For those who love the music that is in the Legend of Zelda games, you will love this: Nintendo has revealed the date of the first Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert, which was announced at their E3 keynote last month.

The concert will be held at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, California on October 21st. The concert will go on tour in 2012. Tickets will be available on August 1 and prices start at $35.

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“The Legend of Zelda has few peers in the pantheon of video game giants, and the games and their music have always shared a deep connectio. “Through these concerts, fans nationwide will be able to gather and show their love for the quarter century of action, adventure and excitement that The Legend of Zelda games have brought to their lives.”

-Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing

“The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert Tour brings one of the video game industry’s most exciting and enduring franchises to the concert hall and presents what we feel is the definitive concert experience for the series. It’s an event that fans and music aficionados won’t want to miss.”

– Executive producer Jason Michael Paul, the producer of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony

So if you are lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area, or somewhere close by, get your tickets August 1st so you can watch and listen to the works of The Legend of Zelda music!

Source: MyNintendoNews
  • cloverplayer

    I guess Alaska is gonna miss out on this one. 🙁

    But there's always hope!



  • afroninja

    This is probably going to be the best thing since blue man group

  • Aivatrix

    this is going to be awesome!

  • Paffe

    It's coming to Europe, right? Right?!

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      that's what they said at E3

  • Kaepora21

    Dear God.

    I'm going to be in LA from October 20-23rd for a wedding. I will be able to make it.

    Oh, and my birthday just so happens to be on October 21st. No big deal.

    Seriously, this makes my year.

    • John Smith


  • Sadly I am going to be spending all my money on Zelda games

    • Aivatrix


  • Any word on an East Coast concert?

    • zoraluigi

      We'll know more when they post their tour schedule.

  • Wyandotte

    Any word on a CANADIAN show???

  • Khao

    This thing should come to Chile.

    We'd be like 3 people watching it.

    • Theking

      Me being one of them.

  • mrbean

    i love zelda, its one of my favorite series, but this just seems really lame and unneeded

    • bjc72

      Some people just don't appreciate music, I suppose. I, however, think this is very cool and am going to try to make it if possible.

      • Bryan

        Yeah that is really too bad. The music makes the game!

      • mrbean

        i love music, more than i do zelda, this just seems lame. and did i get enough thumbs downs? lol

        • Mr.Linkypoo

          did you post that comment to get thumbs down? because that's stupid

    • Buizelstar

      That comment was a stupid move on your part. Seriously, you don't say something like that on a Zelda Fan Website.

  • bjc72

    I live only an hour away from LA… I gotta convince my parents to let me go! xD

  • Zeldo


    • bjc72

      We aren't the only ones getting it, we are just getting it first. It's just good business strategy on Nintendo's part, seeing as there is a huge population in Cali.

    • Cinder

      No not if you realize HOW BIG California is. Its not an easy trip if people in north cal want to go see it in south cal.

    • HeyListen!

      Haha that's what I thought XD

  • AwkwardPigeon

    Really hope they go north to the San Francisco Bay Area or else I wont be able to make it. =[

  • Keimori

    Los Angeles!? damn thats far! I hope they got good old British Columbia on their list when 2012 rolls around.
    If not, can someone build me a cement hexigonal platform in Los Angeles that has the aproiate triforce carveings on it, then write me a proper 5 to 8 note tune of which to play on my enchanted ocarina?

  • ….. What about Grand Rapids? Huh?

    • Ender

      I hops so, I live in GR too.

  • Chad

    I wish it was in the middle of the US like in Dallas that way people could travel from both ends or even better it should go to several places

  • robotortoise

    I wonder if this'll "tour" like the Video Games Live concerts….. Anyways this will be great. A whole concert dedicated to Zelda? Only one word fits: Epic.

    I wonder how many StreetPass hits one shall get if thou will bring thou's 3DS………

    • spirittracksmaster

      Now that is a Good Idea!

  • Cinder

    I hope it will be in Northern California! If in San Fran, or Oakland I can so make it.

    • FierceDeityMomo

      Same here!! I live in Sacramento and I'd drag my boyfriend to a concert anywhere close, but sadly LA is just out of the question.

      • Cinder

        I live in Stockton!! So cool! But yeah LA is way far.

  • Zaiku

    All continents they said at E3. Awesome, so they're gonna play for me and my penguin buddies in Antarctica right?

    • Ben AV

      Can I come?

  • Hussain

    Please make it to Canada! Pleeeease!

  • Merq

    When will they finally announce the tour dates? If I need to be travelling out of country I'd like to know so I can start planning!

  • vaati will get u o3o


    • Keimori

      It proboly will, Canada is a extremely large market and they know it, They'll proboly release information on Canada when they release the tour dates when it gets closer to 2012.

  • 72hours192

    Looks like I get to go to my first nerd event without the need to travel long-distance. I can only hope it'll be in Denver.

  • DekuSprout

    It's off topic but Zuniverse is WAAYYY behind on their news….

    • Taniy

      There off there news, and YOUR off your spelling! don't you know its a jerky thing to do to insult there news speed, on there own website! at least there trying to please the crowd…

      • DekuSprout

        Lol. Don't take offence… I just think they could maybe update a little more;P

      • DekuSprout

        And my spelling? Mines fine just putting emphasis on the word 'way'

  • SheikfreakIvan

    I live 30 minutes from Hollywood XD, cant wait to buy my ticket!!!


  • (akalink)

    I will look into this. I wonder if my clarinet teacher is going to be playing in this like he did at E3. Maybe I can get a free ticket. I will probably just buy the ticket and see if he can give me a ride if he is.

  • tri force

    what about vermont? (*-*)

  • Majora's Moon

    They better come to Australia.
    Or I will consume…consume everything…

  • Chu

    I'm going to be nowhere near Los Angeles. Anyone who's going can enter the code ZELDA to get 15% off on tickets.

  • Chu

    almost forgot to mention:

    Came from a club nintendo email. I have no use for it.

    • Juan

      Chu thanks for the code (crying of happiness *-* )

  • Arya

    Dammit, the cheap tickets already sold out, I have to convince my parents to buy the better ones D:

    Is there any way to avoid the ticketmaster fee? It's like 1/4th of the cost, which brings 60 to 80 bucks…

  • Mr.Linkypoo

    Can't they come to the east some time?

  • Juan

    Chu thanks for the code (crying of happiness *-* )

  • SkullKid

    Aww, so I guess us Auzzies are gonna miss out. That sucks!

  • Ren

    Sigh… Seriously? Why can't they come to the east coast too? Don't they realize that plae tickets cost alot? And that North America is a HUGE continent? It's bad enough I have to miss out on E3. I really wish I could go. For all those that do go, have fun! I'll just have to buy the cd! 😛

  • Gothic-Link

    is this going to tour anywhere else?! I really want to go see this! but I live waaayy too far away from CA.
    I hope it will go to MO <3

  • WinterSolstice

    Why can't there be one in Washington or Oregon???? I can't go to LA that easily!!!!!!!!! I WANNA SEE THAT CONCERT :,(

  • ?????

    I do like some Zelda so this concert will be good for me.

  • Raven Villanueva

    Manila! Please Make A Concert Here!

  • tycheesedatrollhater

    hope they'll come to the land of 10,000 lakes

  • AdultKokiri

    Come to TN and they could perform at the Opryland hotel in Nashville live a hour or two away from there 😀

    • PatientYetAnxiousFan

      I'd prefer Knoxville but hey, Nashville is only an hour and a half away

  • Briit

    If only I wasnt 13… -.-

  • is the concert coming to Australia, i heard it was'nt but i wanna be sure,

  • sycotickid528

    is there a chance the tour can stretch to Florida, perhaps… Miami, FL 🙂 PLEASE! D:_

  • HeroofTime

    I'm crushed that I couldn't make it D'x

  • WildCommentAppeared

    Hope it comes to Canada 🙂

  • Robbie

    Makes sence why girahim wanted to release the demon lord he wanted him dead so he could get the triforce of power it’s mentioned in twilight princess he ends up missing but he never got sealed away cause he was originally a spirit like the master sword but when it shows the video of Minda getting struck by Zant and how he could teleport ect made sence he was in Zant and that when Gannondorf was expected to get triforce of power that he would steal it off him thats why Zant snaps his neck and Gannondorf losses the triforce so there has to be a return of girahim

  • Kizuna

    England? Anyone? Does anyone care for us English fans? 🙁