The newest upcoming Zelda game, Skyward Sword, has recently been shown at E3 with a new trailer. One of the things many fans have been fuzzy on, however, are details of the storyline itself. Lately, more details of the storyline have emerged.

-spoilers ahead-

Plot points:

  • Link and Zelda live in the land of Skyloft, high above the surface of the world.
  • At some point, Link participates in a bird riding competition as part of a Skyloft festival.
  • Link wins the competition, and takes Zelda out on a date as his reward, flying her over the clouds on his bird.
  • As they are flying, a tornado appears and sucks Zelda down to the surface world.
  • Links receives the responsibility of rescuing Zelda yet again and receives his famous green garb as well as the Skyward Sword.
  • Link meets his new guide, Phi. She will guide him as he travels across the surface world to rescue Zelda.
  • Link enters the Sky Temple where he suspects Zelda has been hidden.
  • After fighting through the temple, Link encounters Demon Lord Ghirahim, the lord of the surface world. He states him and his tribe are after Zelda.
  • Link duels Ghirahim, who escapes, ending the battle.


Source: MyNintendoNews
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  • GorCoronSumo

    Link and Zelda go out? That's a first. Cool. Glad Girahim/Debbie doesn't die.

    • Z-MAN7

      A first? Link has been tapping dat ass since 1986. πŸ˜‰

      • Mr.Linkypoo

        So true… πŸ˜‰

      • cresent soul

        no, "attempting" to tap. There's a difference.

        • Z-MAN7

          It was all behind the scenes, just because it didn't happen on screen doesn't mean it did not occurre elsewhere. πŸ™‚

    • Silver-Lynx4

      yeah, being the HUGE ZeLink person I am, I'm extremely excited to see it °U°

  • sk8on9876

    Its going to be a gooood game

  • Indigo

    I want this game so much!

  • Phi? is that the Sword girl's name?
    I just can't wait for this game!


    • cresent soul


  • FlySkyHi

    Can’t wait!!!!! *_*

  • LuX

    You just bullet pointed the demo. this has nothing to do with the plot really.

    • Zachattack8888

      Actually it does…. Jus' sayin'…

  • Soulless Creature

    Ghirahim is going to be a worthy Foe.

  • aeolus

    hmmmmm, you know Zelda isn't on Link's bird when she gets taken by the tornado, she is on her own, you can see it falling with her.

    Also, Link gets the sword before the bird statue chase, you can see it on his back. We probably get the sword at the VERY VERY beginning of the game, which should be interesting. Maybe he is told about it in a dream. Maybe Link has a prophetic dream about Zelda being taken away, and Phi comes to him IN the dream, telling him where to find her (the sword), and he finds it once he wakes up, the very first thing you do in the game, harking back to the original Legend of Zelda where the very first thing you do is go into the cave and get the wooden sword.

    • Zachattack8888

      Or maybe he just has a sword that's not the Skyward Sword with him at the beginning of the game. :/

      • aeolus

        eh, I doubt it. I remember hearing in some interview or something that you get the sword surprisingly early in the game. And they wouldn't make you start with a sword then almost immediately give you an upgrade

  • do u like waffles?

    Link wins the competition, and takes Zelda out on a date as his reward, flying her over the clouds on his bird.
    …………………………………………………………………………………………………, well finally!!!!!!!!!
    zelink ftw!

    • Silver-Lynx4

      I am so happy!!
      I agree with u ZeLink 4 ev3r!

  • Jonah

    Thanks for letting me know. It's my first article ever on this site, so I am still feeling my way around. Cut me some slack. ;]

  • Murasaki-Mary

    Also as I stated before somewhere else, Debbie has a HUMAN EAR! At 0:56-0:57 from the extended boss battle footage, he flips his hair and you can see his left ear is not an elf ear.

    Video found here:
    Also somebody at DeviantArt noticed too:

    Could he be half Hylian and half something else? Also if he's of mixed race, it could mean he could have ties to two different groups of people…maybe…and if one of them is Hylian, then maybe he won't be purely evil. After all he's a main character, his face and figure have been revealed quite early (which isn't typical of arch Zelda villians), he's decked out in white, and has very large eyes. He really does have a lot of anti-villian qualities.

    Oh, and btw, according to this video:

    weren't those "interlopers" in the myth from Twilight Princess the Twili's anscetors? They wielded magic, were a small group/tribe, lived on the surface, and had acess to the sacred realem dimension because they wanted the triforce. There are also spirits and the vessel of light with tears just like Twilight Princess when you had to deal with the alternate Twilight realem.

    Midna:… (she also has that thick black eyeliner thing going on too, and notice how she couldn't possibly fit elf ears into her cloak's hood.)
    (same gray-green skin color as Midna who is a Twili, and remember he has a human ear!)
    (same grey-green skin color, and I really doubt he's sporting Hylian ears under there…they ain't gonna fit! XD)

    Although I am not certain, this further supports any opinions that Ghirahim IS on of the interlopers spoken of in Twilight Princess and therefore a Twili ancestor. And there were four Fused Shadow peices! So does he have three other "muskateers"? Lol πŸ˜€

    Also the interlopers were once Hylians…I think? Can somebody please verify? If so, however, this could explain why our dear Debbie has one Hylian and one non-Hylian ear like the Twili if he's a predecessor of the ancient Hylians and an ancestor of the later evolved Twili. Either that or maybe he's just a mut……man I'll never forget when Nintendo decided to evolve the Zora into the Rito.

    • Ammy

      Your evidence is impressive, and I think you are on to something with Ghirahim!
      But as for Link and Zelda's ears, I think maybe they just a bit different because of gender and genetics (my ears don't look the same as my brothers). If you Look at OoT in game, their ears were different too; Link's were a bit wider at the base and Zelda's were thinner. In SSBM, it was the opposite (Zelda's thicker, Link's thinner). Sorry I don't have images to link to, but I just used google images.

      • Murasaki-Mary

        Thanks, Ammy! Hopefully I'm on to something, and I enjoyed sharing my theory. But, hey, I could very well be totally wrong as all good games have plot twists. :3

        As for you insights on OOT Link and Zelda having different elf ears, I thought that was interesting. So I dug up some stuff.

        OoT Zelda (in game):
        OoT Link (in game):
        OoT Link and Zelda (offical artwork):

        Although a bit difficult to find good screenshots of Young Link in OoT, I agree with you that he does appear to have more stocky short elf ears in comparison to Zelda's. However in the offical artwork, being side by side, the illustrator kept their ears looking almost identical. I think what could have happened is that the 3-D character modelers just went with whatever pointy ears fit best for the overall look of whatever particular character they were designing. It does lend to a more individual look like you were saying, though. πŸ˜‰ Although I know they are Hylian ears, I rather like the inconsistency.

        BUT in Skyward Sword I'm noticing a huge difference in the appearance of Zelda and Link's ears in both the trailer and offical artwork. In Skyward Sword, Zelda's ears are still really long, thin, and stick out like wings. Link's are short, stocky, and parallel to his head. In the offical artwork, this pattern still countinues unlike in OoT.

        E3 Trailer:
        SS Zelda Offical Artwork:…
        SS Link Offical Artwork:

        So maybe this inconsistency in just Hylian ears could still count in Debbie too? According to Skyward Sword, unlike Ocarina of Time, Hylian ears have variety to both the 3-D character modelers and offical illustrators. So that means his one pointy ear, could still be Hylian. πŸ˜€


      • Murasaki-Mary

        Also another thing I just thought of! So we KNOW that Midna is a Twili, and she had dark green-gray skin and sexy flaming red hair! She also wore a long black cloak…that really sounds like:


        Ganondork again (from TP):


        Well, they both have that grey skin, are both thick haired gingers..even Zant was a ginger…they may even have the same eye color, but I can't tell. However, Ganondorf is a Gerudo and I can't make a connection for Mindna to that. Debbie is NOT a ginger. Ganondorf has small pointy ears and Midna and Zant do not. Debbie as both. So it comes down to this:

        a. Debbie, Midna, and Ganondorf are all loosely related with a slight mixture between characteristics. Who knows if maybe some Interlopers or Twili escaped and became Gerudos later on?

        or b. Some of them are related and some of them just aren't. I'm just not sure of the variation. Who knows, maybe one of Debbie's compadres in his group will be a ginger! πŸ˜€ Or maybe he'll be the first Shieka cause he has white hair.

        I think I just broke my own theory? This is why Zelda theorizing makes people excited…and constipated! πŸ˜€

    • cresent soul

      I'm getting an over-analysis feel here. Just am

    • herooftwilight

      there are 3 fusedshadows not 4 but ya where close there where 4 pieces of the mirror of twilight though

      • Murasaki-Mary

        Actually starting at 2:21 here:

        there were four fused shadows. I believe Minda had just always been wearing one of them, and that can be seen here:

        . So as far as fused shadows goes, you right that there were three, but that's just the number we had to collect in TP. However the full mask was made up of four peices.

  • Give it a rest…

    I swear you complain about everything?

    • TheMaverickk

      He really does – _ –

  • TheMaverickk

    One point of interest that people seem to never mention is that Zelda hasn't been captured by Girahim or his race yet.

    Girahim actually mentions that some servant of the goddess interfered and saved her from being captured, but where she was brought to, and why is still unknown.

    I get the sense that who ever did take her away is moving her from place to place on the ground until someone is able to recover her and bring her back to Skyloft. Although I'm sure that Girahim eventually does find her and takes her away (similar to how Ganondorf was looking for Zelda, and only found her after she reveals herself to LInk).

    • Triforceofdeath(ZU)

      Got a feeling the 'servant of the goddess' is a certain large fish that was a dungeon in OOT…

      • TheMaverickk

        Actually I think the giant black thing that opens it's maws was a demon….

        Truth be told though they don't show Zelda actually being swallowed by the thing. The trailer fades to black before it comes close to it… I think they cut out the moment that something probably whizzes by and saves her from certain demon doom.

  • ChainofTermina

    ….am I the only one who is a tad bit uncomfortable with the fact that Link "wins" a date with Zelda? Call me a preachy feminist but that just rubs me the wrong way. I'd like it better if Link and Zelda just went out on a date because the both felt like it, not because Zelda is a prize….but then again, I'm a preachy feminist..

    • robotortoise

      You can breathe easy: the plot only continues if Link wins it. If one of the other bird-racers does, it's an immediate game-over. Literally. πŸ˜‰

    • Ammy

      I don't think Zelda is meant to be depicted that way (otherwise I would feel uneasy about it too). Maybe the winner just wins a "kiss on the cheek" from Zelda, the bird statue and the title of "best birdrider," er something…. and THEN since Link and Zelda mutually like each other, Link takes her out bird riding to hang out (Zelda was rooting for him the whole time anyway judging by her reaction when he won the statue in the gameplay video <3).

      • dark_link121

        that is a pretty good way to put it πŸ™‚

        • GenoKID

          Maybe it's not meant to be a "date" per se. They just both take it that way, I suppose. I just don't see Nintendo using a girl as a "prize to be won".

          • TheMaverickk

            I think the "date" term is being thrown around, but perhaps it's not a date.

            It is probably worded differently in the game, and it's probably that if someone wins they get an opportunity to spend time with Zelda. It could've been like a fundraiser type thing who knows.

            I'm sure that it's not as simple as "winning a date with Zelda".

          • Danimus

            Maybe it’s all in good fun, much like the people auction in the Groundhog Day movie.

    • Link did not actually 'win' Zelda.

      The exact wording from the game is:
      'As you know, today's champion will recieve a gift from none other than…
      The lovely Zelda!'

      So, Zelda is not the gift, however she may well have made the prize a date. She's the one who decided what the prize was c:

      (Read from here:


      • Silver-Lynx4

        Still i agree with u…Zelda actually wanted Link 2 win Bcause she wanted a date with him °U°

    • Silver-Lynx4

      who says she didn't want it??? xP

    • (I'd like it better if Link and Zelda just went out on a date because the both felt like it, not because Zelda is a prize) i think that is how it works link would propely go back to the ground for zelda plus zelda propely wouldnt be that happy if link (won) a date with her plus their childhood friends take minish cap for example zelda sneeked out of the castle to see link not because of monsters or link won her she just went because they were freinds.

  • marcbeto

    skyward sword will be the story of the people of the city in the sky!! >THE OOCCA!!

    or so it seems… because it comes before ocarina of time in the timeline, and all of the sky situation… and the fierce war that is told to happen in the surface (hyrule) by the deku tree, and the oocca are ancestors of the hylians…

    well it's just what I think.

    • TheMaverickk

      Yay… you figured it out.

      When skyward sword was mentioned last year it was pretty much assumed that the Oocca would somehow be tied into the game.

      Although they probably won't look anything like they did in Twilight Princess… maybe a pre-evolved form? Maybe they were more bird like at one point… or maybe more human.

      • GorCoronSumo

        More birdlike…and bigger…and ridden by skyloftians…this could be interesting…

  • Joe'

    Here's a thought I had, and possibly something that could be in the story; just a theory of sorts. Back in the manual for A Link to the Past, they stated that Hylian's have pointed ears so they could hear the Gods.

    Now, what first caught my attention enough to remember that was the fact that Ghirahim has one pointed ear, and one rounded ear. After this caught my interest, I noticed that the majority of the people in the trailers have smaller ears as well, or at the very least, not nearly as long and pointed as we usually get in the Zelda series. But, then I noticed that Zelda actually still has the standard length ears.

    Could the ear length possibly play some role in the origin of Ghirahim? Maybe this is actually one of the reasons why Zelda is referred to as her "holiness", due to her apparently increased ability to hear the Goddesses? If their ears actually do allow them to hear the Goddesses, then what does that mean for Ghirahim and his singular pointed ear? It could easily just be a very minor plot point, but considering the change in Link's character model, I'm guessing it plays at least some part.

    • Murasaki-Mary

      I posted about this above you with some of my own insights. However I agree that it's an interesting point you make that their ears are long to hear the goddesses. But Zelda must have special and well known talents (as usual) if she is called "her holiness" and Link is just called a "Foolish Boy" by Ghirahim…but we all know that after Link shanks his @$$ he'll hold Link up in the same high regard! XD hhehee!~

      But one thing is for Certain, the design for Ghirahim's ears ARE NO MISTAKE! The designers conciously and purposefully designed his ears to be uneven, because it must surely represent something significant about his character. It almost seems like Ghirahim's hairstyle is oneside just so he can cover it up…his human ear must have a bad conotation to him?

      • Oh, I do very much agree with the character design being purposeful on Ghirahim. I'm sure there is a point to it, though with the current available information, we can only speculate – though speculation on this particular topic is definitely enjoyable. 8D

        Another thought I had on the topic of Zelda's "holiness": if this specifically takes place before OoT, then that means that the Triforce hasn't been split yet, and therefore does not reside in Ganon, Link, and Zelda. However, in Minish Cap, Zelda possessed the Light Force, given to her by the Minish – something that Vaati was trying extremely hard to obtain for himself.

        • Murasaki-Mary

          Interesting points! I think we all know (and dread) that Ganon is gonna show up somehow. The fact that this game keeps going more and more towards the Triforce/Interlopers myth means that Ganon is more likely to show up, doesn't it? However, maybe he won't. As you said there is still Vatti and Agahnim…who's name reads too much like Ghirahim…jesus…if those two aren't related! >.>;

          Goddammit…I'm so sick of Ganondork! XD

      • An interesting thought, too, is that Ghirahim was said to not be the main villain in this game, and since they ARE running with the idea of sword people – even though Phi seems to be more of a machine than a person – and Vaati WAS sealed in a sword, it could be possible that he is the main villain still seeking out the Light Force, using his powers from inside a sword. In Minish Cap, whenever he was possessing something, there was a purple cloud around that thing signifying his powers – in the early trailers for Skyward Sword, when Link is shown fighting bosses, there are purple clouds around them, too. So, even though it could just be coincidence, I personally think the time frame of this game coupled with the small bit of evidence we've been given, actually shows a decent possibility that Vaati will be in this one as the main villain.

        • Murasaki-Mary

          You know we've never seen any realistic or un-super deformed version of Vatti, now have we? πŸ˜€ It would be super cool if some of this turns out true and we get to see him! πŸ˜€ After all, maybe Vatti IS another one of the Interlopers or Ghirahim could be one of his "swordsman", get it?

          At the very least, I still think there are three other magical swordsman like Ghirahim. It seems clear that he is part of the "Interlopers" spoken of in Twilight Princess. They dealt with dark magic and created the fused shadows that Midna wore on her head. There were four fused shadows! That must mean that Ghirahim is one out of a possible four. However, like you said, it just makes sense that they would have some sort of overlord. Vatti has always been a likely candidate. <3

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    Can't wait 4 this game

  • MinishCactus

    Extended bird flying scene with a short cutscene before and after the actual flying takes place. Super cute Zelink scene near the end!!!

    • LinkFan

      That's Awesome

    • Silver-Lynx4

      OMG x3 cuuute

  • dark_link121

    this is a really good article for your first time, i didnt know the plot too well, so this really helps, keep up the good πŸ™‚

  • Zola

    Jesus, the more I here about this game, the more I want it! Everything about is seems amazing!

  • Random

    There's no way this Ghirahim is the main bad guy. He makes Zant look badass.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, but remember that Zant was only a support character for ganondorf. So maybe Ghirahim is another support villain much like Zant and there is another character we don't know about… o.O

  • heroofmasks

    vaati appearing wount make sense since this game comes first in the timeline then goes oot and vaati doesnt appear and attack hyrule untile mc in wich nintendo said isnt first or before oot.

    most people do belive its first becouse link gets his cap how ever ss tp ww and st didnt have a hat

    • ganonlord

      It never did make sense. TMC does make more sense if it is placed towards the end of the timeline. The Skyward Sword's resemblance to the Four Sword might prove that's the case. Something that would make less sense is if Ganon was in the game, and his rise to power isn't until a time much later.

  • heroofmasks

    in last trailer ghirahim dissapeared alittle like zant and midna did in tp

    • ganonlord

      That leads to the possibility that he's an ancestor of the twili.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      that makes a lot of sense…hmm…maybe while evoluting the diamonds passed 2 b squares? they were banished rom Hyrule anyway… why not evoluting or smth like that…oh Jesus is hard to tell

  • aeolus

    Hmmmmm. Someone hiding Zelda from place to place? And this game leads into OoT? Could it be the first Impa? Could this also be the story of how the Sheikah came to serve the Royal Family, on top of everything else? That could be really cool. I believe the Sheikah to be a group of people that lived on the Surface before the Hylains came down. They lived "in their shadow", hence being named "Shadow Folk" and "shadows of the Hylians"….. interesting though

    • ganonlord

      Traitors within the Dark Tribe? I can just see the game ending with that tribe branching off into other tribes/ races we see later on. i.e. the gerudo, zuna, twili, tribe in the Dark Mirror, and even the sheikah.

      • Murasaki-Mary

        I agree with this possiblity. After all Ghirahim has white hair like the Sheika, and the twili are gingers.

  • Bacon_Blast

    LinkxGhirahim Ftw!!! Just kidding πŸ™‚

    • Silver-Lynx4

      good…Link is definetely NOT gay (he belongs with Zelly =D)

  • Bacon_Blast

    I wanna play this game so badly O_O

  • Pucheros

    you covered the spoilers too late -.-
    god damm it

  • testing my limits

  • Monaster

    SUMMER IS TOO LONG!!!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I would say that. But seriously, I NEED THIS GAME! I NEED TO SEE DEBBIE IN ACTION!!!

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