I am usually the one to post Angry Video Game Nerd videos regarding Zelda. While his latest doesn’t have anything to do with Zelda, it does have a lot to do with Nintendo history. A Nintendo rarity that not many people may know about.

Nintendo in 1990 actually held a real life tournament based on the movie The Wizard. In the tournament, players were tested on their skills in Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. Each game was given a specific task to perform in each and then the scores for each were tallied. Each was given a multiplier, with Tetris having the highest multiplier.

After the tournament, each contestant was given a grey cartridge to keep as a collector’s item. 116 were manufactured and only 90 were actually given out at the tournament. To make matters confusing, Nintendo Power created a gold cartridge for a giveaway along side the competition. In all, 26 were created and as of today, only 12 have ever surfaced.

Why did I give you a history lesson of a game cartridge that no one will probably ever see? Well, the AVGN just released a video showcasing both the grey and gold cartridge in the same video.  The video guest stars Pat the NES Punk, from The Punk Effect. In a box of common games that the Nerd bought off an auction, they find a Gold Cartridge of the game and then hilarity ensues. I won’t ruin the ending, but it is kinda shocking. You may find your jaw on the ground.

Also, as I was wondering myself about the ownership of the games, Pat the NES Punk actually owns both games, which in itself is a feat that should be revered. Both of those games could easily be sold, as said in the video, for a brand new car. Probably two brand new cars.

As always, AVGN is NSFW and please be advised before watching it. I also don’t want to hear anyone in the comments complain that the video has foul language, because I did give you fair warning. That is all.

Source: GameTrailers AVGN

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  • KingOfHeart

    This was so rare that it has to be advertsied. You might not see this cartage anywhere else ever again.


    This really does belong, it may be a site based on zelda but zelda is owned by nintendo, so really this is pretty cool.

  • scorpionz

    i almost died when he *spoilers* broke the cartridge,i thought it was the real one :D.

    • Same here. I saw him with the hammer and saw him smack the games and I was sitting there with my mouth wide open. HOW COULD HE DESTROY SUCH RARE GAMES KNOWING THEIR VALUE.

      It's called marking. Believing something is real when you know it isn't. It comes from wrestling when you see something that blows your mind one week and forget that wrestling is fake. I think if the Nerd didn't show that the games were still intact, I think he may have had a riot on his hands. XD

  • The Rose

    Holy shit, the end scared the shit out of me!

  • fosinfsdofnds

    I HAVE SEEN ONE THE CHAMPIONSHIP CARTRIDGES. I forget where I did, but it was fairly recently, and it was being sold for like two dollars. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I HAD NO IDEA THESE WERE WORTH MONEY!!! DX

  • Chozo Knight
  • mikeypizzalover

    Awsome! I saw Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers. I loved that show, and the game. And the end of this video; I was all liike :O
    Yes, the Chip and Dale part was relevent, just like so many of the recent posts are related to Zelda, like the New wii model.

    No matter how much I like this site, I do not appreciate learning some thing from here, then going to my other Nintendo sites, and all that was new was already posted here.

  • rulerofyourface

    I agree, the more posts the better. (to a point)

  • Majora99

    These were actually both Pat's game carts

  • ChainofTermina

    "mmmmm, I say, what a positivity despicable presentation of speech choice. Tis be a family orientated digital selection of the world wide web, and as such, I am simply appalled by such a ungentlemanly display of foul imagery, eh wot. Vulgarity suggests one is improperly raised and downright uncivil. Indeed, a lack of intelligence is obviously a key aspect of this brute's persona. I demand compensation for this outburst of cursing, as I find myself to be quite insulted hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm."

    • Justin

      wot wot?

  • Ultimate OOT Fan

    I haven't watched the video yet.
    And after reading the comments I'm kinda scared to.

  • I don't remember anyone bitching when Jason posted his review of Super Mario Galaxy 2 a while back.

    • GorCoronSumo

      There was a tiny bit of ****ing.

  • Nice vid. I liked Chip and Dale's cameo.

  • PandaKeychain

    Ohhhhh my goodness, my jaw dropped TO THE FLOOR. That scared me to death. O.O