Ever wonder what cuts of meat Ganon, Bowser, or even a Chocobo would look like? Jude Buffum intends to answer these questions with his upcoming art exhibition Pixel Pushers. He features various video game characters in meat chart form, showing various cuts of meat that fall in theme with the games the characters are featured in.

"Paid for by the Kindom of Hyrule Gaming Commission."

For example, Ganon produces cuts of “Gerudo Ham,” a triangle shaped steak cut called “Triforce Chop,” and another familiar shaped cut called “Ocarina Steak.” Food pairing suggestions include Deku Nuts and Fairy Jelly.  Cooking method suggestions are also included, and to add icing to the cake, so to speak, this particular diagram is “Paid for by the Kingdom of Hyrule Gaming Commission.”

To see all of the meat charts featuring Bowser, Ganon, Chocobo, Yoshi, Cheep Cheep, and Blooper, check out his blog. I’m sure you will get a good chuckle, find yourself a little hungry, or both.

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