I’m sure most of you will remember the impressive footage of what appeared to be a Zelda title that Nintendo showed off at E3 this year. Unfortunately, for us fans of the series, the footage turned out to be no more than a tech demo, created to show off the sorts of things that the Wii U would be capable of.

However, in an interview with Kotaku, Shigeru Miyamoto shared an interesting piece of information.

“This is an HD system, our first HD system, and we want to create a real HD Zelda game for it,” he said. “You will see a lot of these in-depth and deep experiences in terms of visual style. You will also see some play styles that are fun and interesting because of the play structure.”

It’s not yet known if the tech demo shown at E3 is the starting point for a future Zelda game on the Wii U, or if the appearance of the game will be completely different. It’s great to know that Miyamoto is already thinking of the possibilities created by the Wii U’s new hardware and control scheme. What do you think this will mean for the future of Zelda? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Source: VG247
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