves, allowing fallen armies a second chance at these critical events in Hyrule’s history. This is where you, the player, comes in. You shall choose how to rewrite the history of Hyrule.

Do you stick with the proper path and smite the evil in the land in the name of the Goddesses? Or perhaps you feel that the Hylians have overstayed their welcome as masters of the land and would rather the Gerudo forces of Ganondorf lead Hyrule into a new age leadership? Maybe you feel it’s time that the Gorons march from their mountain kingdoms and rebuild their long lost empire, smashing anyone who opposes their will? On the other hand, you might fall in favor of fighting for the Zora Dominion and cleansing the land of imperfect creatures and establishing a new order of purity. Perhaps the forces of nature have won you over, and you would see to it that the Kokiri and beings of the forest rise to power? Or maybe you would act against nature, and infest and consume all life as the infestation of Gohma…

There are many races to choose from, and many possible outcomes to your actions. Hyrule’s fate is now in your hands. Will you lead it to a golden age of peace, or dominate it in your name?

The final copy of the mod will feature 20 different races; all of the familiar ones from Ocarina of Time are present and accounted for, but there are also a handful of unexpected ones:  the Gohma (which sound scarily enough like Starcraft‘s Zerg!), the Deku tribe, Stalfos, Moblins, Darknuts, Lizalfos, the Ikana, Wizzrobes, Fairies, and… dare I say it, eventually the Oocca.  There’s a bunch of artwork and details about the kingdoms and their units, though it appears unfortunately that most of the screenshots can’t be seen because he’s run out of PhotoBucket bandwidth for the month.

Undying Nephalim’s long forum post describes pretty much everything you need to know about the game… as well as what you need to have and do in order to play it.  By the sound of things, you will need a copy of Medieval 2: Total War along with the Kingdoms expansion pack.  The conversion is still in active development, but there’s a playable demo that is virtually all but complete.

Ready to tackle Hyrule in Link’s stead?  The opportunity awaits.

Source: Total War Center
Via: The Escapist
  • Leadfront

    I am hungry for nuggets.

  • Ashmic

    was very cool, hard to recognize some of the races, but yeah its okay i like it

  • Just imagine an actual Zelda game made like this. The races of Hyrule would need to unite against the Gerudos and other forces, like we see above. And Link could go through puzzles implemented in defending his side from being overtaken. If done well, I could see that take place.

  • ZiggyStardust

    Looks epic. He wouldn't have a bandwith problem if he used flickr.

  • Kayla

    That looks awesome, but why is Midna there…shouldn't she be off in another dimension?

    • Rocksor

      you mean realm

  • This was amazing, poor hylians, the only humanoid people in the war. And where is Link, the hero of time, come to stop the war from decimating hyrule? (yes i know thats not the point, just pitching an idea for another video) And also, is this a real game, that would be soooooo cool!

    • Rocksor

      if he joins he will then be encouraging war and join the hylians. it is best to not be there

  • Trips

    This game looks awesome ive always wanted them to make a game like this! If the game ever comes out im gonna buy it!!

  • zerandomguy

    Looks awesome, but do you have to have the game (total war) to play it or can it be played separately?

  • TimeIsMichael

    no just no some thing were ok but really every race going against another no

    • GreatSpin

      I agree, it should be something like deku tribes/kokiri/gorons/zoras/hylians/shiekah vs gerudos/stalfos/Queen Gohma and spiders/moblins/darknut legion/lizalfos, with Oocca/Twili/Ikana/Faries of Tarm/Ordona Province/Lanayru Province as nuetral.

    • Heather

      If you're considering the Hyrulian Civil War, that is what happened. Having knowledge that the Triforce was kept in the Sacred Realm, the various races competed for this power (though I don't think there is any implication the Kokiri took part.)

  • The Author

    I thought the Kokori couldn't leave the forest.

    • Rocksor

      i know right. they could possibly be defending themselves

  • The Postman

    LOL is that Lady Gaga on 1:28 on the left?!

  • Driorianos


  • Kyle

    The Kokiri CAN leave the forest technically but they won't be immortal hence they will *die* if they leave as a regular mortal.

    As a side note:
    I bet the Great Deku Tree is some kind of ancient computer that uses some kind of energy force field to protect the little forest kids from an ancient race that probably killed each other like in these upcoming wars which will probably cause them to *vanish*.

    The lens of truth is also likely a piece of ancient neuro technology *that's BRAIN technology for dummies* and it only seems like magic because we don't know how the technical 'boring' details work. 🙂

  • Kyle

    What would be cool is if there is a game that had a Hyrule *Railroad* system like Thomas The Train with Ringo Starr or George but uses the Triforce and all the engines talk and Ganondorf is some kind of evil *Fat Controller* that wants to make all the engines his slaves.

    And you can drive the trains in it of course and the railroad would be a critical aspect to the story somehow which is the fastest and most reliable way of delivering goods to the kingdom..

  • Kyle

    Did anybody ever watch Shining Time Station and seen Mr Conductors magic whistle to warp people into the Thomas stories or am I the only one?

    Mr Conductor said he traveled to various lands.

  • Rocksor

    how would the oocca fight and why? they live in the sky and they have nothing against hylians and the land below and they dont want it.