A camera recording has surfaced online that shows the partial introduction sequence from Skyward Sword. In the video, the game is being presented by a spanish speaking man on stage and begins the intro, which is in spanish as well, but stops it, presumably as a teaser or he wasn’t allowed to show the whole thing. Video and translation after the break.

I shouldn’t have to tell you, but obvious spoilers ahead.

Zelda Informer provided a rough translation of the intro, which describes an ancient story of a great battle over ultimate power, which a goddess protected, and an evil coveted.

1 – Esta es una historia transmitida por los humanes desde tiempo immemorial. (Fi speaking)
2 – La historia de la batalla más cruenta y feroz jamás vista
3 – De las entranas de la tierra emergio la esencia pura del mal.
4 – Su brutal ataque sumio a las gentes en la peor de las pesadillas
5 – Las huestes malignas arrasaron los bosques, secaron los rios y aniquilaron la vida.
6 – Se anhelo era hacerse con aquello que la Diosa protegia, un poder omnimodo.
7 – Un poder omnimodo… En otras palabras…

1 – This is a story passed down by the people since time immemorial. (Fi speaking)
2 – The history of the most cruel and ferocious battle ever seen.
3 – From the bowels of the earth emerged the pure essence of evil.
4 – His brutal attack plunged people into their worst nightmares.
5 – The evil forces razed forests, dried up rivers and murdered relentlessly.
6 – They desired that which the Goddess protected, ultimate power.
7 – Absolute power… In other words…”

The video goes on as the presenter plays through some of the ceremony where Link and his Skyloft friends race on birds to catch a statue from Zelda, winning a date, something we’ve seen before. He also switches to a dungeon we’ve seen and fights a Stalfos to win a Beetle upgrade.

What is interesting, of course, is the portion of the intro revealing the backstory of the game. A “great evil” apparently causing nightmares over something of great power, presumably over a harp the goddess in the intro holds above her head. One could postulate that this “great evil” is Ghirahim, or Ghirahim’s master, and surely someone you will fight at some point in the game. We all know how this works by now, right? What we don’t know, is the whole context. Since the intro was cut off, we don’t know the end of the story. Perhaps this evil was something that caused the people to flee to the sky’s, making Hyrule, the land below, a place of darkness and malevolence.

What we do know, is that the game is soon to be released, and this new segment of information makes me very excited for the game. What are your thoughts on what the intro means? Is it Ganondorf, or something more sinister?

Source: GameInformer, Youtube
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