The London Toy Fair, an event that is held each year in the UK, has revealed plans of bringing new Zelda figures this year. The best part about it is that the figures that are planned to be released soon are from Skyward Sword.

While the official figures haven’t been revealed, a variety of renders were used for the display, some of which look a lot like the Twilight Princess model kit gashapons from 2006, especially the Midna and Wolf Link figure.  But the images are most likely considered placeholders for some of the unannounced characters in Skyward Sword that have yet to be revealed.

While an official release date or a confirmation on where they will be available haven’t been confirmed yet, chances are that the figures will most likely be available close to the release of Skyward Sword or sometime after.

The London Toy Fair also featured many new video game toys from other popular franchises, including a variety of  Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise all the way to a Mario Kart Wii Lego Set.  Hit the jump to check out a few pictures from the event below.

Source: Videogamemm

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