Guess what!  Another reference!  This time, it’s on a Facebook game called Treasure Isle.

This one is probably the most specific of all of the recent references:  an old man, two fires in exactly the same place as the original, and a gift to the player.  Pretty neat, if you ask us.

  • Haha, "Take them" instead of "Take this." That's so cool.

  • HylianGlaceon

    Wrong App, that's Treasure Isle… There's also a treasure that is named "Zoldo" on there that looks like Link.

  • Erimgard Frodnonag

    ..I hope Nintendo sues their BALLS off for this!

    ..easy cash BALLS TO THE WALLS!!!!

    • Querulous

      Oh, WEEEEEE! LOOKEEEEE MEEEEEEE! I'm Erimgard the troll and I'm swing upside down…hanging from my BALLS ON THE WALLS! But you know something? I don't care 'cause I'm just a dickhead troll with a dickhead ego. And everything I say and do causes everyone to laugh. teehee.

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      /On topic – those turtles are adorable.
      Off topic- make a legit nasty out of that.

      • Erimgard Frodnonag

        There really is two of us, you know..

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        • Here's something to do, stop! If you don't want anyone to have your username, sign up for intensedebate and you can use that username instead of just putting in a form. Guys can call stuff adorable. You're more irritating than any of those imposters. So just stop.

          • STUFF2o

            I'd say he's more irritating than most people in general.

          • Erimgard Frodnonag

            "STOP!" .."No wait- ..SIGN UP AND POST EVEN MOAR!!!!!"


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          • Dennab Nonnag

            Der, stupid doofus spaken above me. He's a troll, and strangely peope aren't acknowledging that. But go over the previous posts and you'll hopefully be able to tell he bears the usual troll aspect.

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        • Erimgard, maybe this stuff is a matter of your opinion, but all you've said has been either malignant of Zelda and its fans, or offensive (not counting the ones of your impostor{s}, which I might have a good idea of). But I took you as a troll because, in my book, people who harm the image of something/ someone for the mere sake of a laugh are trolls. At any rate, I'll leave you alone on the condition that you no longer make random, unpleasant posts or replies to anyone.

          • Erimgard Frodnonag

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          • Okay…

            In that case, welcome to Zelda Universe! You'll find the community friendly and the articles worth interpreting. You can even sign up in the forums and enjoy a multiplied feel of congeniality and pleasantry. So, feel free to express yourself how you will, but just know there are some who will always be watching… O_O

          • lifesavers2

            I could've sworn you had to be 14 to get an Intense Debate account. Oh, well. Times are changing…

          • Erimgard Frodnonag

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          • Dennab Nonnag

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          • Erimgard Frodnonag


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          • Dennab Nonnag

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          • Erimgard Frodnonag

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          • Dennab Nonnag

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          • Nintenfan81

            Is there a way to IP ban this A- hole?

          • We can do it from the forums, but I don't know about the main site. You'll have to ask Jason. jason [at] zeldauniverse [dot] net.

          • lifesavers2

            I could've sworn you just admitted to being a dim-witted douchebag. And one that can't spell douchebag at that.

  • Lach Menel

    What is it with all these Zelda references you guys are posting recently? Are all of them recently fond? Surly there must be some news that is more interesting to post about Zelda. Just saying….

    • Erimgard Frodnonag

      I KNOW! Crap articles like this facebook game joke, and these goobers are taking their precious "lame filler articles" posting SOOOOOOO SERIOUS!

    • If you think you can find something better and more recent, then you go out and find it, and submit it. We can't find anything, so we use filler submissions, as well as some of the articles that are actually relevant to this time period.

      • lifesavers2

        It must feel wonderful having your post trolled like this. Just walk away. I appreciate this article, and all those trolls don't matter. If I had a dime every time I got trolled, I'd be rich. Every day it seems there's some guy telling me, "eew ur a furry. go awey u fag!!1! lolz i winz1".

        Aaannnd that quote is going to start a flame war. Dang.

        • Lach Menel

          Don`t get me wrong, I love to see that our favorite game is being referenced, but everyone must confess that it loses its finesse after it is reported about so many times. I know for a fact that I couldn`t do half the stuff that these wonderful and dedicated reporters do. I am merely stating my opinion, and if you only want good ones then please specify that. Comments I think are just that, comments. People need to say something if they wish to see improvement, so I am doing just that. I am just pointing out a chink in your armor, so don`t get mad when you have to go find something to fix it. Patch it up and return to battle!

  • Oh boy, that's some funny stuff right there! Seriously, that joke never gets old. It's amazing how clever people are to come up with this kind of stuff!! Man, I can't wait to see where this pops up next!!

  • That's neat! ^^

    Aaaand, there's way too much drama going on in the comments section today. Trolls be trollin.

  • Dennab Nonnag

    Rejoice! Erimgard Frodnonag the troll is slain!

    • Erimgard Frodnonag


      That FUC.KWIT TROLL was a pain in the ASS!!!!

      • Dennab Nonnag


        You speak of the dead? Farewell then, pitiable spirit. May we meet again in Hyrule hell.

        • Erimgard Frodnonag

          That Hyrule Hell was the other Erimgard's post. ..and the way you left his posts alone makes it seem like YOU were the imposter!
          Nevermind my presumptions, I AM leaving now so it doesn't matter.

          • Dennab Nonnag

            He must be your good side, then.


          • Gannon Banned!

          • Erimgard the Bored

            oh.. GOD- you CAN'T have JUST figured that out..

            oh GOD… he's surrounded by backwardzzzzznamez trollz, and he just now figures one of them out?!?!

            (I'm seriously annoyed by this absent-mindedness, what are you people trying to do, drag me back out of hiding?)

          • Yes! We want you to be apart of the community. Join with the elitists!

            Ah wait, you have already have. ;P Just by being here and hanging out with us "Zelda lovers" so long, you've become one yourself. And if you haven't played any, I'd recommend Ocarina of Time as a good starter.

            Hope you enjoy the franchise, friend!

  • fantasysign

    Of course, what better means to survive than with the aid of baby turtles?

  • Bowser99

    Hey, It's me or there is a Paratroopa?

    • Anomynous

      Yes!!! I knew I wasn't the only one seeing things!!!! 🙂

      That is one demented Paratroopa O_O

  • nicktheslayer

    This is old news.