Would you like me as a giveaway prize?

You may remember earlier this year, I featured a little amigurumi pattern made by Japanese pattern creator Becchin and translated by tanoshimou. For those that don’t know, amigurumi is art of knitted/crocheted stuffed animals. In the previous post, I showed by first attempts of the pattern as a beginner. I now want to try it again because Stephanie of All About Ami has recreated the pattern with her own additions. More after the jump!

Stephanie has many more pictures of each step that show the confusing parts of the pattern even better. These improvements include the ball joint in the head, the removable boots, and Link’s hair. She even adds her own additions of a Hylian shield, a sword, and sword sheath.






If you are interested in attempting to begin crocheting and try this pattern, look around the internet for free beginners’ help on the basics. There are plenty of Youtube videos and pictured step-by-step instructions. Remember that crochet is for guys and girls and the young and old alike!

For the pattern, please click the source link below. Feel free to share your pictures of your completed plush for others to see as well as your opinions in the comments below! Also, how would you feel if a doll like this was part of a ZU giveaway?

Source: All About Ami-Link