Here is another Zelda 25th anniversary tribute picture from Carlos Lerma, also known as lerms on deviantART.

An itsy bitsy tribute to The Legend Of Zelda on it’s 25th Anniversary… I’d be nothing without Link and his adventures.

Source: deviantART
  • CEObrainz

    The style this picture has been drawn is quite different from what I'm used to. It actually is quite special. I like it.

  • Random

    Pssh That is no fairy, Zelda Fans know that A fairy is a circle not a human shape. And the person who drew this thinks he can fool meh. 🙂

    • k1intt

      Shut up.

    • cloverplayer

      i think that the newer fairies are still humanoid faries but the glow covers their bodies, which is why the queen faries are humanoid.

    • Play Wind Waker much?


      • vick

        wind waker was the faggotest zelda game out there. the delovpers must have been trippin on shroom the whole they delovped that god awlful game.

    • Punnutty

      Random have you ever caught a farie in the Wind Waker.

    • QueenxLink

      You obviously haven't played Majora's Mask or The Wind Waker.

      • Punnutty

        I have played the Wind Waker (my first zelda game) Zelda 1 and 2, Ocarina of time (completed), Majora's Mask, Phantom Hourglass (completed), Spirit Tracks (completed), the Minish Cap (completed), A Link to the Past, Twilight Princess (completed) and the Oracle games. Also I have completed the Wind Waker.

    • vick

      really? nintendo must suck cock if the best they can do for a fairy is a ball with wing.

  • Amy

    Aw he is so cute, he doesn’t look like toon Link from wind waker but instead a toon version of young Link…you know what I’m saying?

  • Lach Menel

    I love it. It captures the whimsical side of the Zelda adventures. Disregard the previous and future negative comments, this picture, though small, is amazing. To 25 years of wonder, enchantment, and myth!

  • I love it! IT's beautifully done and doesn't just focus on one particular game, it just captures the essence of Link in general. Fantastic.

  • TriAuz64

    what the?!
    his eyes are pac-man!

  • X x7

    I like how they made it so that it was like a somewhat cartoony Link, like I imagined Link would look like if they were to make a 3D remake of the original Legend of Zelda. Good job!

  • zeldafan4040

    Loves ittt!

  • cloverplayer

    its kinda a cross between the two in twilight brincess, and in the earlier games it was brown (i think but I'm not shure)

    • Punnutty

      In Zelda 1, 2, Link to the past, Links hair was brown. Oh Link looks lonely why didn't someone draw zelda to keep link happy, yes I know theres faries but Zelda and Link are great together like in Spirit Tracks.

  • This 25th anniversary is really getting me excited for the E3 Meeting and something "Just as special as Super Mario All Stars". I mean seriously what could that be, Mario All Stars was cool and all but this Zelda thing's completely different and just as special (Majora's Mask Remake with Wii motion plus and enhanced graphics?) Good painting anyway!

  • g-older games 🙂

  • Lucifer

    Nice artwork, I give it an "8.9" out of 10..

    • Punnutty

      Wait I thought there was no internet connection in hell.

  • LinksAwakening

    Wow the 25th anniversary makes me very happy! Artwork is very cool, resembles from a great game: Majora's mask :D.

    • Punnutty

      And many others.

    • Yes it is a great game with many awesome sidequests and when your stuck on a place, just head right to clock town to get more heart pieces! But that isn't the only awesome game. It resembles every single Zelda game ever created.

  • Why does it matter?

  • It's beautiful.

    And the eyes are funny. They almost reminds me of something, but I cannot figure out what it is…

  • Arniexd

    Skyward is set for release on may 15th in Europe!!! I am hundred percent sure! If you want a picture of the pre-order box please pm me. I’d be glad to make one. Btw I am from holland. The pre-order box came in just today! They were still busy unpackaging it while I was there.

  • arniexd

    Skyward sword will be released the 15th of may. I stumbled upon the official pre-order box in a game-shop where I live and it said the release date was the 15th of may. I live in Holland btw. Please, feel free to contact me for more information. If you want I can make a picture of the pre-order box etc.

    • Fighting Torque

      I have my severe doubts on that…

      • arniexd

        It''s true I swear! I will prob send a picture soon XD

        • WOWOWOWOW! You seriously didn't listen to the news did you? Ocarina of Time 3DS is coming after the E3 Meeting which is June 7-9 and Skyward Sword is coming after Ocarina of Time 3DS!!!! Unless you're talking about 2012 then there is no possible way that that is true. (Although I wish it was true :()

          • arniexd

            I can't see the store making a complete pre-order box with a release date etc.

          • OMG! The PRE-order box set is a placeholder to know that it is on pre-order availability. And how do you think it is "official"? Nintendo vs. a random game shop in Holland. Really common sense?

  • Arniexd

    Well, either they made a complete pre-order box uninformed, which I really doubt. Or skyward sword will be released the 15th of may XD

  • OhYeS

    i would like a game with this kind of art style. would let the developers be able to use all of their creativity without limitations

    • Sort of like Wind Waker?

      • OhYeS

        sorta sure…but not exactly

  • It isn't always blond. Ocarina of Time it is almost red, A link to the past it's pink (for some reason).

  • Very older games,but I like too.

  • yowazup

    Ok, so I've looked at this picture for 3 days now… I'm getting kinda bored.