New official character artwork for Skyward Sword appeared on Nintendo of America’s Twitter page today. Who is this character? I can tell you that we have seen this character in previously released trailers. To spoil yourself, check after the jump!

*This post contains spoilers. You have been warned!*

Today’s character featured by NoA is Zelda’s father and headmaster of the Knight Academy, Gaepora.

We’ve seen him before in the trailers and know a few things about him:

  • He gives Link the green garb after Zelda is kidnapped.
  • He is knowledgeable of the history and legends of Skyloft.
  • He has an owl-like “hoo, hoo, hoo” laugh.
  • His name is very similar to our favorite owl, Kaepora Gaebora.
  • He is holding a green book. Is it the Book of Mudora?

Time to let the theories fly! Is there more to Gaepora than meets the eye? Tell us what you think in the comments below or in the ZU News/Article Discussion Forum.

Sources: Nintendo of America’s Twitter, Nintendo Power Vol. 272 via ZeldaWiki



  • Xanox

    Somehow I knew we weren't done with him lol. I believe he is the sage of light? It would make sense since Gaepora was one of the founders of the temple of time. Do I sense a link to Ocarina of Time? You betcha πŸ˜‰

    • Rust

      There would also be a strong link to Twilight Princess.

    • Dimitris

      there is a link once and Shigeru said that Skyward sword takes place before ocarina of time!

    • Craig

      Xanox, Skyward Sword leads directly into Ocarina of Time – that's been known since forever. Gaepora IS Kaepora Gaebora and is most likely to be the sage of light. I guess he either has to disguise himself at the end of Skyward Sword or dies and gets transformed or reborn into an Owl guardian… Then Rauru takes his place (I hope).

  • Rust

    When I click on the picture of Phi to see it full-size, it says the file doesn't exist.

    • jwalraven

      Hmm. That is odd. The image up there is the full size of her though. πŸ™‚

  • Well if you remember in Ocarina of Time, one of the Gossip Stones did mention Kaepora Gaebora is the reincarnation of an Ancient Sage. Hmm…this gets your head thinking.

    • Guest

      where is the gossip stone??

      • Julian

        In the squarish maze in front of the Forest Temple, on top of one of the ledges.

  • Theories everywhere. This is actually pretty obvious.

  • TheMaverickk

    I think he is this generations Sage of Light… and I truly believe that you will need to find or locate the other sages in order to forge the Master Sword. I don't know if you will meet them all at once…. a kin to Twilight Princess…. or who knows maybe you will have to find them one by one across Hyrule.

    It's even possible that they don't know that they are destined to be sages yet. Could be something that the goddess reveals to them… much as I'm sure Zelda will discover her role in the world during the game.

    Interestingly IGN has been typing and saying the character's name is Geabora… spelled exactly the same as from OoT. I wonder if there is translation discrepancies going on. I mean IGN is playing an English build of the game…. so I mean for them to miss that the names spelling is different seems a bit weird as they get to read the dialogue from him repeatedly. Then again… it is IGN … and they tend to mispell and not double check before they write their articles.

    On the other hand…. who ever is posting the image on Twitter might also have wrong information. Since that isn't handled always by the most competent employee's and they are just posting on whims in many cases.

    So I'm still waiting to see the actual NA spelling. Either way it would be very easy to say that his reincarnation may not have taken the EXACT same name…. and hence the change of a single letter… which is a letter which is basically the same just flipped vertically.

    Yay for speculation.

    • Craig

      I agree, I said this on Zelda Informer – because Americans usually mistranslate and have the misconception that all B's and P's are interchangeable (even though there needs to be a specific notation that shows that (it's the same with G and K). Also, did anyone ever realise that Rauru was meant to be Raul and Sheikah actually is Shika – which is Seekers in English (Japanese don't use plurals with s on the end like we do. Therefore, the Sheikah we know are actually called The Seekers.

    • anon

      I really hope we get to find the other sages. That'd be really fun! It's obvious this guy is the owl.

  • nicktheslayer

    Nope. Its the book of Maedora. xP

  • Gaepora looks quite a bit like Rauru. I wonder if there will be any connection between them.

    • trollol


      • And you think because it's obvious, that gives you the right to vote everyone down? Arrogant troll! There is only one thing obvious here: your trolling. So don't you even think about stating something is obvious to me when your intent is so vile. B{

        • wrsersef


          • Gordo

            Mad cuz you lost, trohead? Good! You're a freaking d!ck!

          • wrsersef


        • mcdude910

          Didn't we have this talk before? Just don't let them bother you and they'll stop.

          • O.O That was months ago. How do you still remember that?

            But that was in relation to a persistent one.

          • mcdude910

            I don't know. I remember your name, as I still don't know how to pronounce it. Also, I share many of your views, and see you as a sort of friend, even though I rarely frequent the forums, as they, as of late, have been very lacking.

          • Th-air-ee-us. πŸ˜‰

            It's fictional, to let you know. I share the name of at least two extremely famous people that I can name right off.

          • mcdude910

            Well, you can go ahead and do that, but my screen name is actually my real name!! O.o

    • Craig

      I'm not sure that Rauru actually exists yet or he may be a child/teenager or even part of the Knight School… When I saw the man who trains you with swordplay, Rauru came into my head then… but I'm not sure. It's clear that Gaepora will be the first Sage of Light (Sky, Sunshine etc…) and the sky link with birds and all is possibly the reason he takes his Owl form. I wonder if he can take that form at any point or he gets turned into an owl OR if he dies and gets reborn as the owl – either way, I hope it happens near the end of the game.

    • Zorathan

      We already know that Kaebora Gaebora is a reincarnation of Rauru. It's kind of a given…

  • Keimori

    Now these are the kind of spoilers I like, this artwork is most amazeing!

  • Drizzt

    dont… wanna… get…… SPOILED!

    • Drizzt

      wait a minet…. i knew all that stuff! im not spoiled!

      • Drizzt

        FTW. im voted down. alot. im gonna jump.

  • kamikazemind

    i feel like a little kid so excited for a game!! omg…the artwork and story (that we know of)…AMAZING

    • kamikazemind

      And why am I down voted? lol…eh…oh well lol

  • zora

    will zoras be in the game?

    • Prada

      I love those elegant things, they are my favourite!

      • mcdude910

        Mine, too. They're so majestic (and I'm a dude)!

    • mr squiggles

      yeah, i think they will, i'm pretty sure that nintendo confirmed the gorons and zoras will make a return in SS.

      • LinkFan

        They only confirmed Gorons, they haven't mentioned Zoras, but there is a new aquatic race called the parella which could possibly be a pre-evolution form of Zoras

  • Ashmic

    I feel bad Phi has no arms lol

    is it Phi or Fi they keep changing the name on different sites

    • I prefer Phi; that's what it originally was, so I'm going to stick to that myself.

    • It is officially Fi. Nintendo said such in a press release.

  • bob

    hmm…. hes fat, he wears the same clothes Rauru, so i'm guessing Rauru.

    • KingDodongo1

      Well there are theories that Kaepora Gaebora is Rauru, and it's pretty safe to assume that this guy is Kaepora Gaebora. So yeah, he probably is

      • Zorathan

        "Theories"… xD
        Kaebora Gaebora says that he is an ancient light sage. (Rauru)

        • Jani

          What. No, get your facts straight:

          A Gossip Stone said that Kaebora Gaebora is a reincarnation of an ancient sage.
          Rauru is an old sage, but I doubt the stone was referring to him.

          In anycase, why would Rauru reincarnate when he's still alive? Or at the very least, while his soul is within the sacred realm? That doesn't make any sense.

  • somecrazyguy

    i dont think he is going to be the sage of light. that role is filled by rauru. please note that rauru is regarded as an ancient sage. my gut feeling tells me that instead of being the sage of light, he is going to be the seventh sage, seeing as his daughter is zelda, from whom it seems the entire royal family is going to come from. the members of the royal family are always the seventh sage.

    • PhantomVII

      Dude, his name is Gaepora, and Kaepora Gaebora is an incarnation of Rauru. He's probably the Sage of Light. Besides, where did you get the information that members of royal family are always the seventh sage? Or did you just assume that because Zelda claimed to be the seventh sage in OoT, all members of the royal family are the seventh sage? And if that was true, what if two members were alive at the same time? Are they both the seventh sage, then?

  • Soulless Creature

    I think he might teach Link some valuable skills in Skyward Sword.

    • mcdude910

      You have no soul.

  • Link

    Why don't I get featured in these comments? Why is it called The Legend of Zelda when it's about ME!!!???

    Pissed Off,
    Hero of Time, Winds , Messenger of the Gods, etc.

    • FL767

      Hey, hey, hey, don't neg rep him! Imagine what would happen if he wasn't there to drive off the weekly Wolfos attacks on your house! He has a right to be arrogant, and this was all probably bottled up for a while. He can't quite, you know, speak.

  • PhantomVII

    I wonder if that book he's holding is the Ancient Sky Book from TP? O_o

    • mcdude910

      Well, I checked, and the Hylian looks nothing like it does in any of the other games. So, I can't tell if it is the Book of Mudora, but judging by the number of characters it seems to have, I'd imagine not.

  • Miki

    This is before OoT, right? Kaepora Gaebora is a bird in ocarina right? the Ooccoa are birds in twilight princess, right?
    Soooo… people of Skyloft evolved into (ugly) birds °-°

    • lark

      uhhhh… NO.

    • LinkFan

      They're Hylians, not the oocca

  • Gerudude

    Buh?? I thought Zelda's daddy was Daphness Johansen of Hyrule. Or something like that according to WW.

    • heroofmasks

      that was zelda dad after oot in adult timeline he was the king when ganon broke back out of the sacrat realm

      • mcdude910

        In other words, that was a different Zelda. While Zelda's name is the same throughout history (thanks to the Legend of the Sleeping Zelda), the rest of the family's names are different.

  • camron

    i bet this guy turns into a owl spirit which we see in oot

  • FL767



  • cloverplayer

    O.O his eyebrows!

  • Silver-Lynx4


    • Ashmic

      LOL thank you i needed that laugh

    • LOL i agree.

  • anon

    Whenever I talk to him, that damn owl music is gonna start playing in my head, and I'm probably going to start mashing buttons until I reach the end before he asks me if I want him to repeat it all…

  • 72hours192

    Yep, I knew it. I just knew it.

  • matthewzfan

    I love Fi, she is sooo cute and I think she will be my new favorite Link side-kick! πŸ™‚

  • dgferty

  • The cage toasts ealed *SPOILERS*. New Skyward Sword Character Artwork Rev attacks ealed *SPOILERS*. New Skyward Sword Character Artwork Rev courses ealed *SPOILERS*. New Skyward Sword Character Artwork Rev tolls ealed *SPOILERS*. Ealed *SPOILERS* reassures the colleague.


    Hes going to be turned into an owl i bet

  • My theory goes like this: At some point in the game, Skyloft gets destroyed and all the citizens becomes birds. Gaepora into Kaepora Gaebora, and the rest becomes the Oocca. Could explain City in the Sky and why we haven't seen floating islands in any other game.

    • TheMaverickk

      Reincarnation generally refers to rebirth. I think that Geapora simply got a second chance to live and pass on his knowledge, and the form he was granted by the goddesses' was that of an owl….. a form befitting his nature and his skyloftian heritage.

      Skyloftians become the pointy eared Hylians we know today, they don't become the Oocca. This isn't just an origin story for the Master Sword, but the Hylian race that we know. Although other races live down below the clouds in this era (Gorons, Sheikah, Zora, and the new races) the Hylians don't. I assume that at the end of this game the Skyloft citizens start migrating and colonizing Hyrule. Or perhaps they are refugee's after some terrible event, who knows. Gotta wait to find out.

    • cloverplayer

      except for minish cap

  • UltimaHedgie

    To be honest, I think he's both Kaepora Gaebora and also Rauru, and he ends up becoming the Sage of Light.

  • Sanguiluna

    I don’t think he’s the Sage of Light.

    The Gossip Stone in Ocarina says Kaepora Gaebora is a “reincarnation of an ancient sage.” Seeing as how in every other game, Zelda’s always the leader of the Seven Sages/Maidens, and Gaepora is Zelda’s father, I’m thinking Gaepora was the leader of the first group of Sages, meaning the Sage of Light of his time (whoever he is) would be subordinate to him, just like Rauru was to Zelda on OoT. It would explain why the Sages always answer to Zelda.

    • TheMaverickk

      The one problem with this theory is that Zelda exists here. Seeing as Zelda was the 7th sage and led the sages in Ocarina of Time, why wouldn't this Zelda take on that role again as well?

      The truth is that if Wind Waker has taught us anything, it's that sages have a bloodline, and for the most it carries through characters that have similarities. Geapora in this game looks a lot like Rauru from OoT…. and I don't think that's purely coincidence. Although there's a good chance I'm shown wrong, I'd still wager if he's a sage, then he's the sage of light… if this game has sages like in OoT.

  • salesexyshoes

    of Championship back both that aggregation and what would be a watered down Bingo’s All-Star could compete, according to the allegorical coach

  • rookie

    My theory is that Gaepora did something that pissed off the Godess, and in turn she turned him into Kaepora Gaebora, charged with the solemn duty of annoying Link to the point of repetitively mashing A during his text. XD totally kidding, but i do think the two are related. (God, I hate that stupid owl : )

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