In this week’s mailbag, Jason talks about the timeline again and screws it up even worse, and for some reason becomes schizophrenic when he rubs his amazing man beard to think.

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ReKaXD96: There are several theories about the positioning of the islands in Wind Waker being related to placed from Ocarina of Time, so do you think there will be something similar in Skyward Sword? like for example finding a Deku Sprout in a place that would be the Kokiri Forest or an inactive volcano being where Death Mountain would be.

Jason: Yeah, I do – Nintendo’s been pretty consistent with this stuff throughout the Zelda series. I’m sure we’ll find early versions of what will eventually become landmarks of Hyrule, especially since Skyward Sword is Hyrule’s origin story. Who knows? There might be landmarks spread out between Hyrule and Skyloft that come together in their proper locations when the lands merge.

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BusterFiddlewig: Of course Link will (most likely) ride epona in Hyrule, but what about Skyloft? Will there be a way to get Epona up there? Will he mount some other animal/creature? Or will he just plain not have anything to ride in Skyloft?

Jason: Nintendo hasn’t confirmed or denied Epona appearing in Skyward Sword, though I’d think it’s unlikely they’d use Epona again. It seems more likely that there is some “conveyance” that Link will have that takes him back and forth and acts as his method of transportation for both realms.

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TorchPhantom: In Twilight Princess, Midna notes that the worlds of humans is pitiful for being ruled by a young princess. On my last playthrough, I noticed the word “humans” and thought it was odd, because many of the characters in the Zelda games, including TP, have elf ears. Link and Zelda are the two that come to mind. If they are humans, but they have elf ears, what do you think this means about Hylians? Are they actually human, or was Midna screwed up?

Jason: They’re not actually human; I’m pretty sure Midna was using “human” as a generic term to describe humanoid beings in the world of Zelda. Like how we can use “animals” as a blanket term to describe a wealth of species, “humans” can be applied to a wealth of different human-like fictional “species” as a generic term. The way that the English language is built, it’s hard to get around that kind of terminology in fictional works – using another word would probably make little sense to the player.

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Darkfire4219: Jason do you think music will be implemented in Skyward Sword and in which way?

Jason: Given the recent discovery of the backwards trailer music, I’m starting to think we’re going to hear a LOT of backwards classic songs in Skyward Sword! It probably has some meaning.

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Addsination: In recent video demos of SS we see Link raising the skyward sword while down in Hyrule to gather power from the sky in order to unleash an almighty blow on villains. What do you think will happen to the sword when you are in Skyloft considering that Link would (theoretically) be unable to gather power from the sky (as he is already in the sky)? Would this then render the Skyward Sword useless whilst in Skyloft and also eliminate any kind of temple in Skyloft?

Jason: Although Skyloft is in the sky, it is not the sky itself. There’s still some sky above it 😉

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sonic25799: If it was only 100 years between OOT and the other two games then why did everybody forget? Nobody in WW seems to even remember there ever was another land before the flood. Niko is alive in Spirit Tracks so he’s clearly over 100 years old which means people in the Zelda series can live that long so why doesn’t anybody remember stories of Hyrule from their grandparents or something?’

Jason: I always wondered this. 100 years isn’t a long time – it’s only two generations or so. And, as you say, everyone remembers stuff from The Wind Waker in Spirit Tracks. So, what gives? I have no idea – though a lot of very dramatic changes happened to the world in between OoT and TWW, so it’s conceivable that their memories got wiped or something freaky happened in between. Though the best explanation I’ve got… is that it makes no sense. People should have better memories!