The newest upcoming Zelda game, Skyward Sword, has recently been shown at E3 with a new trailer. One of the things many fans have been fuzzy on, however, are details of the storyline itself. Lately, more details of the storyline have emerged.

-spoilers ahead-

Plot points:

  • Link and Zelda live in the land of Skyloft, high above the surface of the world.
  • At some point, Link participates in a bird riding competition as part of a Skyloft festival.
  • Link wins the competition, and takes Zelda out on a date as his reward, flying her over the clouds on his bird.
  • As they are flying, a tornado appears and sucks Zelda down to the surface world.
  • Links receives the responsibility of rescuing Zelda yet again and receives his famous green garb as well as the Skyward Sword.
  • Link meets his new guide, Phi. She will guide him as he travels across the surface world to rescue Zelda.
  • Link enters the Sky Temple where he suspects Zelda has been hidden.
  • After fighting through the temple, Link encounters Demon Lord Ghirahim, the lord of the surface world. He states him and his tribe are after Zelda.
  • Link duels Ghirahim, who escapes, ending the battle.


Source: MyNintendoNews
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