Ever imagine how young Princess Zelda from Ocarina of Time would look as a realistic-like girl? Artist Salvador Ramirez Madriz, known on deviantART as ReevolveR, shares his vision in this tribute for the Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary.

The work portrays Princess Zelda as a nine-year-old girl; it’s astonishingly beautiful and well-made, so we recommend checking out his deviantART page right away!

Source: deviantART
  • Keegan

    Hmmm… that's how I always thought she'd look in real life. Good work ReevolveR!

  • Chief

    Wow…That is amazing.

  • veeronic

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  • Manga Ninja

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  • Link

    Very nice!
    I actually saw it months ago though XD

    • Punnutty

      Wait you saw it in OOT. 🙂

  • Akumu

    She's actually 9

    • ChainofTermina

      Child Zelda from Ocarina of Time? she's 10, same age as Link.

      • TrustMe101

        I actually think they're twelve. In Wind Waker, Grandma said that Link was the same age as the Hero of Time when he started his journey. In the trophy viewer on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the info on Toon Link said that "On his twelfth birthday, he received…" 😉

        • mcdude910

          Good work, TrustMe101! That was really impressive! For years people have been debating how old young Link from OoT was. You just summed it all up!

        • Akumu

          How would the grandma know how old ancient young link was!?! Was the crazy grandma a psychic? No…

          • TrustMe101

            How would Grandma know about Hero of Time Link? The intro to WW said the wind told them. So who says that it didn't tell them his age too? It might as well, since it told them a lot about the Hero of Time story anyway.

        • Darkstar

          Which then makes Adult Zelda 19 years old (Still a teenager but "legal adult age" in reality.

  • TrustMe101

    That is freakin' awesome!! I think the artist portrayed her really well. I bet if he painted the grown-up version of Zelda, it would be really spectacular!! 😀

  • cloverplayer

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    • Erimtarted

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  • dark_link121

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  • OOM

    Agreed 😛

  • QueenxLink

    Oh, she's beautiful! 😀

  • Dege ofTime

    Really is amazing sir

  • Cody Gee

    Her facial structure makes her look older.

  • mcdude910

    Okay, can we all stop feeding the troll, now? Didn't you see the sign?!

  • spirittracksmaster

    I think she looks great! so detailed!

  • I remeber this piece XD.
    OoT Link is TEN, says so in the official strategy guide. WW Link is12-13
    Legends and myths change over time, it had Been 1000 years or so since the hero of time, some info may had been altered over time.

  • eh!eh!eh!eh

    Nah, she has the whole Triforce on her hand. That's one bitch I wouldn't mess with.

  • Hime

    Its awesome.. Anyone have the link for it? Somehow on dA the search bar won't work for me and I really want to add this to my favorites…
    Its super nice.

  • lalalalalalal

    it really bugs me that the triforce is the wrong way but other than that… wait, i still find it creepy