4 Wise Owls, 3 Cuccos, 2 Hyrule Doves, & a Seagull in a Pear Tree

I know; you are thinking, “Christmas is over!” But not quite.

“Christmas day” is the first day of Christmas in the traditional twelve days of Christmas, and continues until January 5th. So in order to help celebrate this extended holiday time, I have devised an art crossover involving The Legend of Zelda.

To see the days so far and to follow what is coming up, just follow my deviantART page. I hope to have each day updated by the afternoon U.S. Mountain time, so check back every day!

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  • I saw a thread like this in Entertainment, but I like this!!! Very nice!

    • jwalraven

      I wasn't aware there was something like this going on. I checked over the thread you mentioned and I can say that both thought processes are different. I'm trying to stick to as close as I can to the original with what is offered in universe. :3

  • phantommajora

    I just have to let you know that when my boyfriend saw this, he said, "FOUR WISE OWLS? ONE IS BAD ENOUGH."

    It kind of made my day <3 In all seriousness, this is really cool, and I can't wait to see the rest!

    • jwalraven

      Yes. I hated going through all of Kaepora Gaebora text only to repeating it again because I pushed the wrong button.

      Thanks! The rest will really be a challenge since there is more to squeeze in.

  • Nice! I love how you have Hyoi Pears in the tree with the Seagull. 😀

    • jwalraven

      I remembered the pears from Wind Waker so I figured since seagulls were connected to them, why not?

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't think it's too late for Christmas articles. in fact, I thought I submitted a cool little zelda Christmas comic a few days ago. is it there?

  • Aura

    Heh, this is cool! I made a whole song not to long ago and posted it here xD

  • Alessandra

    This is so cute, I love how you did the chickens (cuccos) 2 adults and a baby in the middle.