In this week’s mailbag, Debbie is the next fruity prophet of Zelda, and Jason seriously has no freaking idea where Link’s tunic comes from. Seriously.

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Acostar62: In the new SS trailer, from 0.16 to 0.20 , there is a new item in the B slot, and you guys did not mention it in your analysis of it. Just in case you guys did not see it. 🙂 Thanks

Jason: Whoa! I did not see that, though I know many others did. There seem to be quite a few new things – from harps to this weird bomb-looking thing.  I’m not gonna take a guess as to what this item is, since I’d be wrong I’m sure, but I’ll bet we’re going to find out more very soon. A lot of things have been cleared up with this new trailer, but it’s also posed about a million more questions and unveiled a ton of new things.

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That Guy With A Face: Was any new info (if any at all) – aside from the trailer – released at GDC? I haven’t seen anything yet that was actual concrete news. Please inform me with all your epic-site master-question answer-er knowledge please, Jason!

Jason: Nope. Nothin’ but the new trailer… let the crazy speculation continue!

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TriumphForks: Is the power that Midna’s people have, to change people’s form, related to ‘Debbie’ and the Skyward sword? They’re people but they can turn into swords…

Jason: This question is great and ALMOST got into the video, but I ran out of time. I actually had an answer all recorded, too! So I’ll type it here.

There’s been a LOT of speculation running around that the Skyward Sword spirit and Debbie are the same “race” of beings – that being sword spirits. And the most common sword, or really the only sword, that Debbie is being compared to, is the Gilded Sword because of the unique color and shape of the diamond pattern on his… well, whatever that article of clothing he wears is called. And that’s a reasonable comparison to make, because so many people were right about the girl being the Master Sword. My guess is that the folks speculating this are right – this guy is another sword, the Gilded Sword. This is also why I’m no longer sure if Debbie is a villain or an ally, or a combo of both.

Do I think it has anything to do with Midna or the Twili? No, not really – I think these sword spirits are something totally separate and have nothing to do with Midna’s shapeshifting abilities.

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X x7: If you could have a say in one thing that would be in Skyward Sword, what would it be?

Jason: I’d really like to have control over the plot devices in the game. I know I’m going to be saddened knowing that Link just has to run around collecting, in my own words, magically imbued objects of minimal importance made important by their magical imbued-ness. Rather than making unimportant objects into collectables to drive plot, I’d love to try creating something entirely new to drive Zelda’s story… I don’t know what that is yet, but anything’s better than random collectables.

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ChozoDeity: Do you think that Nintendo will ever make a Zelda themed game console such as, a 3DS that is green with a triforce in the corner or a Wii that has some sort of symbol that represents old (and new) Zelda games, other than the triforce?

Jason: Yep. They always make a Zelda-themed handheld. In fact, Nintendo keeps signed ones on display at Nintendo World in New York City (I’ve seen them in person, they’re pretty slick!). I have no reason to believe that Nintendo will not eventually make a Zelda-themed 3DS – though, unfortunately for you, it’ll probably be golden with a triforce as all the others have been. As for a themed Wii, that may be a bit of a stretch. Nintendo’s never released a themed Wii of any sort, and they haven’t released themed consoles at all since the N64. So that’s probably out of the question.

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SomeOne: So, your eyes are pretty and that other guy’s voice was irritating, he wasn’t as interesting either… But anyway, in the newest Skyward Sword trailer the first time link uses the buggy thing he’s shooting it at something and the first time i saw it i was all like OMAGOSH it’s Skull kid! But if it were him, how do you think he would fit into the story?

Jason: Thanks for the compliment! 😀 and the Cody-bashing as well. He so deserves it.

As for your question, it sure does look like Skull Kid in the trailer that Link is shooting the Beetle at. Is it *the* Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask? Doubtful – this takes place long before Ocarina of Time, presumably, and Majora’s Mask explained the origin of Skull Kid. The surprising bit was that this Skull Kid in particular appeared to be wearing Majora’s Mask – THAT could be one heck of a plot twist. Skyward Sword could actually be the game that explains Termina and where it is in relation to Hyrule… or how it got to another dimension. Who knows?

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Jgreekboy: Do you think the sages will make an appearance in skyward sword and if so do you they will introduced a new set of sages like in Windwaker ?

Jason: I kinda answered this in the video, but I don’t think sages are going to make an appearance – and if they do, they’ll be kind of like in Twilight Princess and bear minimal importance to the actual plot. Okay, the sages in Twilight Princess were quite important, but they were sages in the sense of Ocarina of Time’s or The Wind Waker’s sages that were absolutely essential to plot-driving. Quite frankly, I feel that sages and maidens and all of that is overdone and if Nintendo is trying to reinvent Zelda with this game they’re going to need to have a fresh idea.

  • Fayt

    You mentioned a theoryhow if skyloft comes crashing down it could become Kokiri Forest, wouldnt this explain teh green tunic as Link wears it skyloft and then passes it to Hyrule. and it could be a tradition passed on from Skyloft.

    Or maybe Link jus thas the green tunic because we fans demand it:)

    Also first time i really watched the whole mailbag..really enjoyed it 🙂

    • lugeasilver

      That would be so amazing forever. Maybe it would also explain why kokiri never age. Because they're really magical sky people. That'd be super awesome. Too bad the zelda storyline isn't powerful enough to have such things.

  • Zanio

    Yeah, I assume that The tunic is probably an out fit passed down from Skyloft.
    This game may well have a Deku Tree like figure, and me may well see the creation of the Kokiri.

    The creation of which are inspired by this Link…

    I guess all we can do at the moment is speculate, but I'd certainly say that Link had some kind of influence on the Deku Tree that made him inspired enough to garb his childeren in the same outfit.

    A thought just now, it could be in honour of Link, and if it is, does this mean that he'll die by the end of the game, and the Kokiri tunic is a tribute to him?
    Who knows!

    • Zanio

      Bleh, so many typos in here. That's what I get for procrastinating studies while I'm mega tired!

      • Kiante

        This is pretty much what I was gonna say. Likely the Kokiri copy Link's outfit! I figured that before since I figure that Minish Cap was before OoT also.

    • I'm pretty sure that the tunic was supposed to be originated in Ocarina of Time becuase in Wind Waker the kids when they come of age where a green tunic as a tradition in honor of the Hero of Time.

  • Jason, the item that looks like a bomb on the bottom d-pad slot is the sword girl, look closely, it's her face and the hair etc…

    • Jason Rappaport

      That's not the item I was talking about 😛 there's an actual new item in the item slot above the d-pad.

  • I apologize for the double post but maybe in Skyward Sword, Link settles in Hyrule at the end and discovers the Kokiri and because he saves the world from evil, they wear the tunics in his rememberance, then it becomes tradition…

    • cresent soul

      that's probably the best and most likely of answers. Korkori's clothes must have came from somewhere.

      Small adjustment: I think its more likely that the deku tree is saved by SS link somehow. And then the deku tree, remembering the SS hero, models the future korkori with those clothes.

  • Darktoonlink88

    Nice mailbag, as usual.
    And you're such a musical genius.

  • I might predict that maybe there will be a dungeon in a town since Miyamoto said that the normal dungeon operation system would change and some fields would act as if they were dungeons themselves.

  • Fayt

    Im really exicited and curious for the change in the dungeon system, i can't quite picture how its going to slowly transition., also i think its going to be either amazing or a complete faluire, depending how succesful nitendo was at it.

    • Nintendo was, and is, and always will be a success.

  • Yeah, that green tunic really is baffling, isn't it? How are you going to explain this one, Nintendo?

    • jjjtttfff

      this is my guess…

      SS link is skyloftian and the green tunic is skyloftian garb.
      Option #1: link saves the korkiri and they honor their hero be dressing like him.
      Option #2: the korkiri are skyloftian and the korkiri forest/sacred meadow/forest temple/lost woods are the scattered remains of a fallen skyloft.

      • Option meaning opinion (considering that Nintendo has never made an alternate ending to a Zelda game;)

      • cresent soul

        the first makes sense. But the second point requires link to be a korkori which doesn't make sense. He's adult in this game, so definately not korkori.

        • avert_from_the_norm

          something could happen that causes the kokiri to remain as children…something that could happen in this specific game.

  • dekuicepick

    do you think it is possible that skywood sword's main boss will be majora?

    • That's my cue! I doubt it considering that this game comes before Ocarina of Time which comes before Majora's Mask and in Ocarina of Time that was the origin of Skull Kid (though maybe not.)

    • cresent soul

      Majora or nearly everything in MM shouldn't be reused (or milked) to any degree. Why? Well MM is supposed to be a secretive, personal and side journey. It's not supposed to be mainstream or related to Hyrule or the main stuff at all. You want to keep MM as a mystery, that's very important. Repeating anything from MM, especially Majora, would take away a lot of that mystery and secrecy of MM. Don't want to ruin that.

      And milking past story elements in zelda is generally a no no. Fan service, if any, should be kept to a minimum and definately kept far away from the main stuff. An easter egg at most I'd say.

      It's better that way. Ensures the games are all stand alone, so new players aren't alienated. And it ensures each game is different and new and fresh and has its own feel and style.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      ok, you guys have obviously not watched the theory video by hombre del mundo the man at war (or however he says his name). at the very end of the video they show an image of what everyone is talking about, and say specifically that it is not the skull kid. seriously, go the very end after they're done talking and you will see what i mean.

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    The spinning electric enemy in the SS trailer is a hermit crab, not a goron. We covered this in the trailer analysis that Jason should have watched 😉

    • And my question originated by your trailer analysis xD

    • cresent soul

      where does it say its a hermit crab? You're getting this from an analysis that inferred that crab = beach automatically. Not smart.

      • No I'm saying that my question was based off of that because that idea caused me to wonder what realms there were in the game. And it is a great infer.

  • Ethrobya

    Anser to your Queston.
    In Sipirit tracks Zelda gives you the recroot toonick THAT CLEARLY IS NOT KOKERY

    • ZoraMaskMan

      That was based off of Wind Waker Link which was based on the hero of time Link from Ocarina of Time O.o

    • geekiestguyaround

      The Recruit Tunic is based on the Hero's Clothes from The Wind Waker, which are in turn based on the Kokiri Tunic from Ocarina of Time, which has been confirmed to be the first game in the timeline (not taking into account Skyward Sword).

      • cresent soul

        and the korkori clothes therefore could have been modelled from somewhere else. It could easily be the case that SS link during his travels (could be in SS or after SS) helped the Deku Tree and so the deku tree modelled the korkori's look in the future based on him.

        • zeldarules

          Why does everyone keep saying Korkori, or Kokiro?
          It's Kokiri!

  • former fro

    I think that the link in skyward sword may have been some form of ancient kokiri or something

    • ???

      ?This came before Ocarina of Time.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        dude, no duh, that's been common knowledge for months man, aonuma has clearly announced it, where have you been?

    • Ethrobya


  • QueenxLink

    Great musical ending!

    And not to sound rude or anything but… What does it matter where Link's tunic came from? I can say the same thing about Zelda's dress or Ganon's cape…

    • Because his cloths resemble the Hero of Hryule and they are originated by the Kokiri so everyone is curious why they would be in Skyward Sword (because it comes before Ocarina of Time). And also some people say Minish Cap was first in the time line just becuase that was the origin of his hat and THAT is why people think Link's cloths are so important.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        it's true, and in terms of zelda's dress, the thing behind that is prob. that it's typical wear for a hylian princess (note jason, hyrulian is incorrect, no offense XD). And it is true, his outfit is the thing that signifies him as link. More specifically though, it doesn't have to be green necessarily, so long as it's a tunic. speaking of, there could be a game where he starts out with a red or blue tunic that has the same effects as those from OOT due to where he starts the game from, or where it takes place, which could be a really interesting thought!

    • Mr_Bop

      Ganon(at-least i think) is the same person every game which sort of explains his cape.

  • OmegaLink

    Answer to the Tunic:

    LoZ he was a ‘boy in green’. Its often widely considered to be the original legend. AoL was the continuation of that. That explains why he keeps it. LttP I think is actually a separate tunic, which he got from his father, a great believer in the legends of old and a master swordsman, part of a secret lineage of protectors of Hyrule, probably started from the original Link himself. OoT is obviously explained, and MM is directly after that. WW had the legend. Its a different tunic, built to be the same as the one in the legend. The tunic was not originally legendary, but it became so as the legend grew, making it a perfect gift to TP Link. LA would depend on exactly what point it fits in. It could be that he’s just the WW Link, continued, or it could be that he’s another one, but either way he already had it. Same thing with the Oracle games.

    Let me know if I missed anything. That took a while to type, so there’s a good chance I got distracted.

  • X x7

    Heck to the yeah he answered my question! Unfortunately not in the video…
    Anyways, that Link getting his tunic thing was really interesting! The closest thing that I can think of is that the Skyloftians are actually the Kokiri when Skyloft becomes one with Hyrule, and they are already wearing those clothes. Don't ask me how they became children that never grow up though.

    • cresent soul

      what if SS link first wore the green tunic (or he got it from someone else) and then he helps the deku tree (who has either pre-evolved versions of korkori or doesn't have korkori yet) at some point. From there, fans can assume that the deku tree modelled the clothes of the korkori from SS Link, especially if the deku tree viewed so highly of the hero.

      Korkori's clothes had to have come from somewhere, could have easily been modelled from SS Link's clothes.

  • Xat

    I might actually know wear the tunic came from, I found a rumor that was leaked by this guy claiming he worked on SS, a bug tester for it, so he knows the entire story. It was in Skyloft, there's this man, his name is Taylor, and he works for the royal palace(yes, Skyloft is a kingdom). Well, the tunic was made from leaves from a great tree on the land below whose leaves were so countless that the wind blew many of them into Skyloft during a great storm, and the leaves were said to have a magical power that could be tapped by making clothes out of them and then letting the wind carry you, allowing you to slowly glide downward to the land below.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      that's actually really cool and would make sense why he jumped if it were indeed true. i like that.

  • cresent soul

    I have a "possible' reason that might make sense.

    What if in SS, link meets the deku tree (may be a tree before OoT deku tree or the same one just younger, not sure) and the deku tree is the one who gives him the outfit just like his korkori children.

    OR It may also be possible that the deku tree didn't look after korkori children at the start of SS. But link, with the green tunic from somewhere else, meets the deku tree at some point and helps him. The heroism that the deku tree witnesses from Link is what the reason why he makes the korkori wear similar clothes. I think that's a reasonable way to go about it.

    If SS has the deku tree (either skyloft or Hyrule) in it, then that's sufficient to allow fans come up with anything to fill in the game. The game doesn't necessarily have to spell out the reasons, it could just give a few hints and leave the rest to fan imaginations which they have done many times before (like the rito – zora connection in WW).

  • zeldafan4040

    The Great Sea of Hyrule is directly connected to the sea we see in SS cuz when WW feriated OOT in MC we clearly saw Vaati tominalize the default organ of the Zora! Hence the harp…follow?? So, THAT my friends, is indeed where the tunic originates from…. the great deku tree borned by the zoras in SS that we saw at E3 1992…. I hope this clears things up a bit. 🙂

    • confuzzling-bra

      dude, all i can say is, wtf, are you high, because seriously…feriated???? tominalize?????default organ of the zora??????borned by the zoras?????SS that we saw in '92??????? either please clear this up or please stop smoking, or just stop postin.

      • zeldafan4040

        HAHA! I did that just to be funny. I wasn't high. 🙂

  • avert_from_the_norm

    hallelujah, my first question was answered.

    Anyways, i keep seeing how everybody thinks that the tunic is in correlation to the kokiri and the deku tree. also, the whole thing about the kokiri being kids and how does that happen. So here's my proposed theory. say that the deku tree is part of skyloft, and that is the reason for it being alive(also possible is that the deku tree is just a magic tree that is dying and this wise elder combines with the tree to save it). also, that all the people of skyloft live together as one people. however, when the evil from below the clouds somehow reaches skyloft, link has to save it's people. unfortunately, the deku tree for some reason thinks that it is someone else from skyloft, and due to this skyloftians supposed bravery grants him a wish, and that skyloftian wishes that him and so many of his friends and family become immortal/have extended lifespans. a side-effect, or upon learning that this skyloftian cashed in on links heroism is that they revert to children and are trapped in the forest upon death if they are to leave it, whether as punishment, or in order to retain their immortality. the rest of the skyloftians angered by this other skyloftian punish the one who did it, but in honor of link saving them take up wearing green clothing.

    • cresent soul

      korkori being a subset of hylians sounds weird to me, but hey, it "could" happen. But yes, very weird way to explian things. They could just make the Deku Tree chose to model the korkori's clothes off SS link. And even if that may not be shown in SS, it can easily be implied.

  • Punnutty

    Could Link be a Lokomo think about it he looks the same in each game in the Wind Waker Ganondorf said to Link you are the hero of time reborn also Staven/Byrne was a Lokomo but he looked hylian the ears are pointed.

  • Tsubasa_zero

    I would guess that the Link saves the kokiri and the worship him by wearing his outfit (just like tingle XD)

  • víctor zeppelin

    The Gilded Sword is an uprgade and is not legendary… is it Debbie? Don't think so. Really don't.

  • Ultimon

    I just think the Gilded Sword idea is so random!
    Just because ONE sword turns into some ghost chick
    doesn't mean that every blade in the games history will turn into people.

  • guy with no life

    do you think that this link will have a little more of a family this game because the closest thing to that is the grandma in wind waker and you never really see a link with a father or a mom and it would be cool if you get like items or training from for a example from your father

    • MegaLinkX

      Don't forget his sister in WW or his Uncle in aLTTP

  • Nightmeres

    well maybe the weired guy in the tailor at the end knocks the master sword or skyward sword off of Skyloft some how or it gets knocked off somehow and it might have to do with why it is hyrule or maybe link leaves it somewhere. what do you think? maybe the villain destroys Skyloft or maybe somehow something from hyrule will come and kill link or he goes to kakori forest and later has a son.

  • Steven

    do you think in ss they will finally give a back story as to why link is re-incarnated over and over and who/ what (if not himself) keeps bringing him back? – for the most part, it seems in almost every Zelda there is link with a different body. – child, teen etc. but they all seem to have the soul of the true hero. – or would that just break the fourth wall?

  • stvian

    Lets throw in a little LotR into this. Say that Link is a Skyloftian (Elves/Ancient Hylians) and comes to Hyrule (Middle Earth) to save the land from the evil that was banished from his land (Morgoth). The Elves have made many weapons over the ages of their time to fight evil of their own lands, but at some point part or all of this ancient land falls to Hyrule becoming one land and in turn spreading ancient weapons across the land. Since it "fell" from the sky it would make sense that these parts of the ancient land or city were buried forming dungeons that the creatures have taken over.
    Now since this first Link from Skyloft has come down and starts the bloodline of the knights as spoken about in LttP all males of this bloodline are named Link or I should say most as in named after their great grandfather (Aragorn/Original Link). This bloodline is what makes it possible for Link to use these great weapons from the ancients (Anduril- Aragorn's sword/Master Sword).
    When the ancient evil is destroyed a spirit can live on in many different ways, like say an apprentice (Sauron/Gannon) so more weapons were created (Silmarils/Sages) to vanquish evil.
    We all know that LotR greatly influenced Miyamoto in the creation of Zelda, anyone that has read the Silmarillion can see these influences and add more to them. My wonder is how much they have influenced and if He and others are actually writing this 'Master timeline' to be released EPIC

  • Revid Cargian

    I believe it possible that the Wind Tribe, after the events of the Minish Cap, grew to a much larger size in terms of population (or maybe the Minish Cap only gave us a small window into their new society). An entire continent in the sky could be necessary, and having been so disconnected from Hyrule, the new generations would grow up not knowing of the land below (informatio lost to time and all that), still retaining not only the abilities of the Wind Tribe, but the traditional ideas their directly-Hylian ancestors brought with them to the original Wind Tribes' home. After all, the Hylian hero has always been garbed in green, and if Hyrule had been around for ages even prior to the Minish Cap (as stated by the ghost of King Gustaf), who's to say there weren't heroes in green in ages past?

    A quote from the beginning of Minish Cap:

    "… when the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow… the tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword and a golden light *picture of a blonde male dressed in green, taking the sword with a Triforce piece hanging overhead*… With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness."

    • Revid Cargian

      So, there you all go, that's my take on it: if the Wind Tribe kept /any/ customs of old Hyrule, it would likely be the hero garbed in green. Keep in mind, though, the "hero in green" idea seems to be destiny half of the time (I doubt Link in ALttP was all "Imma be a hero, let's get me my green tunic out!", or the Link from Minish Cap thinking his green tunic meant anything aside from "I look like the smith I live with!"). It is entirely possible that this new Link simply wears green for the sake of wearing green. This theory, then, would still explain how he can be the hero, having been a descendant of the Hylians seen/heard of in the Minish Cap.

      There is still room for another theory (which I will begin to explain in the next comment… so much typing, so little space given. XD)…