Man, Skyward Sword is so far off! Even Ocarina of Time 3D is another few months away, and that’s only a remake. I need a new Zelda Fix! I can’t be alone. If only there was something to tide me over until then…

Well for those of you who feel the same way, I have good news. Zelda Universe has been host to an amazing team working their butts off for the last few months in early development of the site’s official fan game! Hit the jump to find out more about ZU’s own Zelda game!

Join Link in ZU’s fangame!

The Legend of Zelda: Timeless Haven (tentative title) started out as a simple idea by one member and has grown into a whole team of dedicated members working to do justice to our favourite series. The best news is that we have a playable demo for you right now! Keep in mind that this is simply an alpha demo to show what we have gameplay wise.

You can download the demo here. Please let us know what you think. Stop by the forums and visit the fan game thread in community central. You can also find more information there, like character profiles. Leave some feedback and be sure to let us know of any and all glitches found. The more feedback we get, the better our final product will be!

If you’re interested in this project and think you could help out, we are looking for artists, programmers, spriters and game designers, so please submit an application. More information on that in the forum thread.

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