Now for something I think we can all enjoy: toys.

First 4 Figures, for those who may be unaware, is a top dollar figurine company from the United Kingdom which specializes in licensed figures based on video game characters.  They have been making quality figures for collectors for a while now, and their ever-expanding selection now has another well crafted creation. A 1/4 scale (21″) figure of the infamous Twilight Princess villain, Zant, has been released.

These figures first became available for pre-order in September of last year, and will be shipping very soon. The standard version of Zant includes glow in the dark clothing made of real cloth, and a removable tongue section of the helmet that, once removed, offers a small glance at his face.

Here’s the catch: this release is limited to 750 units, and as First 4 Figures is eager to capitalize on that demand, these figures are priced at $329.99. Though if you happen to be a collector, this is certainly a great opportunity.

But wait, there’s more! There is an exclusive version of this figurine available only from the First 4 Figures site that comes with Zant’s head masked and unmasked, so that the consumer can trade out anytime they’d like. This version, however, is limited to only 250 units and costs even more – $349.99.

Sources: and First 4 Figures
  • If you're going to pay $330 for a figurine, you may as well shell out twenty extra bucks for the one with the interchangeable heads.

    • WHAT!? You claimed my first-comment spot just to add that? JK 😀

      • Just to clear up any confusion, I actually appreciate Sugar for her suggestion above. I really love Zant's figurine. If I rich were enough, I'd by it. Also, my former comment was sort of a teaser on the fact that commenters like to claim first place. So nobody take it personally–it was a joke not meant for personal offense.

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  • Chad

    Waste of money that could be better spent on a 3DS, SS, or other actual thing that you can use as something other than a paperweight.

  • Admittedly, that's a very awesome figurine.

  • Keith

    Money – I need more of it…:(

  • Robert

    You guys gotta fix your website, It is always crashing my web browsers =

    • This is likely a problem with your computer or web browser. Which browser are you using, and are you using the latest version?

      • Robert

        I use both latest versions of firefox and internet explorer. They both crash on specific parts of your websites. some articles its fine, but other articles it ends up crashing the browser. or atleast freezing it so it wont respond. It cant be my computer, no other website crashes on me except this one. I got a pretty powerful computer for massive video editing and fast processing speed.

  • Adam

    Great quality and very cool, but I could never justify spending THAT much money on a toy. :/

    • To be fair, I think it's more of a collectors item than a toy. : P

      • Adam

        Well whatever, I can't justify spending $350 on a collectors item. lol

  • X4Dennis24

    the figurine is pretty cool, but 300 bucks is ridiculous, you gotta be crazy to bu it.

    • X4Dennis24


  • FierceDeityMomo

    I can't wait!! I preordered my exclusive Zant the day it went on preorder!! I have all of the other figures in the series, but Fierce Deity Link is probably my favorite. I am really hoping for a Zelda statue. These collector's items are amazing…and I am hard pressed to say there isn't much from the LoZ franchise that I wouldn't shell out big money for. Thank goodness for school grants!!

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