… Well, sort of.
It appears as though a name and slight context has been revealed to the much debated “Debbie” character from Skyward Sword, an initial name given to him by fans.
His actual name is Demon Lord Ghirahim. Given the name and what we can see from the video he might be a boss to contend with somewhere in the game. It still remains to be seen what kind of relationship Debbie, now Ghirahim, will have with Link. Video and official artwork after the break.

Even though he now has a name, I’m sure he will remain ‘Debbie the Fabulous’ in all our hearts.
Here’s Debbie’s/Ghirahim’s official artwork. One thing’s for sure, he’s definitely a main character.

More updates as they come in. Stay tuned.

  • …… I'm still calling him Debbie.

    • cloverplayer


    • Same here, too.

    • Protoprop

      Girahim won't work for me.

    • LunarMew

      I agree. I just got so comfortable calling him Debbie. Ghirahim is also kind of hard to pronounce for me. Probably my own accent is to blame but still.

  • StephenStills

    Fabulous Ghirahim… could that work?

    • Mr.Linkypoo


    • Squiggy

      Fabulous Demon Debbie

  • Chad

    Now Debbie calling yourself Girahim isn't going to change anything I'm sorry your parents named you Debbie but your going to have to stick it out until you die. No life is not fair so get over it and go work on your "fabulous" clothes or something!

    • Aniday

      lol <3

    • LunarMew

      Yep. I also doubt you can change your name legally in Link's and Debbie's olden days.

  • Debbie shall be his name forever. What is this Ghirahim nonsense?

    • shadownin

      Call him by his proper name or I will hunt you down and break your………………………………….

  • Poe Princess Mara

    What kind of relationship he’ll have with Link? A very disturbing one by the looks of things.

    • Aniday

      Seems to be more of a fabulous one.

      • "This Skyward Sword is simply FABULOUS!"

  • The way he walks towards Link… .____. It's so creepy.

  • TheMaverickk

    Ghirahim …. there might be a connection to another Zelda character. The name is very similar to Link to the Past's villain, Agahnim.

    There may be a connection (both characters share a blue-ish grey skinned look) in terms of race (dark interlopers maybe?), lineage (an ancestor perhaps), or maybe they are simply similar names because they are both dark wizard type characters (similar to how roc = flying creature, armos = armoured, ect.).

    Either way I don't think it's a coincidence the names are so similar.

  • Ashmic

    Things to look at

    His name is Demon Lord G.

    So what does this mean w/ ganon?

    And Look at the door, you see a big bird but a huge empty space where the triforce should be (thanks ben for pointing this out)

    The hair that covers g.'s face, on his cheek is a purpleish diamond

    In the other trailer when zelda falls it looks liek a whale type thing is going to swallow her but if you look quickly on the head it is spewing dark matter like the budda did in the old trailer

    and It appears zelda is in Skyloft, so what in gods name is happening in hyrule

    and in another gameplay video (that u don't have up)

    When link gets a trophy it says "wait until zelda see's this) so I am assuming that they have a best-friend relationship like in minish cap

    and in ANOTHER gameplay video, You can Upgrade your weapons (apparently) and the switches u hit? to activate things, are also diamonds. maybe a theme?

    • TheMaverickk

      @ "Zelda is in Skyloft"

      There are no Hylians in this game… Hyrule hasn't been colonized…. the land that will become Hyrule is currently filled with darkness and evil creatures. Ghirihim is one of the lords (possibly THE only lord) that rule down on the land below the clouds. This was explained last year when the game was announced.

      Essentially the people who live above the clouds though are those who will eventually become the Hylians. So at this point Zelda is where she is supposed to be, which is living above the clouds where she is from like everyone else.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        @The Maverickk
        No, this wasn't revealed revealed. There was nothing stated about the area to become known as hyrule is not populated except by darkness and evil creatures. your arguement is therefore INVALID! muahahahah…haha.

  • Rose De Nose

    Ghirahim? Debbie is definitely not a 'him'.

    • falconfetus8

      Debbie is clearly a very camp "him"

  • anon

    He's like a character right out of a Tales game….I love it.

    • GenoKID

      I just thought the same thing. Just don't hope they add ALL their… quirks. It would be too scary.

  • Link

    That part in the end….
    "That girl's presence has all but faded from this place"
    What could this mean?

    • Zeldafanboyman213

      I beleive Debby is talking about the master sword. One point, he said "The reason your're still alive is because of your sword.''
      In other words when he says her presence is faded from this place i think it means the master sword g

    • i think hes talking about zelda. maybe after she was swallowed by the monster thing (as seen in the trailer) Link went to try and save her (obviously) and he got some information some how that she was in that temple. But Debbie got there before link and took her away or something… ๐Ÿ˜› lol theories

    • Shadowknight1

      I think Ghirahim(I refuse to call him Debbie…creepy as he is) is chasing Zelda down, and somehow she's already left the dungeon. I think.

  • Indigo

    It's obvious that everyone will call him Debbie, but why the hell does he look at Link and lick his lips?

    • Ashmic

      cannibal? or just smexeh i think its symbolism to display his sadistic madness

    • Drfeelgood666

      Remember how the Joker licked his lips all the time in The Dark Knight? Same thing.

      • Shadowknight1

        I think that's it exactly. IN the extended footage of this fight, he sounds like a psychopath, claiming he'll beat Link to within an inch of his life. All the while acting like Xerxes did to Leonidas in 300. Talking into his ear from right behind him. Needless to say, Link was freaked the **** out.

    • Poe Princess Mara

      Because he's fabulous.

      • blarrg


    • blarrg

      because he is creepy

      • 2797

        i dont think ill be able to sleep tonight… debbie…

  • Manuel

    I am the only one one who noticed how awesome the heart containers look.

    • Shadowknight1

      No you're not. It's purty. <3

    • zeldarules

      YES! I thought I was the only one that noticed! ๐Ÿ˜€
      They seem to be a mix of the different styles the heart containers employ.
      It makes sense, considering that this game is the historical source for all the rest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cloverplayer

    O.O link can jump!

  • Zachattack8888

    So notice the symbol on the door. It's the Hylian Crest. But it's missing something, The Triforce!! Maybe the influence of Link/The Sky People on Hyrule is why the Hylian crest has the bird and the Triforce with it.

    • TheMaverickk

      Ding ding ding…..

      This has been speculated for a long while. Hyrules origin has been connected to the birds for a long while…. Ruaru the Sage of Light… who resided in the Temple of Time had a connection with Keapora Geabora.

      Also in Twilight Princess it's basically spelled out that Hyrule's royal family had an intimate connection with the Oocca who were from the City in the Sky (cleary a degraded remnant from when people lived above the clouds).

      Basically they are furthering this mythos by saying that these Sky People (Debbie is seen calling Link Sky Lad…) are what will in fact become the Hylian race. At this point in time, they probably still lived alongside the Oocca…. I wonder what form they have in this era?

      Miyamoto has also said that at this point in time the actual land that is Hyrule…. down below the clouds… is in fact over run with evil. I'm assuming that at this point Lord Ghirahim is the actual ruler of Hyrule (or at least one of those who hold high command… I mean he's a Lord, not King… so yeah).

      As for the missing Triforce from the crest…. well perhaps this marks the first appearance of the Triforce as well. Maybe these people living in the sky don't know about it, that it even exists…. perhaps the Triforce exists in the land below…. perhaps people don't know about the Sacred Realm. These things only come to their knowledge in this game.

      • Zachattack8888

        Or maybe the war for the Triforcee is occuring during this game and Zelda is the key to the Sacred Relm!!! I'm sooooo excited for this game!

  • PhantomVII

    He's too fabulous for Link's blade.

  • Celesteon

    Debbie licked his lips…oh god.

    He left a fabulous heart container too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • NebulaOrange

    <3 you Debbie, or Ghirahim as you are now called!

    That was a nice video, and Mr. Fabulous is confirmed as an important character in Skyward Sword, which rocks!

  • DoctorYou

    Debbie's awkward lip-licking was almost as funny as that woman's reaction in the background!

  • matthewzfan

    I think "Debbie" and the Girl Figure from the Trailer "Zordina" or whatever you spell it is "Brother and Sister' But I am taking a guess.

  • goliath

    when i think of a demon lord i see a giant ominous creature with horns and a battle axe….not David bowie with earrings and an Emo face.

  • I am just going to call him Pete White.


  • Kostya

    Demon Lord? I'm calling it, this guy is in charge of the monsters that are terrorizing Hyrule.

  • Jake

    I Bet you 5 bucks baby gannon will pop out of a box, kill debbie, and be the main enemy 95% through the game!

    • KingdomHearts

      like TP

  • Gorons4Sale814

    hey its the albino power ranger! lol diamond in the middle

  • zelda4ever

    …..I thought he would be the gilded sword…. Ah well. "Demon Lord" is almost as good, Debbie. But there is still hope. LINK ABSORB DEBBIE INTO A BLADE HANDLE.

  • OOOH! JASON! PICK ME! OR CODY! OR WHOEVER ELSE LOOKS HERE! The door in this is the same as in the other trailer, where Link's all like "whoosh, watch me swing my sword in different directions!"


  • Rae

    From what I could hear of the music ( Very very little) it sounds amaizing ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It's funny. When he first showed up at GDC, and people were calling him Debbie, I wasn't fond of the name. But now that his real name is announced, it's hard to pronounce so I'd rather just call him Debbie.

  • TnzSki

    So why is it that when Debbie is unarmed, he casually deflects all of Link's sword strikes with his bare hand, but when he gets a sword he starts failing miserably? Nintendo logic, I guess…

    • cloverplayer

      *random guess* he is a sword spirit, and he is made of steel! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Majora

    Hey I was wondering if any of you could tell me why I can’t stream any videos on my 3DS. It won’t let me download Adobe Flash Player either so if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

    • IcePhantom

      The 3DS Browser (which I am on right now) does not support Flash Plug-ins, so you can’t watch videos or listen to music. There’s no way to “fix” it, so you’ll just have to deal with the effort of walking to your computer ๐Ÿ˜›

  • TrustMe101

    Reading these comments makes me wanna watch the video, but I don't want to watch too much Skyward Sword or else it will take some enjoyment out of playing it for the first time…. :/

    • TrustMe101

      Nevermind. The temptation's too great. Just this once… No more spoilers for me after this!! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • cloverplayer

        I started it and stopped halfway through the part when he gets the sword… can you tell me, does he actually die or just run away and leave a heart container?

        • TrustMe101

          I wish I could tell you, but I stopped halfway too. xD

          I didn't want to see any cutscenes, so I closed it before any could show up.

  • DoctorYou

    Thanks for a great day of coverage, ZU! This has been a good day for all of us. Debbie salutes you!

  • IcePhantom

    :'( If I ever Let’s-Play this game, I’m still calling him Debbie. “Ghirahim” is a pretty cool name, but nowhere near as fabulous as the Fabulously Fabulous Dark Lord Debbie!! RIP </3

  • Draik41895

    Guys, guys, calm down. It's obvious that Girahim is his last name, Debbie is still his first name! Also, When he licked his lips, my mind immediately jumped to the song "you remind me of the Babe". Haha, just imagine Debbie singing that in David Bowies voice!

    • Zachattack8888

      David Bowie ftw!!!!!

  • Sam

    Looking like that in a body suit, might as well call him Debbie.

  • Lames

    It seems to me that Debbie Bowie or D.B., as his friends know him, either serves a greater evil or is fighting against the evil, in which case he may join link at some point (see: waka from okami). He's chasing after zelda but he isn't the one who took her?

  • mathias

    Skyward Sword looks more and more promising for each trailer/gameplay video:D

  • That guy

    Huh, more bait for the slash writers.

  • Why all of you guys called him Debbie? :ะก I don't get it

    • TrustMe101
    • TrustMe101

      At least, I THINK that's where his nickname came to be… xD

  • erik

    I think this is a villain just like Zant was.. I always thought he was the main villain in the game until ganondorf came. Maybe the main villain is the gerudo man before Ganondorf? or his mother? cuz every thousands years, a new man-gerudo is born. just a thought and I bet that i'm wrong!! ^_^

  • OOOH! JASON! PICK ME! OR CODY! OR WHOEVER ELSE LOOKS HERE! The door in this is the same as in the other trailer, where Link's all like "whoosh, watch me swing my sword in different directions!" I bet the mysterious little thing he put in the wall was like… Something he had to put together to get in there! Like the stones to the chamber of the master sword! :O
    And that whale thing could be many a whales, for we have many in our series of Zelda here. Or at least big fishies.
    Wind Fish, Jabbu Jabbu (?), The one… In the game… With… the waker of winds… Not sure what his name was.

  • Shadowknight1

    Probably Ger-ah-him?

  • zeldarules

    Has anyone noticed that the name Ghirahim spells Miharihg which king of sounds like mirrorage, or mirage? O.O
    Kind of like implying that he is kind of a phony? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    I'll bet that Ganon is in this game, and that this "Ghirahim" is some sort of Anaghim type character, and not necesarily another Zant.

    Maybe (I'll admit this is far-fetched) Zelda= Zordiana, and Ghirahim= Ganon.
    Maybe he turned into that form earlier on in the storyline, offscreen.
    The reason I would say this (ridiculous) thing is because in that last trailer, when Zelda fell into that cyclone, Zordiana seemed to come out, and Zelda had the same jewel on her chest as the blue girl. Maybe it's kind of like their inner form,or something… Ok, now I'm confused… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • zeldarules

      I meant that it spelled that backwards… sry

  • Demon Lord "Debbie" Ghirahim ๐Ÿ˜€

    I'm off to go make some fabulous art of him.

  • licawolf

    Demon Lord?? Am I the only one getting vibes from Chrono Trigger Magus(Fiendlord)?

    • TheMaverickk

      Yeah I think there is a subtle nod in there to Magus. But then again even Magus wasn't as sadistic as Ghirihim.

      I think their personalities are significantly different though.

  • Murasaki-Mary

    Honestly, Debbie looks like a hard-gay jester in white leather instead of black! XD

  • Protoprop

    2:22 on the door you can see the royal family emblem, but without the triforce.

  • Mi4_slayer

    I got the felling we might get 2 or multiple vilain in this zlelda …

    • amrole

      nah.. I think that he is there to teach him something latter in the game. He was using his hands in the battle and then the sword (like he was testing Link). Like (Navi) but more advanced .. Or Ghirahim will try to save Zelda, get into some trouble, and Link will have to save him. Or he could die and give Link's sword power. It would be could to have to villains and have Link play them against each other .

      • TheMaverickk

        Although Nintendo isn't known for sticking to it's own mythos, it should be noted that the sages were the ones that forged the Master Sword.

        I'm not sure what they need in order to transform the Skyward Sword into the Master Sword, but it certainly fits with the games "Upgrade" mechanic…. so I wouldn't be surprised that in he game there will be a process of acquiring either Sages, or metals and objects to be used by the sages to upgrade the Skyward Sword into the Master Sword.

        If the character shown in the trailer is Rauru though, I think it's almost safe to say that we will see other sages in the game (the ancestors to Ocarina Of Time's sages… not necessarily them) and then Nintendo would be sticking to their own mythos in some way shape or form.

        Ghirihim is a demon lord, and Nintendo is making pretty clear he's rather sadistic. Zant was always kind of mysterious, and they never really gave him a concrete character with each encounter. So it made it easy to have him change…. also in Spirit Tracks Byrne was always an on the fence character… he was once a Lokomo sage, but had been corrupted. He never acted quite that evil, just as a servant doing his masters bidding.

        I'm going to take my stance on Ghirihim being for the most part evil. He isn't out to save Link or Zelda, he has his own ambitions to become more powerful from the sounds of it. I think the twist will be that he ends up achieving his power and it transforms him further.

  • yanoit15

    if he can block a slash from the master sword(or at least what i beleive to be it) with his BARE hand hes gotta be a strong main character

  • daria

    He looks like Fenris from DA2. Just needs some lyrium tattoos. Hold on Deb, this might hurt a pinch.

  • matt17

    The name reminds me of Aghanim from A Link To The Past

    • Soulless Creature

      Wait Aghanim, Ghirahim you sir are a genius. They could be linked in some way.

  • Way

    "Demon Lord Debbie"… Sounds creepy to me ๐Ÿ˜€

  • TectonicImprov

    I thought he was Tracy.

  • TheMaverickk

    Zelda was taken away by some servant of the goddess' during the tornado event.

    That's who Debbie is looking for and he can sense her… if she was turned into the Skyward Sword Ghirihim would've killed Link and taken the sword because it's Zelda.

    I think the Skyward Sword appeared to Link during the Tornado event in order to save him, seeing as he had leapt off into the sky to try and save Zelda… and he was plummeting when the sword appeared to him and likely saved him. Probably sent to him from the goddess'… who knows though.

  • Soulless Creature

    To me Demon Lord Ghirahim sounds a bit like Demon King Ganon so I think Ghirahim could be a young Ganondorf.

    • Rex

      Ganondorf is a Gerudo, so it´s not possible.

  • Linkon

    From 00:45 to 00:48, guy in the background said "Looks like David Bowie" XD

  • keiferm

    Seriously? Debbie? How about a better name like Grace? Or Mystery?

    Cue Spongebob references.

  • Justin

    When I saw the trailer for Skyward thought I totally thought that dude was Vaati for some reason >.>

    • Justin

      Errrrrr Skyward Sword I mean.

  • Shelley

    nice lip licking….

  • Craig

    Could he be one of many "Dark Interlopers" in this game? Kinda like controllers of each section that they've infected with evil in order to get to the triforce?

  • LunarMew

    Can I still call him Debbie?

    • Soulless Creature

      yep. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maxxxxxy

    The new heart container is beautiful!

  • steffex

    how is it that link can jump and how is it that i want this game so badly? 0_0

  • Greenwind

    Intresting…I'm starting to think that (timeline speaking) this might be the very firt Zelda or one of the firsts…
    look at trailer 2 and see how the man that appears with Link resembles the kings who have appeared in previous games, the girl like Zelda seems nnot to be a princess, maybe the is the very first tribe of the winds (and the land below is Hyrule years before)..
    Debbie…(Ghirahim)…welll maybe it not his real name like in Oot (just a few more days for it's re-release X3!!!) maybe this is just a phantom or a puppet and the real one is much stonger….or maybe…he is just being a toy of….someone…

    • Soulless Creature

      TP has put us on edge about Ganon coming back.

  • avert_from_the_norm

    Hey guys, who here has watched Yuyu hakusho? If you did and you saw the end, you had all these giant demons, but the 3 who ruled, one looked like an ancient tribal leader of sorts, though very human. Another was a lady that was deformed so she started off wrapped in bandages, and the other was a blind elf, all humanesque creatures, but they were the 3 strongest beings who ruled. So don't going knocking Fabulous Ghirahim since he's a demon lord and not big and badass looking. XP

  • 2797

    Did anyone else notice that Debbie kindof looks like Vaati?

  • sk8on9876

    debbie, thats my moms name! i really hope hes a main villian, even if hes not the MAIN villain, i hope hes more then just a boss…cause hes pretty boss

  • Teilwal

    His name is Peppermint Kisses

  • Rex

    What's with the Debbie faggotry?

    Goddamn Zelda fans are the worst.