In a new commercial for the recently re-released Four Swords on the 3DS, Robin and Zelda Williams battle it out to see who has better skills…. with a gamble.
Video after the break.

Mr. Williams naming his daughter after the Princess probably didn’t increase his chances any.

  • AH! No more beard! XD

  • miforever29

    Lol, I'd do the same to my dad if I could XD

  • jduff725

    Yea! No more beard!

  • Ashmic

    santa shaved.

  • Sakume

    He seems like a fun Dad. :> I wish I could play some Zelda with him.

  • Adam

    Aniday, your photo needs to shrink.

  • Drizzt

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! the end of the world has already come! beard….. all… gone!

  • guest

    Nooo why the beard

  • QueenxLink

    I finished Four Swords today 😀

    • med

      same :p

  • Yes! he got rid of the beard. Much better, he can grow it back if he wants. so no big loss there.

    R.I.P Steve Jobs in the iClouds.

  • Leendy

    OMG lol! No more beard!!!! xDD

  • Dark Link

    She's still ugly because she resembles her dad too much.

  • Soeroah

    I love how he suddenly looks 20 years younger. It's as if the beard was aging for him in a Dorian Gray type scenario.


    Very weird. I for one liked the beard.

  • Emil

    No?! Why would he shave such a glorious beard?

  • peteriuss

    i am a big zelda funboy well.28 th september was my birth day and when i looked 4 swords for free i thought that nintendo knew my birthday lol.well that game is good but the save is epic faik hehe.

  • DragonChi

    Quoting Gimli (LOTR) – "NOT THE BEARD!!!"

  • the LoZ fan

    hello i think that was funny and kinda epic no there but not as epic as youtube user chuggaaconroy's NO or his more resent one no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • rookie

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Man, he looks so much younger!

  • OneLoveForZelda

    if only my dad could like to play zelda… 🙂

  • Ganon's codpiece

    OMG Harold Shipman is alive?!