I am usually the one to post Angry Video Game Nerd videos regarding Zelda. While his latest doesn’t have anything to do with Zelda, it does have a lot to do with Nintendo history. A Nintendo rarity that not many people may know about.

Nintendo in 1990 actually held a real life tournament based on the movie The Wizard. In the tournament, players were tested on their skills in Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. Each game was given a specific task to perform in each and then the scores for each were tallied. Each was given a multiplier, with Tetris having the highest multiplier.

After the tournament, each contestant was given a grey cartridge to keep as a collector’s item. 116 were manufactured and only 90 were actually given out at the tournament. To make matters confusing, Nintendo Power created a gold cartridge for a giveaway along side the competition. In all, 26 were created and as of today, only 12 have ever surfaced.

Why did I give you a history lesson of a game cartridge that no one will probably ever see? Well, the AVGN just released a video showcasing both the grey and gold cartridge in the same video.  The video guest stars Pat the NES Punk, from The Punk Effect. In a box of common games that the Nerd bought off an auction, they find a Gold Cartridge of the game and then hilarity ensues. I won’t ruin the ending, but it is kinda shocking. You may find your jaw on the ground.

Also, as I was wondering myself about the ownership of the games, Pat the NES Punk actually owns both games, which in itself is a feat that should be revered. Both of those games could easily be sold, as said in the video, for a brand new car. Probably two brand new cars.

As always, AVGN is NSFW and please be advised before watching it. I also don’t want to hear anyone in the comments complain that the video has foul language, because I did give you fair warning. That is all.

Source: GameTrailers AVGN

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