I am not 100% sure what I want to say about this picture, or even what I see. All I know is that this is definitely very Zelda-related with the girls in green appearing dressed like Saria from Kokiri Forest, and the man playing the Violin, representing Fado, the old sage of the Earth Temple in Wind Waker.

I will let the picture speak for itself, along with the artist’s caption:

“…For tomorrow, Hyrule will be destroyed.

Any who, I had a thought about doing a depiction of the Kokiri celebrating their last night before Hyrule is flooded, and thought it would be interesting to tie it into the Koroks celebration in Wind Waker. They celebrate the Koroks leaving, spreading trees to the whole world in order to continue the survival of future generations, and so I thought: “What if that celebration was first celebrated when the Kokiri left for the mountain tops of Hyrule?” And so here we are.

Farore enjoys watching the little Kokiri. :3

My linework is SO SLOPPY in this picture, and I’m frustrated by it. I haven’t worked in this large a scale in a while, and I’m ashamed to say it shows.


Digital Pen and Color
Photoshop CS4

Est Time: 20 hours”

Source: Deviantart, Audgreen

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