Of all the Zelda items out there in the world, there’s none more central to the whole Zelda experience than the sword.  From being the first item you pick up in the first game to being the item that goes through the most transformations in just about every game, from being one of the main weapons that can destroy Ganondorf to being one of the core gameplay mechanics in Skyward Sword, ultimately it’s a weapon that you simply cannot do without, no matter how hard and long you try to perform a swordless runthrough.

A friend of mine named Valigarmander at one of my old forums recently did a huge study as to the nature of the Master Sword and all of its dozens of variations.  And ultimately, by comparing the strength of each one against the other, he created a handy dandy comparison chart as to which of the swords is the most powerful, even going so far as to pit swords that don’t show up in the same game against each other!  His large infographic can be found after the jump.  Find your favorite swords and test them against one another and see if you can predict the winner.

You’ll probably want to right-click and open in a new tab to see the larger version.


Source: Video Gamers First