A Defense of Skyward Sword in Three Examples

Article by Power Shot

Ladies and gentlemen, you knew this time would come. That undeniable time during which we as a community must pause and examine, reflect, and critique what has been brought before us like a Parisian food critic. We will poke at everything presented, chew carefully, and swallow only if we find the meal appeasing and edible.

For this reason, I ask you all to sit down with me and consider Skyward Sword.

Yes, Nintendo has decided to grace us with the presence of a new Zelda game. However, it has been received with mixed opinion. Is it because of the graphics? Quite possibly. How about the gameplay? Miyamoto’s presentation at the conference was thought by some to be a disaster due to Nintendo’s failure to prepare for interference from smartphones and other electronics. Or maybe it’s that the game is simply not what we wanted? Yes, a good portion of the fandom has risen like the spoiled child that it is and decided that it doesn’t want what Miyamoto has decided to serve us, in spite of the fact that we all know perfectly well that we’re going to eat it anyway.

When I’m asked, and I’m frequently asked, how I feel about this new game and its place in the Zelda series, I remind faithful menservants and wenches that I am cautiously optimistic about almost everything with a gigantic amount of hype and excitement and pants-wetting and Internet outcries of rage. Yet I’m excited about the addition of Skyward Sword to the Zelda franchise. This is not because I am a raving fanboy and would gladly bend over for Miyamoto if he offered me even the slightest exclusive knowledge about the Zelda series, though I know many who would. No, sirs, I am Socrates. I don’t want to know everything about Zelda and compared to others I scarcely know anything about Zelda. But I do know a few things about technique and form in video games which I have learned during my long and complicated journey to apply literary analytical techniques to analyzing video games, and it is with this knowledge that I am here to once again calm the Internet’s temper tantrum.

Is Skyward Sword a step back from Twilight Princess? Here, your questions and unending debates are answered.

Artistic Design/First Impressions

One of the most important things in a video game are its graphics. Nintendo may say differently, but the honest truth is that I’m more likely to play a game that really sucks me in visually than one I can barely see or comprehend. By now, everyone on the Internet and all their friends know that Skyward Sword is cel-shaded. But it isn’t. Not really, anyway. While it’s true that the game has taken a step back from the realism portrayed by Twilight Princess, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The Nintendo Wii, while an admirable machine, can only do so much as far as graphics go. You’re unlikely to see Crysis-quality graphics on a Nintendo machine for a long time. However, the blending between cartoon and realism has been done particularly well in Skyward Sword. It allows it to have wonderful, high-quality graphics without causing problems for the hardware. I’ll be honest: when I saw the first trailer, I thought it was a Miyazaki movie come to life. The interesting thing about Skysword is that it gets to have its cake and eat it too. We’re allowed a hybrid between the realism and the fantasy, which is an excellent representation of the Zelda series: an epic quest that’s clearly based in the land of fantasy but touches us in a very real way.

Yes, there are some naysayers out there who will insist that the cartoony games aren’t as good as the realistic games, but to them I say that even a cartoon can have depth and meaning. For examples of this I direct you to Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Just because something’s a cartoon doesn’t make it bad. It just makes it a cartoon, and if you can’t handle that, I suggest you grow up a little bit. Skyward Sword will be beautiful, of that you should have no doubt, but you shouldn’t toss it away because it’s ‘too cartoony’ for you hardcore, serious people on the Internet. Give it some time, and as new information rolls in, I think we’ll find more and more that this new graphical style is perfectly suited to the series.

Plus, I’d like to think that this new graphical style reflects the old and new philosophy of the series into this new game. Miyamoto himself said it was supposed to do something new, and maybe since he’d done realism and cartoons before, the only way to create something new was to make a blend of those two styles.

Gameplay Grapples/What’s the Gimmick?

For Skyward Sword, Nintendo has done something exceedingly well in this particular category. No, I’m not a technophile and obsessed with using the Wii motion controls whenever and however I can. I’m being quite literal. Let’s look back on the games as a whole.

The gimmicks really started back in A Link to the Past. Each game would have a different gaming gimmick which would be prevalent in the entire game’s design. It would also allow Nintendo to continue releasing essentially the same plotline over and over again, as long as they tacked on a new gimmick to refresh the gameplay. That is, in essence, how the gameplay of the Zelda series works. In A Link to the Past it was the idea of having two worlds to explore, a gimmick that worked so well it’s been implemented in many of the series’ installments. Another gimmick was the 3D graphics of Ocarina of Time, plus the introduction of Adult Link, that really set the world on fire and now every Zelda game is in 3D. Hell, even the original The Legend of Zelda has the gimmick of free exploration, a mainstay of the series.

So the gimmick is incredibly important for every title because each game needs to be something new and interesting while still retaining the same feelings evoked in previous titles. One of the strongest examples of this has to be Majora’s Mask. Borrowing heavily from its prequel, Majora’s Mask had a lot to prove, and Nintendo decided the best way to do this was ditch the storyline they’d built for the past games, “hero saves princess”, and instead go with “hero saves the world from the moon falling on it”. It also introduced the gimmick of masks. Now, I may be biased, as Majora’s Mask happens to be my very favorite Zelda game, but this was an awesome way to step outside what had become almost a cliché plotline at this point and to show everyone what a Zelda game was still capable of. Every Zelda game thereafter would contain some sort of gimmick to mix up the gameplay. Sometimes you were in a boat, or sometimes there was a train, or sometimes you were a wolf, but you were still the boy saving the princess.

In contrast, to show an example of how this didn’t work, we need look no further than The Adventure of Link. Now, the fandom is heavily divided on how they feel about this title, but what it all comes down to is that side-scrolling didn’t stick with the series. Gimmicks that didn’t work were discarded as good ideas that didn’t work as well as they should have. But Skyward Sword’s gimmick is very, very interesting.

In Skyward Sword, your sword and entire method of controlling Link is the gimmick. This is, in every sense of the word, brilliant. Because Nintendo has decided to go back and reinvent how the game is played once more instead of tacking on another gimmick, we stand poised for the possibility of a game that finally might surpass Ocarina of Time, which is something I can certainly understand theorists getting extremely excited over. Think about it. People say A Link to the Past is amazing because it basically took the idea of the first game and made it better. People say Ocarina of Time is amazing because of the complexity of its story and the introduction of 3D graphics, but here with Skyward Sword we see the possibility of reinventing the fighting style of the game which has been, traditionally: hit enemy with sword, wait a bit, dodge, and repeat. We’re going to get the chance to really get behind the driver’s seat, so to speak, in this new game. But will it be original as far as story goes? Well, now that you mention it…

Plot Proposal/The Inevitable Reboot

There’s almost no shame in it anymore. Spider-Man’s doing it, The Punisher is doing it, everyone is apparently allowed a reboot now that it’s a new century and all that jazz. And with the success of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight, everyone and everyone’s grandmother is getting ‘dark-knighted’ – a term I like to use to refer to a time in which a studio decides to make a new movie featuring a gritty reboot in the style of the new Batman films. Even Superman’s getting in on the action. Let me repeat that: Superman is getting a gritty reboot.

So you can understand that, in a world of confusion, panic, and Christian Bale’s Batman voice, I would be skeptical of the fact that Nintendo intends to go back to the beginning of the franchise and tell the origin of the Master Sword. But to my surprise, I discovered that this might actually be a good thing. Again, I ask you to consider the graphical style of the game. It’s colorful, bright, but with enough realism to put it halfway between Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker. This is the exact opposite of dark-knighting a video game and it’s a very good thing that Nintendo decided against hyper-realism. Take Grand Theft Auto IV, which uses this realism concept to the extreme and suffers for it with poor car controls and so much realism sometimes I swore it was like I was playing in real life, especially with all the side quests. Sometimes that cartoony side is a good thing. After all, I would hate for this new Zelda to go down in history as the Dark Knight of the franchise, especially since dark-knighting has almost become as cliché as the franchise’s general plotline.

Really, the Zelda series is one in which you can go back to the beginning, the very beginning, without impacting the rest of the series, as each entry in the entire franchise is basically more of the same with different concepts introduced and few recurring characters. While the story has an accepted canon, it’s perceived as okay to tinker with it in a manner that would be impossible if all the games revolved around a single Link acting as protagonist to all the games instead of the multiple ones we know to be in existence. For example, rarely do games have direct sequels and even then the sequels themselves never really have much to do with the original games. Majora’s Mask doesn’t even take place in the same world, allowing no follow up to the story dealt with in Ocarina of Time. The same can be said for Phantom Hourglass. Because of this, each story can be individualistic and have its own voice, and I think it’s good that Skyward Sword has decided to step away from the incredible hyper-realism and gritty reboots plaguing the landscape of film, television, literature, and video games.


I wrote those words almost five months ago, right after the announcement at E3. I have since gone back and tried to see where I should edit, or if I was somehow wrong in my judgment at the time, but I discovered that I still stand by my words. Friends, Skyward Sword is that rare game that dares to take a permanent step forward in the Zelda series. It’s gimmick is not a gimmick, but rather an innovation in technology, much like Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past before it. It takes what was tested in Twilight Princess and strives to perfect it into a permanent, seamless change in the experience of playing Zelda games.

So I ask you, people of the Internet, to please stop *****ing about the graphics, about the story, about everything – and just wait. This could potentially be the new finest game in the history of the Zelda franchise. You and I both know you’re going to play the game so all I ask is that until you do, be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. After all, it’s just a game. There’s no need to announce that your life is ruined because Link looks cartoony.

  • Mike

    Honestly there should not even be a need to defend this game: It's not even out yet! Not only that, but we've seen next to nothing about it since it's unveiling at E3.

    • Over9000Gingers

      Yes, Nintendo needs to grow a pair and release info.

      • SweetLie

        They did that with Twilight Princess, and look at what happened.
        Over-hype, disappointment.
        I like the way they're releasing the info, it keeps most of it in the dark and maintains hype without ultra-high expectations.

    • P.Diddy

      Look, the only way Miyamoto is going to open the studio and release any information regarding Skyward Sword and or listen to any of your input is if; you go down to Queens, and get him a sugar cookie.

  • Blade of Evil's Bane

    The graphics, in my opinion, could be the best in the Zelda series. Wind Waker started off as a controversy but it became on the most popular Zelda games ever. Twilight princess was the answer to those who wanted darker and more realistic themes, if we remember Cody and Chuggaconroy's 'conference' about the topic. Skyward Sword answers those who like both and wanted a mix. I completely agree with the gimmick thing and as you have already mentioned, it makes you feel as if you're Link, the one fighting bad guys and wielding the blade. So to those who don't agree with me just remember, as the article says, you know you're going to try it regardless.

    • Darktoonlink88

      I agree. I liked the colourfullnes of the Wind Waker, but, even though I liked the cartoon style, I would prefer a bit more realistic graphics over it. Twilight Princess was exactly the oposite. It was very dark, which made it sometimes look a bit dull and uninteresting. But I did like the realism. Skyward Sword takes the good sides from both styles. It looks colourfull and interesting, but it's also just realistic enough for me. And I'm also really looking forward to the controls. Some people say motion controls are too casual, but I disagree with them. Motion controls make the experience much better, because you actually fight how Link fights, you can swing your sword however you want. Skyward Sword is probably going to be my favourite Zelda game when it's released.

      • darknut slasher!

        you is wrong! tp beats wink waker by millions points, and the thing is is that in wind waker you sailed too much and did nothing but sail from place to place to place. twilight princess, on my other hand, tilts the imaginary balance scale down to its full descent. it was awesome, you didn't have to worry about enemies via epona, you could swing your sword, you could throw bombs on her, and any/everything than on the stupid, boring, tedious, stodgy, insipid, uninteresting king of red lions. xp

        • TheMaverickk

          Honestly I'm sorry but Twilight Princess was one of the most empty worlds to explore in any Zelda title. You can literally explore most of Hyrule field in TP and find absolutely nothing. There was no reward to exploring… and in many cases it wasn't worth the discovery. A large rupee perhaps which was in the end not even needed since there isn't much use for large doses of money in the game.

          The entire game was a retread of Ocarina of Time. Forest Dungeon, Fire Dungeon, Water Dungeon…. first 3 dungeons. At least in Wind Waker they gave the courtesy of mixing things up giving you a fire dungeon and then forest one… and then skipped out completely on a water dungeon instead for a quest across a stormy sea.

          Twilight Princess had Ganondorf thrown in completely undermining Zant (who was actually quite a character, but again completely undermined by ultimately making the game about Ganondorf).

          Don't get me wrong, Twilight Princess is a solid game, with some very pretty environments. Yet it's still a very hallow Zelda title that felt created simply for the whiny gamers who just wanted another Ocarina of Time.

          • darknut slasher!

            hey Mav, love your stuff, and even here I understand where you're getting this from. i see where it can be pretty vacant in some areas, but i really found wind waker to honestly be something of a drag. i mean, king says, "you must go here," and the place is almost clear across the sea (i refer to outset from windfall, of course). that's basically why i founded my admittedly childish rant on epona, but i merit that thumbs-down, 'cause i was vigorously defending my fav game on something pretty loose. i merely didn't like having to ride on the boat for about half the game.

            still, yeah, tp did take after oot, but i felt like i got a little more from it…probably since it was more developed, and the story (i'm sorry; i am just a pretty frank guy) seemed to flow better. but this is just my opinion, and i meant no offence to anyone, even DTL88.

          • ChainofTermina

            you do know that once you go to the tower of the gods and get the bow and arrow, you don't really have to sail anywhere any more, right? you can just warp and then sail a little ways, and the big mega-huge treks across the sea are gone.

          • darknut slasher!

            yes, i know about having to defeat Cyclos with the bow, but, for me, the warping stations in tp are more centrally placed so that wherever you're headed, you get to much quicker. mainly, though, it's just that we have our own gaming attributes which we' fit better, and mine is just riding epona. i actually played oot, tp, and mm, in that order, before i got to wind waker…so the sailing just bogged me down and got dull pretty quick.

  • Siaarn


    ..But srsly, this kinda gave me a new look on it, I wasn't tooo upset about the graphics, I was more upset about the controls, but when you put it that way I'm now kinda looking forward to it.

  • Rohan

    The producers at Nintendo know what they're doing. If they say that these graphics best suit the game play mechanic that they are implementing in this game, I completely believe them.
    I felt that Twilight Princess was an answer to the fans, Nintendo focused a little too much on pleasing the fans with the new graphics and let's be honest, the only reason why people were disappointed by it (I wasn't) was the fact that it didn't have enough of that Nintendo-y charm to it.
    The Wind Waker on the other hand, came straight from the minds and hearts of Nintendo, it was thriving with the Nintendo charm. Even though it had controversial graphics, almost no one complained when they started playing it.
    I don't claim to know what this "charm" is, but as long as Skyward Sword is a full-fledged Nintendo production (which it is), I know that it will be an exceptional addition to the series, if not the best one.

  • Loaf

    That’s a good point that the controls ARE the gimmick. That gives it potential to me because I don’t like the gimmicks of WW and TP. Then again, you could say the gimmick is traveling between the sky and ground. Just how the OoT one is time traveling and the TP one is traveling between the realms.

    I hope the traveling gimmick isn’t like TP. I mean I want freedom, unlike TP, which forces you to go to the twilight between each dungeon.

  • Joko tree

    Skyward Sword is going to be great because:
    1, The Zelda series is going into the unknown and that has never backfiered. (exept in Zelda 2 but that won't happen again)
    2, It's a backstory to Ocarina of Time most peoples favorite Zelda game.
    3, The graphics are a mix of Wind Waker and Twilight princess, that should make people shut up saying the Zelda series is too cartoony.(mainly because the Wind Waker's,Phantom Hourglass'es and Spirit tracks'es hylians had oval heads.)
    4, And finaly Skward Sword will give the theorists more info on Hyrules past.

    • mcdude910

      I disagree with #2. Going into the unknown didn't backfire on Zelda 2. It wasn't the sidescrolling or the magic or the RPG elements of the game that people didn't like about it. It was the difficulty, which compared to the only other game in the series, Zelda 1, there wasn't a large difference. I believe that Nintendo "going into the unknown" as you say, has never backfired. They know what their doing and we should all respect that. BTW, I actually liked Zelda 2. I still haven't completed it, but I liked it. Looking forward to SS's release, in… I'm guessing mid-April

      • LegendaryMalak

        You think the release date will be that late? Perhaps mid-april for Europe and Australia, but for Japan and U.S.? I'm guessing late February for Japan and mid-March for U.S….

    • ultimatezeldafan53

      yah! zelda can never fail! it will last forever!!

  • I don't agree with your first argument about the graphics. Referencing Disney movies and south park won't help your cause. The people crying over the game-play are the same people who aren't up to date with the cause of the technological malfunctions at the E3 unveiling.

    ''While it’s true that the game has taken a step back from the realism portrayed by Twilight Princess, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The Nintendo Wii, while an admirable machine, can only do so much as far as graphics go.''

    True, which is why if Nintendo had kept their realism intact, the handicap of the system would have been slightly less apparent. Taking a step backwards with a console this weak is an understatement, it's more of a leap backwards. Frankly it's quite stupid. This uproar wouldn't have happened had Miyamoto kept the style untouched.

    Miyamoto wants to turn all of his games into Mario colored adventures.

    Take a look at Zelda : Majora's Mask, look at how awesome it was, the style was perfect, the tone was perfect, the game was perfect. This game is nearly a decade old, but Nintendo cannot match it, why? Because it was mature/spooky/intimidating enough to put off the little kiddies who played it. The sad part is, all Zelda games should have a dark aspect to them, it makes the game-play more interesting.

    If he keeps giving us mature fans the shaft, he will ruin his credibility and what was once OOT's legacy.

    • Luna

      Mature? Really? I would assume that the mature fans would be the ones who can judge a game by it's content and not just graphics. And considering that you haven't played the game yet, how can you say the story line won't be interesting? It doesn't have to be dark to be good.

      • I didn't say it won't be interesting, please read before you comment. All in all, I said the graphics were lame.

        Like I love how you invent my arguments for me and all, but I never said the game was gonna suck. I was talking about the tone.


        • Luna

          I did read, and from what I read, it sounded like you did think the game was going to be to your dislike. Of course, you didn't say that in words, but it was implied. And perhaps interesting isn't the right word. Perhaps saying that you think the storyline won't be as good as if it was dark. I was simply stating that being dark doesn't make a good storyline. It /can/ at times add depth, but I think it can also be just is good without it being dark.

      • I'm not disagreeing with you here, but I felt the need to point out that graphics do fall under the 'content' category, and they make an important statement about the story and the gameplay.

        But yeah, you're right that judging a game based on graphics alone is nonsense.

    • mcdude910

      And, though it wasn't as god s MM, TP was definitely a pretty dark game. You kind of went a little far by saying that Miyamoto is "giving us the shaft".
      But I do se wher you're coming from. Nintendo has strayed from the spooky/ intimidating-ness, but when they tried again w/ TP, everyone bitched that their little brothers and sisters couldn't play! To this day, I don't know why TP isn't as popular as it should've been! It was a dark game and Nintedo should've been praised for a change of the norm. So, don't dare say that "Miyamoto wants to turn all of his games into Mario colored adventures." 'cause last time he tried it our way, we bitched about it! (Not me of course, I loved TP!)

      • TP was a dark game yes, like you said it was only slightly less better than MM. Click my name, and go to the site where I reviewed it, you can clearly see the rating I gave it.

        For Christ's sake, I don't care about little kids playing the games and having nightmares, but Nintendo sure does, and with Mickeymoto rainbows and marshmallows are a blast! I liked W.W. it was an awesome game on par with M.M., the art style was anime like, not in between and weird/disgusting like SS.

        For T.P. I wasn't the one whining about it about how scared I was when I saw a wolf, I was the one critiquing the game from my point of view and it just fell short of M.M.

        I'll say it again, I'm not a fan of this art style, it is weird, and doesn't set a good tone in my eyes.

        I hate the style, I'm not the only one, and Miyamoto gave me the shaft because he promised us something great. Do you remember that? Or did you just hop onto the Zelda train yesterday?

        • querulous

          Wow, this guy deserves my name more than me.

          • Dear Mr. Queerulous

            I call it fan service, I'm allowed to complain, I just don't sit there and get fed poop like you all while saying ''mmm it tastes good, more crap please!''.

            Have fun.

          • querulous

            No fear; my point really was this: I thought I was bad, but you exceed me. When I put up my accound, I decided to have my username be the best adjective (or adverb: whichever) to describe my character, as a fair warning to others. Now I could have chosen "Sarcastic," "Pessimistic," "Impudent," or what-have-you, but "Querulous" fits me best. So that's how I meant it. But enjoy the fan service, and have a pleasant evening.

    • Aethelbert

      Well, actually Majora's Mask is A LOT more cartoonish than Ocarina of time, and is the most cartoonish Zelda, apart from the cel-shaded ones

    • Sanity's_Theif

      Gotta agree with Rasputin

      I don't like the graphics either

      And sure cartoons can be deep in story, but when say WW tried to be epic, I laughed it off or didn't notice it because the goofy cartoony look threw off any kind of serious tone they were trying to make for me and thus I couldn't engage in the mood or tone at all and I became bored and uninterested

      I'm not the only person like this either, this is what most "normal" people feel like and hence why WW wasn't as popular as other Zelda games, it's just how most people are but Nintendo doesn't give a **** about those people, like Rasputin said, giving mature fans the shaft

      Nintendo's going for the generic mario colors cartoon look way too much lately, look at DKCR, then look at the original DKC, the original tried so hard to push for that realistic look and the way the kongs moved and it made itself unique, especially DKC2 which took a more brighter colorful fanatsy land-realistic look, but with Donkey Kong Country Returns they're just blending in the graphics with generic cartoon colors, for shame

      • Why can't cartoons be serious? Really guys? You're judging before you've even played the game. Try to keep an open mind; it's one thing I've learned as an artist. You may not like it at first but I'm sure you'll all warm up to it. WW was fantastic. TP was fantastic. Why wouldn't a blend of the two be good? Miyamoto knows what he's doing and he's not giving anyone "the shaft." Why do you feel the need to complain? If you're really a fan of the zelda series then you'll know that it's going to be good and you're going to buy it regardless of what you were hoping for. I'm thankful that there is a new game coming, not grouchy because it's colorful.

        • Joko tree

          Ezlo you took the words right out of my mouth, we are all Zelda fans here SS is going to be great. Alot of people at my school diss OOT and any Zelda game because "it doesn't have XBOX360 graphics" but Nintendo dosen't care about graphics and neither should us Zelda fans.

      • DFTBA

        You're obviously confusing the definition of mature with something else. A "mature fan" would be open minded to the idea of a new graphical design. They wouldn't automatically dismiss the idea of a different looking game. You are clearly showing your immaturity by saying that only dark games are epic and interesting.

    • kees-e-nut

      well, look at what you are saying. If you are that exigent in regards of EVERYTHING, then what kind of game would you like? I mean what do you mean by "If he keeps giving us mature fans the shaft, he will ruin his credibility and what was once OOT's legacy" That is just a sad thing to think about because, we don't know a thing about the game yet (besides de graphics, controls and that is going to be a backstory to OoT) and a lot of people is already criticising the game… just give it a chance first and if it is a bad game I'll accept what you say, but for now it has no fundaments

    • LegendaryMalak

      If the darknaness will put kiddies off, then we're never going to get a new generation of fans are we? The same old people will play Zelda and before you know it it will become cult. Stripped from one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, sales will fall beyond measure.

  • Joko tree

    Yeah but everybody's different.

  • Ferisan


    marry me :l.

    • ChainofTermina

      HEY!!!…………..I was going to ask him that! ;D

      • Joko tree

        I'm sure Power Shot has a girlfriend.

        • Guest

          Hahahahaha…….. hahahahaha

  • ILiekZelda

    Now that I think about it all of the 3-D Zelda games have their graphics for a reason……
    OoT = First time with with 3-D Graphics
    MM = Kept Realism because of dark plot, Moon crashing into the world
    WW = Cel-Shaded to enhance the beauty of The Great Sea
    TP = Realism because of , well twilight!It also has a very creepy story…..
    SS = My guess, to reflect the beauty of Hyrule in the beginning, and the whole Skyloft thing in the clouds!
    Thats pretty much why each game has its own kind of graphics!Like lets say the 3DS Zelda Title has something to do with……….Space?????The graphics would most likely be Cartoony since Link would be up in SPACE!!Also for all you people reading this and saying "A Zelda in space?!!?That will never, ever happen!" Nintendo will run out of ideas one day, and take a look at Mario's most recent game.

    • Aya

      Yeah I agree, I like how every Zelda game has its own unique artstyle to represent the story and everything, it keeps the franchise fresh, if they carried on with Wind Wakers Toon look or Twilight Princess's realness it will get dull and boring very soon, so Nintendo does a compromise and takes the best of both worlds and turns the franchise into a painting. 🙂

      And yeah I agree, Link travelling through space can be very possible, I mean even Wind Waker and Sunshine had their similarities being that they both turn away from their usual kingdoms (even though WW does return to Hyrule briefly) and take place on island('s), both had a very cell-shaded art style as well as water playing a major role in both of them. 😛 lol I can see a Zelda game taking place in space sometime soon, probably on the 3DS. 😛
      Not in the way Mario does it because that would be a rip-off but more in the Wind Waker to Sunshine style. :p

      Anyway I totally agree with this article, we haven't seen probably even 10 to 15% of the game, lets just wait and see what Nintendo has in store for us, besides, Nintendo is at their best when they do their own thing in my opinion. 😉

    • mcdude910

      Lol, that's a god point. you, sir are a genius.

      P.S. Looking forward to The Legend of Zelda: Galaxy

  • bradley

    I never thought it was a reboot, but now that I look at it: SS-OoT3D………
    But I still think its just a prequel.

    • bradley

      And now not even my thoughts are complete!

      Because they're paying homage to the game?

      Curse this developing bitterness…

      • bradley

        Nobody listen to this troll. He is running around pretending to be me and imitating all of my comments to smear me. Plus he is following me around and thumbing down every single comment I make, no matter which sit it is on, just because I called him out for sating first.. Its sad to see somebody so obsessed. He needs to seek professional help because he has the mind of a 3 year old. No matter how much he says he is me, he is lying.

        • bradley

          When in reality I am not sated for saying first.


          Every time I am able, I am replaced by another…

  • I myself take nothing in Skyward Sword for granted. As can be told from the last few games, Nintendo has been expanding and experimenting with Zelda's roots a bit, whether with the train, steamboat, or City in the Sky. And now we acually get to return to another place like the City–except it will likely be a chain of floating islands or a civillization based on a mountain summit, and called Skyloft. And below will be the illustrious land known as Hyrule at the time, even though monsters overrun it under the banner of some unnamed villain.

    Nintendo further stretches towards new things with the ability to actually swing Link's sword–and not mash as many buttons as usual. I have no complaints with the graphics either; and though the last two games were cel-shaded, I think these new animations look lively and vibrant. The impressionistic style elicits the beauty of Hyrule, despite its infestation of evil. And most of all I look forward to seeing the origin of the Master Sword–and seeing how "Adelle" will affect the story before its transformation. Finally, to end on the same note of degree, I anticipate finding Princess Zelda and maybe at last obtaining some information on her background.

  • mario_master

    yaaaayyyy there are some level headed people in this world also i agree with Iliekzelda the graphics does always agree with the game. another note wouldn’t anyone agree zelda i space would be epic even if for only one temple

  • Headphoneguy

    As soon as I saw the trailer I thought: "YES!! A new bright Zelda game!!"
    I think the people who keep talking about the realistic graphics are kinda spoiled, because if I remember correctly TP was originaly be WW 2 but nintendo decided to go with the realism because that was what the fans wanted. Now the realistic-fans have TP, so leave SS alone!!

  • matt17

    whoever wrote this article can score a 6 on an essay

    • Power Shot

      Actually, I scored a five on the GRE. Eighty-eighth percentile.

  • Chaos James

    I have no problem with the graphics, game play, storyline, ect. I look forward to each Zelda game that is released. The only gripe I have with SS is the fact that you need a WiiMotion+. I didn't even buy TP because of the price (but I did beat it cause my buddy owned it). Not to mention, last time I used the WiiMotion+ was playing Wii Sports Resort. Now, I can imagine Nintendo could have fixed it for SS, but when I played the Swordfighting in SR, the controller would always de-sync with my movements because I have a wider swing range. That would really kill the imersion if during battle I have to re-sync my sword so I can attack properly.

    I really don't think Zelda II did that bad. I loved how its a platformer, and its evident that with a little more work it could have been a great game. The GBC games had dungeons areas that were platform (with the Roc's Feather) and a boss that your fight platformer-style. Zelda II just needed more polish, NPCs with useful information, and maybe a little toned down challenge, which puts a lot of people off.

    Phew, I like being able to vent like this sometimes, it really helps.

    tl:dr = Controls bug me, Zelda II rocked, game looks great, wish Link was Left-handed in game (and yes, i know the arguments. Personally, I could play lefted handed even though I'm right-handed).

    • I bought a MotionPlus a while back in anticipation of this game, but I'm still crossing my fingers that it will come packaged with a new Wiimote Plus. I don't know what that would do to the new controller's sales, but it would be an interesting way to launch it–and be a good selling point for the game when some potential buyers might be deterred by having to buy a $20 attachment along with the game.

      • franklin

        First note is that in Wii sports its a two hander so therse less agile motion next note is I bought my Wii motion+for 10$(whith a game)so who riped you off?,and my third note I pre orderd SS and it was only 50$

  • tsubasa_z

    This zelda will be good because…it's zelda. Nintendo always comes true with this serie.

  • veeronic

    said it before, I'll say it again
    the only problem with wind waker's graghics were the god awful proportions
    and as you can see they are not present in skyward sword.

    wind waker flowed beautifully, no other gamecube game looks as good in those terms, but it will forever be tainted by the proportions to me. Link should not look like a 4 year olds drawing.

    just look at these shots of skyward sword… obviously its a different style than that of windwaker, almost like a van gough painting…
    though to be quite honest… I hope these enemies are in the starting phase… they could use some smoothing out… they don't quite fit the rest..

    • I'm hoping that the enemy design is one of the reasons they're delaying the launch so long. They REALLY stood out compared to the rest of the visuals.

  • chuck

    to find that people think that a game still incompleat from what is known it is being critisized, i find the overall view on skyword intresting, the only legend of zelda game that should be critisized is spirit tracks whih to me seemed well boring and baisically the same as phantom hourglass i think the zelda team trys hard not to repeat things from past games but thay seemed to fail at spirit tracks but skyword will there new hit but not bigger that Oot of course

    • SweetLie

      Who says it won't be bigger than OoT? Do you have future-seeing powers?

      And for the record, Spirit Tracks was not just a rehash of PH. It was the game that PH was supposed to be, with improved gameplay and overall fluidity.

  • TrustMe101

    "The interesting thing about Skysword is that it gets to have its cake and eat it too. We’re allowed a hybrid between the realism and the fantasy, which is an excellent representation of the Zelda series: an epic quest that’s clearly based in the land of fantasy but touches us in a very real way."

    Oh man, I love you Power Shot! ♥

  • Jared!!

    The game looks amazing. But the real downside for me is there is no lefty option, so I can't play without feeling awkward.

    • lol and then you have some purists like myself who wouldn't mind playing left-handed as a righty just to have Link be left-handed again.

  • Akuzo911

    I think this game will probably have the best graphics and controls on the history of the series. I don't think it'll be able to take MM's place as "best Zelda game", though. But, we'll see.

  • Mudora

    I have no qualms against Skyward Sword at all. I'm a big Zelda fan, and I already know I'm going to love it, just like every other Zelda fan is going to love it. Someone is always going to gripe about something, and that can get other's spirits down, but it's definitely not going to stop this game from selling.

    But as others have said, we don't know a whole bunch on Skyward Sword yet. And here it is November – You'd think by now they'd be releasing a little more information, but Nintendo has been pretty tight lipped on it. We do know the general plot, how the game play works, but we don't even know half of the game itself. What kind of items are coming around? Sure there will be classics coming back, but there are bound to be new ones. Where are the other areas? Characters? Dungeons? There's so much information that's missing, and my opinion is sense we don't know much about it, people are worried. Worried because they don't know what they're going to get.

    But Nintendo is at the helm, and they have yet to produce something that isn't satisfying in the Zelda franchise. If people are worried that Nintendo is going to mess up one of their greatest icons, you are terribly mistaken. Nintendo knows how to take risks, and take them well.

    You can count me in as one of the people standing outside at midnight to get my copy.

    • If they can wait to release it until school gets out, I'll join you. But I pre-ordered it three hours away from my college… 🙁

      • Mudora

        D: Wow that's a long ways away. I have a game stop just up the road from me so… heh. Not hard for me on that front. But man! Good thing you have it pre-ordered.

  • Victor George

    I can't put Disney's animated output at the same level as South Park animation — nothing the series does can ever be as great-looking. Skyward Sword looks like it's going to be Disney cartoon-level great, even though I'm still holding out for a future Zelda game to look either more like a living cartoon or like the realistic output of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 fantasy adventure games.

  • twilian

    I just find it sad how there are so many complaints about this game already. I know people have different opinions, but for pete's sake, the game isn't even out yet. What ever happened to not judging a book by it's cover? (Or a game by it's graphics, in this case)

    I'll be honest, when the trailers first game out, I was sceptical. My friends and I were all expecting what the first artwork gave us – amazingly detailed stuff. But seeing the graphics more and more, I'm glad Nintendo did what they did. These guys have been making games for decades, they know their stuff and they know what makes their fans happy.

    It's Nintendo, it's Zelda. C'mon guys. You know it's gonna be awesome.

    • ZoraMikau

      I completly agree with you. That's exactly what happened with me. I loved the graphics, not at the beginning, but after seeing what was done with them. I hate how they(well, from what it looked like) made the graphics darker. I think it looked better at first.

  • Thisisnot Myrealname

    when I heard about this game I basically checked wikipedia every day (no, I didn't know about Zelda Universe then) until June. After the showcase on e3 2010, I kinda was reminded of that clip of Open Season where Eliot is drinking coffee. yuk, slurp slurp slurp, yuk!, slurp slurp, YUK!, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp.. its like wonderful and horrible at the same time!!!
    That's what the trailer did to me. After the first time: "what is this?" After the second time: huh… After the third time: cool. After the fourth time: I'm lovin' the control play… …after the fiftieth time: O-M-G I can't wait til this thing comes out!!!

  • FreeArrow

    people out there who are bailing on it yall all suck, like real zelda fans said it hasnt came out yet. I went to gamestop yesterday and found out it isnt coming out until april 2011. people downing it yall are snaubs cause its had one trailer and that only shows skyloft and a little of fire temple. dont stress over the graphics cause a game is ment to be fun and full of imagination not graphics. i think twilight had sucky graphics not all, the game was held back to many times, and it was all gloomy and dark about the whole game.get alife, grow up, and stop downing skyward sword.

  • Tarmon

    I think another very good example of this is minecraft. Its a game with 16 bit graphics, yet they fit the play style and the game has almost sold 500000 copies and its not even in Beta yet. On many, many minecraft videos you will find people trolling about the graphics, yet it is a very fun, and addicting game.

    No mater what the graphics are like, some people are going to be happy, and some wont be happy. Nintendo has been around for a very long time, they know what their doing. Oh and IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING GOOD OR CONSTRUCTIVE TO SAY, THEN DON'T SAY IT!

    All of the people who say "The Game should be more mature" Then you clearly don't understand that LoZ games market to many different age groups. I got my first zelda game when I was 3 years old, and I still love Zelda today. I have played most of the series (LoZ,LoZ II, LTTP, FSA, MM, OoT, WW, and most recently TP) and playing at such a young age inspired me to play all of the games. SS's graphics will still allow younger children (under 13) to play it, yet also appeal to older fans of the series.

    If you are a true fan of the Zelda franchise then you will see past the graphics style and just enjoy the game. If you really can't stand the graphics style then don't be a troll and bash the game, just don't buy the damn game! It's really simple, and it keeps everyone happy. And whatever you do, don't say that Miyamoto is trying to turn Zelda into Mario, because that is just plain dumb. All of the most successful Zelda games have taken risks. If he didn't take risks, Zelda would NOT be a successful franchise. Whatever happens, I know that I am going to be getting a copy of the game, and the only thing that might deter me from that would be that you have to buy the wii motion plus attachment to play the game. I really hope a Wii motion plus is included with the game, or I might not have enough money to buy it. I do hope that there won't be any more stupid comments about the graphics style, but i suppose it can't be helped.

  • jordy burdet

    nintendo no se tomo en serio las realizaciones de las graficas
    las ubiera echo estilo twiligth y todo ubiera salido mejor

    • querulous

      You're pulling our legs? Right?

  • Thisisnot Myrealname
  • bob

    As long as it's not twilight princess twilight realm graphics, I'm happy. God that was like being inside a recently used toilet. However, the moment you leave it, the game has some of the best graphics in the series. I'm just happy skyward sword isn't using toon link again. I like him, but he's beggining to gbe over-used.

    • SweetLie

      AGREED. I hated the twilight parts of the game. The visuals were almost unbearable.

  • bob

    *be not gbe…

  • Rohan

    I don't understand your logic. Everyone who is looking at your comment right now is undeniably a Zelda fan. They will all buy SS and play it, like it or not. People are going to have mixed opinions of this game, that's how the world works, so how can you call them "untrue" Zelda fans for having their own gripes about this particular game?
    Lastly, when Nintendo makes a Zelda game, the element of bad does not exist.

  • SINCaliber


    This is almost the same reaction of Zelda Wind Waker. I mean why??!!!

    Zelda WW already proved to be an excellent addition to the Zelda series. Sure the characters are disproportionate but you cannot doubt that it's definitely a unique style.

    If you're gonna complain about SS looks too "cartoony" then you're by no mean a Zelda fan. The game isn't even out yet, with very little information. I say this is smart because Nintendo doesn't want to overhype people and spoil them with info. The new game mechanics is a great overhaul the series need. Keep going on the same mechanics too long and the series will become stall sooner or later.

    Just remember one thing: Aesthetic doesn't equal quality

  • losta

    THANKYOU it seems the only thing i hear as a complaint is the way it looks but eventhogh they say that there still gonna buy it

  • matt17

    Give me thumbs down plz 😀

  • Guil.

    Kind of see that there is already someone defending it considering what happened with TP after it got out and a lot of people (including me) saw it as a disappointment. So maybe some people feel a need to defend something that seems different and doesn't even have the same feel that TP had when it hadn't yet come out.

    Personally I like the graphic style. Between TP and WW and honestly I see a hint of MM in it too. I hate the wiimote motioncensor function for swinging the sword but that is mainly because I don't have motioncensor plus and I have seen the current wiimote fail completely when playing Okami, but still I'm open to the idea of the upgraded motioncensor for this new game and hope to use it in Okami as well. Different and innovative have been often seen as the good and bad of new things. And whereas people may have negative emotions for the word different it is in fact the very definition of innovative thinking. I expect this new game rather neutral considering that my own oppinion is that after WW the game series took a dive down in quality but I am willing to not judge this game until I have played it through a couple of times to get the right feel to it.

  • Zelda doesn't have to be cartoony to be a fantasy – nothing does. Look at Pan's Labyrinth, Narnia, or Lord of the Rings. Fantasies can be perfectly realistic.

    I will -never- understand such illogical assumptions.

    "Let me repeat that: Superman is getting a gritty reboot."

    Speaking of assumptions, no, no it's not. It's getting a reboot in general, the word 'gritty' is just something you've pulled from your imagination and injected into the equation. There's also been absolutely nothing to suggest that the new Spider-man reboot will be 'gritty', either.

    This is another flawed mindset I find disturbingly often, people assuming that all reboots are about grittiness and realism. They're gritty when it makes sense that they're gritty. Batman and Punisher are dark characters based on realism (though sometimes writers put them in unrealistic situations). They don't have superpowers, they deal with darker issues and dark world views, both fueled to a great extent by an unrelenting vengeance that has driven them technically insane.

    Spider-man and Superman? They aren't really about that (with moments of exception). It's likely not happening, because that's just not their forte like it is for the other two examples. It's not really what the fans are fans for. This is also why it makes no sense to scoff at GTA taking a gritty, realistic approach when it's perfectly appropriate. I'm not sure what kind of game you thought it was supposed to be, but to me it's pretty obvious GTA's subject matter isn't meant to be a bright colorful cartoony party adventure.

    But, here's the most important part of all this: Unlike things like GTA, Zelda is a franchise that's open to many different kinds of approaches – something you should be well aware of, considering your love for Majora's Mask. For this reason, I would suggest that, instead of bashing one concept for the sake of defending another, try pleaing for open-mindedness from your readers.

    I'm excited about Skyward Sword as well, but there are better ways to defend it from negativity.

  • CodyDavies

    Always relevant – http://i.imgur.com/ViiLG.png

    • Aleksandar

      That comment is both funny and sad…

      • Joko tree

        Wow, No matter what I think all Zelda games are good.

      • Yeah, this is funny, but it's even sadder how Aonuma-San enunciates his els in it.

        • Linksoer

          And even sadder still is how you mistook Miyamoto-San for Eiji Aonuma…>_>

          • You are so right…good eyes. 8)

          • Linksoer

            hehe =3

  • Darth Goron

    Im one of those guys that loves whatever Miyamoto gives us, but for SS to surpass OoT? Sorry, man, i highly doubt it… Cant wait though! as soon as i get it im gonna have a major nerdgasm!

  • Xenithar

    I think the graphics are simply beautiful,

  • TTL


    Okay, I can grasp a lot of things, but since when was Zelda being comparable to the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight a bad thing . . .

    Or for that matter, when has this franchise ever been comparable to The Dark Knight? I'm sorry, but there is no Zelda game that I would ever compare to that movie. Twilight Princess? Please. It has a slightly more realistic design and darker colors.

    The Dark Knight's "darkness" comes from its characters and ideas. Zelda has a rather limited set of ideas. Now and then these ideas come together to create something larger than their individual sums (most of the time, really) but Nintendo isn't known for taking content risks. Context, but not content. New controls, new graphical styles, but new stories? Not with Zelda. Not typically, anyway.

    • TTFN

      I think it compares to Majora's Mask, 'cause of the Happy Mask Salesman, who reminds me of the Joker. But that is MY opinion, so respect your ideas, but my view is right.

      • The Mask Salesman doesn't behave -anything- like the Joker.

        Unless you're basing this purely on the fact that both of them famously smile a lot and are considered generally creepy by a bulk of fans. Those things are miniscule next to the difference between the two characters though, obviously.

  • Yonafunu

    The thing that annoys me about the whole 'I want a mature zelda' is that people
    see Zelda as something that's only theirs, and expect the series to grow up with them. U keep forgetting that Zelda is for all ages. Many people keep on saying that Nintendo is alienating their fanbase by not taking Zelda mature, but Nintendo is not going to change their games just because ur too 'mature' to enjoy 'kiddy' games. For every fan they lose, they gain two new ones.

    On topic:
    Great article, I agree with everything you said. Im very excited for SS.

  • Supermario

    I honestly don't care what the graphics look like as long as it suits the gameplay and the plot. Iloved all the graphics in the series especially OoT's and this is the perfect step forward from that.

  • MYK1217

    It's really amazing to me how much people will judge a game simply by its looks and nothing else. I've read some comments where people say they fear the game will be "more of the same" because it "looks like just another Zelda game." Well of course it looks like a Zelda game! Isn't that what a Zelda game is supposed to look like: a Zelda game???

    And then because Link looks just like TP Link, that automatically means the game will share the same pathetic difficulty as TP. Or because the graphics are "cartoony" like WW, that automatically means the game will be just as easy as WW.

    I just don't understand that thought process. How does a game's visual designs being similar to other games automatically make the gameplay the same? Minish Cap reminds me a lot of ALttP as far as looks go, but they're significantly different in gameplay.

  • Eli

    I'm really getting a little annoyed at the people who are complaining. If you're like me, a person who has grown up on playing Zelda, then you should know that Zelda is supposed to be for ANY age group. NOT just for older kids and adults. For what I remember, a lot of the games were colorful and cartoony. I'm really excited about this game and the graphics!

    • I don't understand why a more realistic looking Zelda somehow eliminates age groups. I was playing games with graphics like DOOM, Mortal Kombat, or Duke Nukem before I was even 10. Every kid I encountered (friend or not) did.

      That's not to say that I want Zelda to be as vulgar or bloody as any of those examples. I'm just saying that kids will play what they want to play, and so will adults. The idea that either a realistic or cartoony looking game is more inclusive or exclusive toward whichever age groups is, quite frankly, an illusion. Paired with what I said above about games I played as a kid, also consider that I'm 23 and I adore Wind Waker's graphics.

      Basically, there are no such rules. Zelda can look however it wants to look and it won't repel any age group. It doesn't have to be gorey or gritty or have sex appeal to look more realistic, either, since that seems to be part of the big assumption here. Sigh.

  • FreeArrow

    there aint nothing wrong wth toon link or realistic link. they are both link, thats what matters

    • Truth!

    • Joko tree

      Exept toon Link is faster and weaker than realistic Link. Thats the only real difference

  • keimori

    Nice article. but I've seen this all before when they anounced the wind waker. XP people always tend to overreact and rant on and on, only to do a complete 180 when the came actualy comes out, not just for zelda eather, any rerember the Metroid prime debacle?

  • MYK1217

    The people who are complaining about the colorfulness of the graphics are probably the kind of pre-teens who are in the stage of "I'm too cool for cartoons." Games don't need to be dark, gritty and violent to be good.

    • EpicDC

      Some pre-teens dont care and hate the worlds obsession with graphics over gameplay. (spoiler alert- Im one of them)

  • cukeman

    There are only two things in Zelda that spoil the experience for me, and that is when puzzles and enemies are too easy.

    • Joko tree

      Have you played the first Zelda game, you'll love it.

  • TriAuz64

    I agree with cukeman, In TP the bosses were waaaay too easy.

    . . .
    how much will it cost and does SS come with Wii motion plus?

  • Moosetracks

    I completely agree with the graphics. It is definitely like merging realistic and cartoony graphics. Take the bokoblin on that screenshot for example. It make look stupid and childish, but really, it's the kinda thing you would see on a Magic the Gathering card, which I know that many people at my college probably play that game.

  • Artimus-Maora

    Well said; that sums it up beautifully.

  • Joko tree

    Hang on there was side scroling in Links Awakenig but it wasn't that bad mainly because Nintendo added a bit of mario, like you can kill goombas just by jumping on them and jumping from platform to platform.

  • Joko tree

    Sorry its Links Awakening.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I have to completely agree with Power Shot on this. The nail has been hit right on the head, and the reasons are made very clear as to why being patient, open-minded, understanding, innovative, and creative are so important. And, it doesn't just help you out in loving the new Zelda games to come, but rather in life as well.

    This issue can relate perfectly to the debate over the Tarpon Springs Outdoor Performance Ensemble. Many say that they're more of a broad-way production than a marching band, but the majority of the judges love the group and are always on the edges of their seats. The spectators judge them for "not marching enough" or "being too flashy with props and movement/ choreography", while the judges sit back and laugh at their amazing production and hard work. Sure, the shows are different, new, unique, and most certainly out there, but they're cutting-edge and innovative. They're the beginning of a new era of marching band, and they set the standard that much higher. In fact, they recently just placed 4th in the nation this past weekend, and are moving up the ladder. It really goes to to show that working hard and putting time, effort, and patient into the program/project can really make you successful.

    When I think about the skepticism about Skyward Sword and Nintendo, I think of Tarpon Springs. Both of them venture out into the unknown to set new bars for everyone else, and that's what makes them leaders. Nintendo has made a clean reputation for itself as Tarpon has, and they both deserve credit. I can't wait to see Skyward Sword's success as Tarpon has with theirs. It's definitely going to be quite a show.

  • Linksoer

    Hey guys! check this video out!

  • OoT!!!!!!!!!

    WW+TP=SS. Fact.