As of the most recent edition of ZUCast, all episodes of ZU’s official podcast will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, ZUTV, in addition to being available for streaming and download right here on our site, as well as on iTunes.

Scared? Confused? Fear not – our trusty and beloved media editor, Jordan (known to many as Aniday), is here to fill you in on the details.

Now that you’ve been thoroughly informed, check out ZUCast: Anti-Profanity and Tingle Edition on YouTube!


    Oh, gosh, he has the coolest voice of all time.

    OR KITTY WON'T GET ANY LAMB… (I didn't get the last word). B(

    • That last word was "love", I believe.

      Although not getting any lamb is a terrifying possibility.

      • Hah, indeed it would be. 😀

        But <3 is the more terrifying prospect.

        Up, I think he did say love. How could I not have interpreted such a common word? ;-}

  • ChainofTermina


    so, what, we're gonna "see" the podcasts now, like a radio show on camera?

    • There won't be any video footage to go with the podcasts, to my knowledge – just still images and text. Check out the latest episode on YouTube for an example.

      • And we're not yelling; we capatilized those words because they're supposed to be read using Aniday's voice. Not his regular one either–I SPEAK OF THE DEEP, DARK TONE…

        • ChainofTermina

          oh, hahaha okay.

      • ChainofTermina

        damn. I would have loved to see Liah smack people with my real eyes instead of my mind's eye.

        • Liah

          I love this reply.

  • Chad

    Hey! Don't bring Kitty into this! lol

  • Aniday

    Kitty wont get any lamb OR love if you don't enjoy the Podcast.


  • boob

    hahaa funny & cute. 🙂 & i meant jordan tho the video was informative. LOL.