That’s right! Even more OOT 3D screenshots have been released!   We’ve got everything from shops to bosses to towns to temples.

One of the most notable ones is this title screen you see above.  The graphics are crisp, clear, and the flaming effect behind the text is stunning.  Another thing you might notice is that it was codeveloped by GREZZO.  If you didn’t already know, GREZZO was founded by Koichi Ishii, who worked on the Mana series while he was with Square, which is now Square Enix.  With the Mana series being as good as it was, we can only expect good things from this remake. Hit the jump to see the rest of these eye-opening, mouth-watering, spine-tingling screens of Ocarina of Time 3D!

You like these?  Tell us what you think GREZZO should change in the comments!

  • maefreak

    I love the way castle town looks, and the way the Temple of time looks with no pre-rendered backgrounds. Cannot wait to get this!

  • cbarnett2386

    Castle town looks totally different to me and the all the areas above look great! I agree with you maefreak, I can't wait to get this!!!!

  • The Wind Waker Dude

    Why can't they do this with a console and not a handheld it would be a lot easier and fun

    • The Wind Waker Dude

      It Still Would Be fun Though I am not complaining

    • Trust me, on a handheld is much better as you can take it with you on the bus or going on a trip somewhere. You can't do that with a Console game.

      • cuju

        Yeah yu can!

        • Troper

          Yeah. Tell me how lugging a Wii around in your backpack all the time, all cords included, and hooking the whole thing up when you want to play it goes.

          • Manga Ninja

            And where would you connect it in the first place!

        • cresent soul

          yeah, it's pretty simple having a wii and controllers and cables and games in my little pack area of my bag. And I'm sure to find a bunch of power plugs on the side of the train somewhere and there surely be a tv on the wall inputed for me and I'd should be able to plug the wii and syncronize my controllers and get my sensor bar a nice place and get all comfy in less than five minutes. And when I'm done, I'm pretty sure that saying "abra kadabra" will put all that stuff perfectly into my backpack, ready for the next time I'll have fun moving an importable appliance around.

          Yep, awesome idea 😀

    • The point is it's been released a lot on home consoles, despite this one not being ported and built from the ground up this time… The handheld aspect means you can play it at any time, with a massive graphical overhaul, full speed (no lagging, as it runs at 60FPS or 30FPS per image, which is HD speed) plus it's in 3D and not only looks cool but helps for aiming, jumping and more.

  • DO WANT!

  • UsurperZant

    This will definately be the first game I get when I buy a 3DS. I think it will be awesome!!

    • starwebs1

      YOU THINK!!!???

      I wonder where you got that idea… oh, wait. That came from the fact that it is going to be awesome! Party at my website the day it comes out!

  • Frandalf

    Legit!!!!!!! Can't wait!

    • starwebs1

      Nobody jump on this guy, he's British, legit means cool.

  • cuju

    Mmmmmmmmm… Zelda-gasm….

  • You heard it first…. from Majora! (2012 the movie)

    • Troper


  • Ashmic

    it does look exactly the same, a good game is a good game, you don't need good graphics

    give me as many thumbs down as u want Idc

    • QueenxLink

      Nice, I respect that comment. (No sarcasm intended)

    • cresent soul

      it's got boss mode. Good game + boss mode = inevitably a better game. Did I flaw you with that?

    • Well it doesn't exactly look the same, the art style has sightly changed… I'd say it's recognisably Ocarina of Time but the hills aren't blocky… A little bit of TP style has been infused into some of the textures but not a lot, with a little bit of Skyward Sword's colours creeping in. A lot has been changed and it looks so much better now, it looks as it should have been.

      • Subrosian

        The art style has not changed, it's just the way the art was put into the game… Now the game actually LOOKS like the concept art they made for it.

  • goronbot

    those pics are awesome, but my mom and dad said I can't
    get one

    • doctorquin

      Kill them.

    • Keith


    • Please tell me it's not because of the The Sun newspaper, tell them most of it is twisted and untrue which is a fact… When they got complaints and Nintendo condemned them, they soon stopped lying.

      • starwebs1

        Or he could save up.

        Just sayin'…

  • Deikios

    I came upon witnessing these screenshots and my orgasm was heard for miles and miles.

  • Austin

    Cant wait till i can get this this game everything in it looks awesome

  • Google Says

    Wow, that looks freaking epic 😮

  • Darkstar

    The trees in the background in the kokiri forest picture look like the ones in TP's sacred grove. It has that same look/shaded colour.

  • Ezluke

    When this comes out, I swear I'm not going to talk to anyone for a week while I play it.
    …Although I'll probably play it so obsessively that I'll be finished in a few days…
    I love the Temple of Time and Market! The architecture of the Happy Mask Shop really reflects the personality of the Salesman!

  • Kiante

    This really looks great! I notice some things are changed a lot, but some things are very similar. I'm a bit disappointed that most of the character models look pretty much the same, while only some (like Link) have really been updated. Perhaps this is still something they're working on. But it would feel weird to have new and improved Link, running around with N64 character models of others.

    Still, it really does look good. I like the new happy mask shop, and the Temple of Time looks a lot brighter now, more colorful. Nice work thus far.

  • TheMaverickk

    I wouldn't be surprised if you see the Happy Mask salesman adjusted a little to reflect the inevitable fact that Majora's Mask takes place after OoT.

    It seems they've really brought out that eccentric style out in his building. After seeing what Grezzo has done with OoT I hope they are in line to port Majora's Mask for the 3DS as well.

  • Keith

    Just had it confirmed I can get this on Day 1 😀 SO HAPPY

    • Paul

      Day 1. 72 hours left.

  • Siaarn

    My GOD, it just gets better and better! Look how beautiful everything looks! I love that Kokiri Forest's trees form sort of a canopy over certain areas, like Link's house, it makes it feel so secluded and secret and comforting, even the Kokiri's shop looks beautiful! I love the leaf shaped menu on the wall.

    The Temple of Time area looks amazing, same with the markets, I love the look of the Happy Mask Shop, it looks as zany as it should, is anyone else hoping for a hint towards a Majora's Mask remake hidden in the Happy Mask Shop? That'd be so great.

  • jaamin

    ho…ly.. CRAP!!!!!!!!! These are freakin awesome. :O

  • Manga Ninja

    It looks so beautiful!

  • cresent soul

    why are they spoiling it!!!!!

  • cresent soul

    I can't pre-blow my mind now!!!

  • darkgerudo

    I have to admit, this looks pretty good compared to its N64 predecessor.

  • Ryoni93

    It's not a rumor. It's real information from developers who right now is developing for the console so yes, It's coming at E3 ;P
    an early 2012-release is what I expect too..

  • riku_takano

    its so beautiful

    • starwebs1

      I second this.

  • awesome deku

    less screenshots more videos

    • starwebs1

      I would love some on-screen videos directly from Nintendo. That would be awesome.

      I wonder if the music is orchestrated?

  • It's not just a remake, it's bigger and better than ever! Definitely a 1st Day buy!

    • starwebs1

      Agreed. After I buy Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (I don't have any 3DS GAMES yet, I have the system), I am SO saving up for this!

      • It'll be my first 3DS game. (Virtual Console games won't count) I have the System right now. 🙂

  • sithlordcole

    Someone please tell me this is goin to be able to be played on the DS lite? PLEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!! =3

    • starwebs1

      No. You need a 3DS.

    • Subrosian

      Why would it be? You can't play DS games on a GBA…

  • starwebs1

    Am I the only one that was sad that you couldn't go back through the courtyard? Because that was really fun. I also liked the garden scene where you met Zelda. Ah, nostalgia.


    Why doesn't this game have its own page?

  • SilverSkulltula

    I'm going to Murdur the People who don't think that's awesome

  • fantasysign


  • Sakume

    Hah hah. Notice how the curtains are covering the windows where Mario used to be seen.

  • Tom

    Looks gorgeous

  • Melvin

    When was but 2 or 3 yrs old i always said there should a game where you venture through mazes and labyrinths and help people and gain experience as you progress…………its like the thought was sent through a bubble and floated to Nintendo……….Zelda is my most favorite game to play and is the main reason I purchase game consoles…………….and I optimistically agree that this remake will be a success…………

  • Etsuko

    I am SO FREAKING PSYCHED right now. Link looks adorable and the new graphics are awesome. Why must Nintendo torture me?!

  • Triforce of Sara

    I can't believe how far Nintendo has come! Many say that "nothing beats the original" but, hmm…a little graphical tweaks and a second go on another system never hurt. *fangirl squeal*

  • Dark S.

    This looks like the modernised version of the real Ocarina of Time but it still looks cool!

  • Legender

    I looooove how Castle Town looks! I got so used to the Kokiri screens, seeing new screenshots is nice. The Temple of Time looked so different (in a good way). The Market looks so nice too! It just looks so revamped~ This is like, the only reason I would get a 3DS xD

  • jgreekboy

    I really like the new castle town

  • LeVaash

    Ahhhh it looks amazing, the way zelda's garden looks and how the inside of kokiri shop looks. This is going to be visually stunning

    And I mean those are places you visit maybe once or twice in the game, that much detail in those scenes means the world to us hardcore OOT gamers and I cant wait to get this game <3

    Also, if you're barely in the town market and you've gotten hit already

    Shame on you..