In this week’s mailbag, Debbie is the next fruity prophet of Zelda, and Jason seriously has no freaking idea where Link’s tunic comes from. Seriously.

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Acostar62: In the new SS trailer, from 0.16 to 0.20 , there is a new item in the B slot, and you guys did not mention it in your analysis of it. Just in case you guys did not see it. 🙂 Thanks

Jason: Whoa! I did not see that, though I know many others did. There seem to be quite a few new things – from harps to this weird bomb-looking thing.  I’m not gonna take a guess as to what this item is, since I’d be wrong I’m sure, but I’ll bet we’re going to find out more very soon. A lot of things have been cleared up with this new trailer, but it’s also posed about a million more questions and unveiled a ton of new things.

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That Guy With A Face: Was any new info (if any at all) – aside from the trailer – released at GDC? I haven’t seen anything yet that was actual concrete news. Please inform me with all your epic-site master-question answer-er knowledge please, Jason!

Jason: Nope. Nothin’ but the new trailer… let the crazy speculation continue!

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TriumphForks: Is the power that Midna’s people have, to change people’s form, related to ‘Debbie’ and the Skyward sword? They’re people but they can turn into swords…

Jason: This question is great and ALMOST got into the video, but I ran out of time. I actually had an answer all recorded, too! So I’ll type it here.

There’s been a LOT of speculation running around that the Skyward Sword spirit and Debbie are the same “race” of beings – that being sword spirits. And the most common sword, or really the only sword, that Debbie is being compared to, is the Gilded Sword because of the unique color and shape of the diamond pattern on his… well, whatever that article of clothing he wears is called. And that’s a reasonable comparison to make, because so many people were right about the girl being the Master Sword. My guess is that the folks speculating this are right – this guy is another sword, the Gilded Sword. This is also why I’m no longer sure if Debbie is a villain or an ally, or a combo of both.

Do I think it has anything to do with Midna or the Twili? No, not really – I think these sword spirits are something totally separate and have nothing to do with Midna’s shapeshifting abilities.

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X x7: If you could have a say in one thing that would be in Skyward Sword, what would it be?

Jason: I’d really like to have control over the plot devices in the game. I know I’m going to be saddened knowing that Link just has to run around collecting, in my own words, magically imbued objects of minimal importance made important by their magical imbued-ness. Rather than making unimportant objects into collectables to drive plot, I’d love to try creating something entirely new to drive Zelda’s story… I don’t know what that is yet, but anything’s better than random collectables.

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ChozoDeity: Do you think that Nintendo will ever make a Zelda themed game console such as, a 3DS that is green with a triforce in the corner or a Wii that has some sort of symbol that represents old (and new) Zelda games, other than the triforce?

Jason: Yep. They always make a Zelda-themed handheld. In fact, Nintendo keeps signed ones on display at Nintendo World in New York City (I’ve seen them in person, they’re pretty slick!). I have no reason to believe that Nintendo will not eventually make a Zelda-themed 3DS – though, unfortunately for you, it’ll probably be golden with a triforce as all the others have been. As for a themed Wii, that may be a bit of a stretch. Nintendo’s never released a themed Wii of any sort, and they haven’t released themed consoles at all since the N64. So that’s probably out of the question.

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SomeOne: So, your eyes are pretty and that other guy’s voice was irritating, he wasn’t as interesting either… But anyway, in the newest Skyward Sword trailer the first time link uses the buggy thing he’s shooting it at something and the first time i saw it i was all like OMAGOSH it’s Skull kid! But if it were him, how do you think he would fit into the story?

Jason: Thanks for the compliment! 😀 and the Cody-bashing as well. He so deserves it.

As for your question, it sure does look like Skull Kid in the trailer that Link is shooting the Beetle at. Is it *the* Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask? Doubtful – this takes place long before Ocarina of Time, presumably, and Majora’s Mask explained the origin of Skull Kid. The surprising bit was that this Skull Kid in particular appeared to be wearing Majora’s Mask – THAT could be one heck of a plot twist. Skyward Sword could actually be the game that explains Termina and where it is in relation to Hyrule… or how it got to another dimension. Who knows?

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Jgreekboy: Do you think the sages will make an appearance in skyward sword and if so do you they will introduced a new set of sages like in Windwaker ?

Jason: I kinda answered this in the video, but I don’t think sages are going to make an appearance – and if they do, they’ll be kind of like in Twilight Princess and bear minimal importance to the actual plot. Okay, the sages in Twilight Princess were quite important, but they were sages in the sense of Ocarina of Time’s or The Wind Waker’s sages that were absolutely essential to plot-driving. Quite frankly, I feel that sages and maidens and all of that is overdone and if Nintendo is trying to reinvent Zelda with this game they’re going to need to have a fresh idea.