All about the colors.

According to AR enthusiast Super Jezmerelda, AR cards (Augmented Reality cards, the special cards which come with the 3DS and can be used for 3DS games) work off of color. With his experiments, he has found it doesn’t have to be an exact or even solid match.

The key seems to be the black frame to provide a high contrast for the camera as it goes looking for the color. To see more of his experiments, check out his blog, Wild AR Cards.

What do you think of the technology used?

Source: Kotaku
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  • Hmm..

  • timemaster86

    and this has been known for more than week. talk about lag.

  • Keimori


  • Ryan

    just a little reporting tip: tell the readers what AR cards are… some of them might not know. This isn't an exclusive club.

  • Rachel

    Yeah, I have no idea what those things are…

  • asdf

    I'm sure we'll figure it out someday. As soon as we figure out how those magnets work.

  • suchtie

    Heh, when I saw the headline I thought you mean Action Replay cards. You know, those cheating modules. Glad to see you don't.

  • phantom

    me and my friend wondered on how they did it when we tested it

  • Hime

    AR cards are Augmented Reality cards. They're for the 3DS, the question mark card is like the menu and the character cards (I think there's 5) show different nintendo trade mark characters with different poses for each..
    Unless you already looked it up, then this is useless… ^^"