A retired Sony engineer has come out and claimed that the glasses-free technology that Nintendo has been advertising since last year is actually his.  Seijiro Tomita, founder of Tomita Technologies, claims to have filed a patent for the same 3D technology back in 2003 and actually having it granted in 2008, a few years before the Nintendo 3DS was announced.  If this is true, then this wouldn’t be the first time that Nintendo has been sued over “stolen” technologies.


Stolen technology or genius by Nintendo?

If you remember correctly, within the last few years Nintendo has been on the receiving end of “stolen” claims in regards to the Wii Fit, Gamecube and Classic Controller design, and the biggest one being the Motion Control that makes the Wiimote unique.  Tomita seeks damages, legal fees, and the satisfaction that Nintendo’s intent was “deliberate and willful”.

As Joystiq reported, the screens are made by Sharp, so this whole lawsuit might get even more fun down the road.

Source: Kotaku and Joystiq