Resident theorist Hombre de Mundo is back with his partner-in-crime Humulos to give a full analysis of the new Skyward Sword trailer and what it entails.

  • ChainofTermina

    wait……..Debbie? I don't get it, why are people calling him Debbie?

    • Jason Rappaport

      Debbie is *fabulous*.

      • ChainofTermina

        ooooooookay, now I'm even more confused. why are people calling him Debbie!? what about his appearance implies that he should be called Debbie?

        • Jani

          Because it's amusing.

  • Subrosian

    Technically it's a lyre, not a harp…

    • k1intt

      So true, finally, someone knows what it's called. 😀

      • cloverplayer

        Am i the only one that thinks that this is gonna be an awesome main instrument twist? (personally I think its not the best, the ocarina definitely holds first but WAAAAAAAAAAY better than twilight princess's howling, that was lame)

    • QueenxLink


  • Naside

    There was a logo change with Minish Cap… From Master Sword to the Four Sword. Don't know if that'd be important or not, but I really doubt it.

    • CorvosKK

      There was also logo changes for PH and ST. They've always used temporary logos. Even with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess they used temporary ones, it's just that those used the generic Ocarina of Time logo as a placeholder. The only difference is that the newer games have placeholder logos closer to their final version.

  • Ashmic

    I never use my Shield XD I just go nuts w/ the sword, But Nintendo is promising what they said "completely different from other games" Im proud of them for accomplishing what they said im still wary tho but maybe because its unfamiliar, i feel like if I play this game its learning to ride a bike. The other thing cool about this game is it has ALOT of Japanese culture-look to it. After I seen that guy i thought of Impa, or (maybe even vaati (doubt it)) ITs not the gilded sword, that sword is made 100 years later and its up and made, but this game is ALL new so who knows maybe termina and hyrule collide (that guy looks like skull kid! Ppl say its a spider, but i see NO spider)
    fun fact- the guys names who made gilded sword is on Phantom ganons sword in WW)

    Hell maybe that mysterious guy is Zelda's brother, You NEVER know but why speculate! we're not gonna be sure until we're told

    also That guy is sitting on 2 different things in the trailer AND where he is sitting there is purple-ish cloud ALL around him, which is cool)
    AND for ganon fans, I see a desert, That doesn't mean ANYTHING but still, all we can do is hope.

    • Ashmic

      oh wait maybe beach like they said, who knows tho, right?

    • BGSchoolcraft

      If you look at the scene of the beetle flying (the one directly after the so-called "skull kid" shot), you see another spider hanging from the ceiling in the background. It is a spider.

      Also, Skull Kid isn't from Termina, he's from the Lost Woods. He's the one you give the mask to in OoT. He makes that very clear in MM.

      • Oxling

        It has been suggested (by in-game characters) that Skull Kids are kids that have been lost in the lost woods (or similar). If this is so, we can't tell whether he came from Termina or Hyrule.

    • BGSchoolcraft

      Oh, and I HIGHLY doubt that's "Zelda's brother". Seriously? What points to that? There's more evidence to say that he's not than to say he is (because there's none to say he is).

      • Ashmic

        its an opinion calm down, I have the right to pitch ideas as much as the next person…

  • Ashmic

    Oh and Btw I think The guy is hylian cause look at the ears, but who knows guys? sorry for so much XD excited-ness

    • BGSchoolcraft

      Midna has pointed ears. She isn't Hylian.

      Pointed ears =/= Hylian.

      • Oxling

        Hylians have pointed ears. Most humans in the LoZ world do not. But Hylians do. Link has pointed ears and he's a Hylian.

      • cresent soul

        Hylian = Pointed Ears

        Pointed Ears =/= Hylians only (why? well midna has pointed ears for one and I think picori and vatti but not sure)

        Fixed 🙂

        • cresent soul

          I think pointed ears generally refer to a connection to the gods. So gorons, not being related to the gods, don't have pointed ears. Hylians, being a bit more connected, do. However, over time, that link weakens and so the ears become less pointed. I think Twili have the ears because they are essential banished hylians from decades ago that have become their own race. I "think" picori also have pointed ears and that would make sense cause they are connected to god too, I think. The oocca too I think, cept they have wings there too.

    • Oxling

      It's possible, but I doubt that pointed-earness in limited to Hylians.

  • Hm.. You said how there were hermit crabs at the beach, and how Debbie (XD) could also be the Gilded Sword… There were also those annoying crabs at the beach in Majora's Mask and how there may be Ikana Valley (The Stalfos there had ponytails, I believe), Snowpeak, the bay, the forest, etc…. This is really interesting how there may be several possible connections to Majora's Mask.
    Maybe they felt they needed to come off of that after kind of ignoring the game and what happened after all this time.

  • Naside

    Hmm… They say Debbie/Gilded Sword's teleportation shards are like a Twili's, and I see the similarity, but the one thing I notice, besides color, is that his are diamond shaped or rotated squares, instead of plain squares.

    • Oxling

      That could be because of the art style of the game.

    • cresent soul


  • Naside

    By the way… Cause swords totally wanted to Triforce, and they have similar shards to the Twili, they are the 'Dark Interlopers' cause it makes sense! And who wielded the…. sword tribe? Uhh… Well… Dunn-

    That must mean Skyward Sword left the Sword Tribe to go against what they were doing, ran into Link, dragged him below and- *Shot.*

    Nintendo: …Enough theorizing. 8'D

  • Majin Kai

    Am I the only one that noticed the sword girl is on the down arrow of the wiimote? Go to the bit where the harp is emphazised (6:11-ish), and look at the bottom arrow.

    Whaddya see? I see the Master Sword girl.

    Great. A new Midna-Navi figure.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      We said this in the video. And wasn't it pretty obvious that was gonna be her role since like… the first artwork in 09?

  • Cam

    It was mentioned that some people think white lipstick guy could be the ancestor of the Twili/Interlopers based on his teleporting with squares thing, but Ganondorf teleported with the squares in TP too and he wasn't Twili.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      No, Ganondorf didn' teleport, he actually BECOMES squares, just like Link does when he and Midna warps.

      • Cam

        You're right, I forgot about that.

    • ChainofTermina

      that's not lipstick, that's just his skin.

      • Cam

        Oh i know, it was in jest and I didn't want to call him "debbie" like some others have been, lol.

    • cresent soul

      in general, going by how people look when they teleport isn't much to go by. Developer's don't really think about that sort of stuff. It's more of a design choice then anything. I think a lot of us are just overanalysing. Such irrationality can only lead to dissapointed. Sorry if I seem mean, but I'd advice to sit back and not speculate too much or else you run at risk of dissapointed and that would be a nice thing.

      • Cam

        No I agree with you, I was just pointing that out because I think the warping squares detail was being over analyzed (not by Hombre himself but by the others he mentioned in his video) . And you didn't seem mean 🙂

  • Zelda Veterian

    My idea to Debbie is I'm thinking that he might be the other half of Adelle maybe when he comes into play and maybe defeat him he turns good and fuses with her to make the complete version of the skyward sword

  • Oxling

    Maybe the Skyward Sword is evil at first…. Just random speculation based on pretty much nothing…

  • Twilit mask of Time

    Overall good video, but I really want to know about the skull kid like figure in the background of the shots with the beetle.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      watch the end of the video

    • cresent soul

      it's not skullkid. Why would nintendo try and reference a side personal and secretive story that is MM? Sort of ruins the core point of MM.

      I'm pretty sure its a skulltula.

      • Mugen Kagemaru

        "Sort of ruins the core point of MM."

        How so? How does a MM reference ruin what MM was supposed to be?

  • LunarMew

    I agree that he should be a villan that sticks around to the end. Kind of like Majora's Mask or Ganon. I want depth on Debbie's backstory.

    I am very skeptical on the Guilded Sword thing. I just think it's a fancy upgrade but it is possible that ancestors from Termina might have seen this guy and praised him, thus, made a sword in his honor…maybe? Some speculation there. I still hope he is based on the interlopers to make Twilight Princess's backstory clearer.

  • matthewzfan

    I like the part where Link's tight rope walking with the monster and it falls off lol. That's just awesome!

  • CorvosKK

    Something I'd like to point is, as the guy above said, it's lyre. A harp is a sitting instrument that has a wider range of octaves to it. The other thing is I think people might be looking into the lyre being related to Sheik too much. Lyre's are always basically the same shape. And the coloring isn't much to go off of yet either.

    On a side note, I love how the one Link uses in Oracle of Ages is designed because it has a lot of meaning behind it. Instead of being the normal shape, it's a circle to represent the continuity of time, and also has the 3 colors to represent past, present, and future.

    So it makes me kind of hope that this isn't the final design for the SS instrument, but if it is, no complaints 🙂

  • Ashmic

    can u please give me a break, u gonna attack every comment i make

  • ILiekZelda

    I never thought about Debbie to change from good to evil. But he seems like that cocky villian type. xD

  • Dude, you spend twenty minutes of analyzing a small TRAILER? Am I supposed to be impressed by that?

    • Gapperman6

      Well its a site about the Legend of Zelda, so what would you think? If there wouldn't be any information on on a Legend of Zelda website, it would be pointless.

      • Oh, wow. This is an LoZ site? I'm sorry. I guess I made a wrong turn on the way to Albuquerque.

        No shit this is a Zelda site, dipstick.

        • Ashmic

          take it easy

        • víctor zeppelin

          Grumpy much? You're not impressing anyone with that attitude yourself.

          • If I was grumpy, I wonder if my grumpiness would last for a full 14 hours from the time of my post until your reply?

            I was being sarcastic. The point of this being a Zelda fansite is irrelevant in my original post. I said I wasn't impressed to see such a long "analysis" on an extremely short trailer for a video game. Personally, I think that's seriously overdoing it.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      this is the edited version. The original analysis is almost 45 minutes

  • mario_master

    i ask people this question how the heck can he be VAATI? vaati was a minish who became power hungry then was sealed for so many years then unsealed then sealed. then finally he was unsealed once more and was obliterated. all happening good lord and miyamoto years after OOT!

  • cresent soul

    That gilded sword idea is way too far fetched. The sword was made in MM which is set after SS and the blade isn't sacred or magic by any means. It's just a well crafted blade, that's it. Seriously, diamonds on a dude's clothes is nothing to go by, ever.

    And what's the reasons why it's not vatti over the gilded sword? It has a similar hair style, purple and pale. Just wearing different clothes and adjusted look to the art style. And since its from the director of the MC, it's not far fetched by any means. And the purple smoke on the monster is that controlling spell that vatti uses to control beings. That's logic and I'd stick to that theory.

    It's either vatti or an anti-hero (which you've stated so I give you credit for that).

    Sorry if I'm tight, but I've got an issue with theorists, no matter how smart they are, overanalysing things and coming up with such crazy theories based on little reason. It's not worth a read if it's near impossible to happen.

    And also see it from the developer's perspective. I can't imagine them putting that much references, if any, to games like MM. The most fanservice would be from OoT if anything (you know, shiekah, royal family etc.). I'd expect, just like any prior zelda title, for there to be new material in bulk. It's logical to expect that.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      "Sorry if I'm tight, but I've got an issue with theorists, no matter how smart they are, overanalysing things and coming up with such crazy theories based on little reason. It's not worth a read if it's near impossible to happen."

      Here's the thing though, you never know what approach Nintendo is going to take, almost anything is possible at this point. Remember when the first trailers for LoZ 05 came out and there was a Wolf howling at the moon, and some idiots speculated that you would turn into a wolf and they had little to no evidence for it?

      What we're doing is giving you our opinions on the most likely scenarios based on SOMETHING.

  • aeolus9812

    I would have never guessed those things were hermit crabs. They looked more like giant electric side-ways "spinners" to me, from TP, which made sense in my head because it appears Link is actually in the Gerudo Desert and not on a beach, which is where you obtain the spinner

    • Paffe

      I actually thought about spinning gorons…

  • Steve Sandy

    You guys completely missed Skull Kid with Majoras Mask.

    • Punnutty

      No Skull kid put on Majora's Mask.

  • Ari

    Debbie, the magic, emo, sword. This game just reached a whole new level of epic-ness!(no sarcasm)

    • QueenxLink


  • Oni Lunk

    "Mecha-Shiva" looks more Thai than indian to me…But yes, I agree that this game does seem to have quite a bit of eastern influences. Not that previous games hasn't had before. OOT had quite a bit of it as well.

  • KingDodongo1

    I think the idea that Debbie is the main villains sword and henchman would be awesome!. I doubt that he's the Gilded Sword though, I don't think just any piece of metal can come alive whenever it's wants…

  • TheMaverickk

    I agree that there is a decent probability that "Debbie" is a a sword spirit of some sort. Also if this was the case it would make sense that he had a villainous master.

    Is it actually THE Gilded Sword…. I think that's highly unlikely. Incredibly unlikely actually.

    I'm surprised there was no mention of this character being a Jester of some sort. There's a definite Kefka vibe coming from him. Magical jester harlequin … someone looking for more magical power probably.

    Anyhow some nice observations… some I think try to be a little too concrete, still good.

  • Ryan

    has anyone thought of maybe the sword he's holding this trailer isn't the skward sword it could be just a normal sword like the Ordon sword from TP, Link finds this spirit girl somewhere some how and she chooses to travel around with him, but you don't find out half way through that she was living embodiment of a sword but has been separated from it by the unknown evil to make sure no one could ever stand up to them… just a thought…..

  • zeldarules

    Ya'know, Debbie could be a character like Shiek, and appear after the boss is over. I only say this because it's clear that the trailer is not linear, so they could be tricking us.

  • Aaron Reynolds

    I know you guys missed something so im just gonna point it out to you: in this trailer is the sjull kid and he appears to be wearing the majoras mask, now im not sure exactly what this means but im sure if you remember the first trailer it showed a wolf, a boat the majoras mask and the hero of time riding a horse. Perhaps those are all sillouhettes that appear in this game, perhaps more than just cameos.

  • yeippee

    I hope the main villian is a female. That would be a pleasant suprise!

  • Fuckshitbitchass

    Well maybe they shouldn’t have featured that ukelala in the trailer, then. Now fans are riled.

  • Paffe


    Is is just me who heard a clock ticking through the video?

  • QueenxLink

    ROFL the offspring of Vaati and Demenito! That's crazy… They're both dudes… lol Debbie and Mecha-Shiva; hilarious!

  • TaffyPool

    Simple solution: Creepy guy from trailer is the Gilded Sword spirit, he (along with the main villain) are defeated in the end, Gildy is turned to dust which in turn, a couple of centuries down the road, is awarded by the Gorons to Link who inadvertently has the sword reforged. The harp and its magical properties release spirits from each of several spirit swords — maybe we see the spirits of each in this game, maybe in a future (and future-set) game where the Sheikah lyre is recovered and Link uses its song to summon/revive the sword spirits to combat a new threat and/or a bitter, power-hungry Gildy). Easy.

  • aw9000

    You forgot about the skull kid's appearance!

  • The_Reapling

    Actually, Midna is Hylian, the Twili are Hylians that live in the Twilight realm

  • The_Reapling

    It looks to me that Debbie could be a Sheikah, who is testing Link.
    Perhaps shortly after this, the Sheikah, with the exception of Impa, turned into the Minish right after the great war of Hyrule, explaining why Debbie looks so much like Vaati.

  • zeldafan4040

    At the end, " This is a spider, not the skull kid. " How do they know??!!