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Hey! Listen! Weekly News Roundup (Volume i, Issue iii)

Nintendo News

Updating 3D Is Not Simple: Remember back when Nintendo said that they were going to update some old Nintendo titles for the 3DS? They started with Excitebike and are putting them in their 3D Classics category for all the newer generation to enjoy. Well, apparently it is a lot tougher to convert those classic titles to 3D then it was first thought. The games of old were created on a flat surface and were just not made for the advent of 3D technology of today. This is probably why you aren’t seeing them released at a faster clip and why the 3DS just isn’t selling. Shocking. – Link

Operation Rainfall: Visual Edition: I pointed out Operation Rainfall last week and how Nintendo is not planning to release three Japan only titles even though there is interest for them in the States. Well, this man has taken the idea behind Operation Rainfall and laid out a good argument as to why Nintendo should do it. Also, he has a very sexy voice and I think he could sell water to fish, but that’s beside the point. Take a look at the video and see how much his argument holds. – Link

The Last Trademark: One last Operation Rainfall tidbit. As Nintendo and most companies do, they apply for patents of their games and titles well ahead of time to make sure things are kosher for release. Well, apparently the one patent that Nintendo filed in 2010 for The Last Story US (an Operation Rainfall title) has finally been accepted and the timing of it couldn’t have been worse for Nintendo. While this doesn’t mean that the game is definitely coming over to America, it has definitely caught the eye of those in the campaign. Oh, Nintendo, what are you going to do? – Link

General Gaming News

Busting a Cap on your Internet Use: Now while this post isn’t gaming related and has nothing to do with any of the game companies, I thought it would be a good idea to point it out. Considering that it was posted on Kotaku, I think it applies to all gamers who tend to use the internet. This is a story of the some guy who used the internet so much, that Comcast took it away from him. Why you ask? Because he exceeded the bandwidth cap of 250GB that Comcast places on residental users of the service. While he believed that even though he uses the net for business and pleasure and is on a lot, he didn’t think that he was going over his cap. Then Comcast put the whammy on him: the cap includes downloads and uploads. This guy is a cloud user, a newer idea of placing all of your files, music, games, and other essentials from your computer and store them to online services so that you can access them anywhere, which is what this guy was doing. So, take this as a note: If you are with Comcast and doing the same thing as this time, be warned. Maybe, tell someone in government about what they are doing so they can put an end to it. – Link Follow-up

The Mario Movie That Wasn’t: Apparently, the Super Mario Bros. Movie that we got so many years ago almost wasn’t. There was a script out there that stuck to the source material of the game better than what we actually got. There would have been an actual King Koopa instead of a human posing as one, Toad, Yoshi, pirahna plants, a setting more similar to the Mushroom Kingdom, and an epic boss fight between Mario and Koopa. Instead, we got a human Bowser, fake goombas, and a Mushroom Kingdom that looked more like Las Vegas. The curse of video game movies before Uwe Boll. – Link

Netflixing on the Wii: Not much to say about this post, except that there are 1.5 million users on the Wii who use Netflix. I was one of them at one point, but now do not because I don’t have an account and was leaching of my ex’s account. Go me. This post goes to show that the internet is definitely taking over and CDs and DVDs will soon be as obsolete as cassette tapes and VHS tapes before them. – Link

DLC for Another Generation: Kotaku recently held a contest to have the viewers of the site post their idea of DLC for games before there was DLC. I can’t go into all of them in detail, so you’ll just have to take a look. There are definitely hits and misses, but I think the warp zone DLC from the original Mario game was very clever. Check them out. – Link

The Binding of a Zelda Game Wannabe: I don’t know how many people out there have played Super Meat Boy, but I have to say that the game is definitely something different in terms of a downloadable game. You are a piece of meat jumping around to save your girlfriend from an enemy called Dr. Fetus. Wrap your head around that. Well, the boys at Team Meat are at it again with The Binding of Isaac, a game that is highly reminiscent of a certain game that this site is based on. The screenshots of the game definitely give a Zelda feel to the game, except with a much darker Team Meat feel to it. I think if you enjoyed Super Meat Boy, take a look at this game when it comes out. I just might. – Link

Random Images/Videos

Sprite Mania: I have to say, that this image is highly amazing. A man by the name of Chris Bringhurst has been working on creating image sprites in the Mega Man style of iconic gaming characters of all time. As the story points, from Advance Wars to Zero Wing, there are a total of 375 sprites all combining to form the Blue Bomber himself in a classic jump and shoot pose. Definitely take a look at the image and see how many of them you can identify. – Story Image

Low Scoring Affair: You know about Speed Runs of games, where the goal is to beat a certain game by any means necessary in the shortest amount of time possible. Well, have you heard about Low Scoring Runs? Well, I hadn’t either, since scoring in a game has basically become non-existant since the Atari, but there are still gamers out there who are doing it. In this video, someone take the time and effort to beat Super Mario Bros., the original game, by only getting 600 points. The only times he gets points? When he has to take a flag pole in 1-1, 4-1, and all three world 8 stages, as well as one goomba in 8-1 that stopped him from getting two coins and thus 200 points. It is amazing what some people will attempt to accomplish in gaming nowadays, especially in a game that is 25 years old. – Link

Tetris Attack: You think you are good at Tetris? I thought I was alright at it, until I saw this video. Apparently it isn’t a new video and has been around for a while, but it is the first that I have seen of it, so I am posting it now. It is a video of some guy in Japan apparently killing a Tetris machine by going ridiculously and unhumanly fast in the game. Thing you are good at Tetris? Watch this video and be amazed at how much you really aren’t that good. – Link