The London Toy Fair, an event that is held each year in the UK, has revealed plans of bringing new Zelda figures this year. The best part about it is that the figures that are planned to be released soon are from Skyward Sword.

While the official figures haven’t been revealed, a variety of renders were used for the display, some of which look a lot like the Twilight Princess model kit gashapons from 2006, especially the Midna and Wolf Link figure.  But the images are most likely considered placeholders for some of the unannounced characters in Skyward Sword that have yet to be revealed.

While an official release date or a confirmation on where they will be available haven’t been confirmed yet, chances are that the figures will most likely be available close to the release of Skyward Sword or sometime after.

The London Toy Fair also featured many new video game toys from other popular franchises, including a variety of  Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise all the way to a Mario Kart Wii Lego Set.  Hit the jump to check out a few pictures from the event below.

Source: Videogamemm

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  • AcesulfameZ

    I would sooo act like a little kid again, if I was there

    well, more than normally….

  • Lach Menel

    This is awesome! Toys and Zelda, what could be better! Well, maybe we should add food to the mix… and Skyward Sword. Anyhow, keep on this story guys! I for one want to see what these figures look like!

  • You mean Balaam's donkey? 8P

    • "crescent soul"

      Wow, that was clever. To bad he probably has no clue what you mean.

      • HELLO

        bee eye bee elle eee stories FTW

  • Awesome. I wish I could go to something like this. 8D

    Never new Lego made Mario Kart characters…even if the karts are a little too sizeable. ;).

  • LinksAwakening

    Wow! The zelda characters looks awesome! The scorpion from SS is present, I want to go a convention like that… At least to know and buy some stuff XP, btw mariokart characters looks more cool than hotwheels 😛 10/10 this article.

  • Shadowknight1

    Sweet! I got the whole set of Twilight Princess figures(was VERY disappointed that the 5th secret character was cancelled), and I love most of them. Zant….he doesn't want to stand up. :-/ But yay for more, I'll probably try to get my hands on them when they're fully announced.

    • Ferisan

      Seems Zant has a production mistake in all figures, mine and a friend's were like that too.. What we did was twist one of his feet backwards (so one is pointing forward and the other back) and it stands up fine like that xD

      • Shadowknight1

        Well, he's currently sitting in the back cause he wasn't one of my favorite characters anyways. Zelda's the best character out of the bunch cause she can actually pose a little.

  • I know this sounds rly self centered but i sent this news to u guys like last week. don’t i at least get a thanks? D:

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