Now for something I think we can all enjoy: toys.

First 4 Figures, for those who may be unaware, is a top dollar figurine company from the United Kingdom which specializes in licensed figures based on video game characters.  They have been making quality figures for collectors for a while now, and their ever-expanding selection now has another well crafted creation. A 1/4 scale (21″) figure of the infamous Twilight Princess villain, Zant, has been released.

These figures first became available for pre-order in September of last year, and will be shipping very soon. The standard version of Zant includes glow in the dark clothing made of real cloth, and a removable tongue section of the helmet that, once removed, offers a small glance at his face.

Here’s the catch: this release is limited to 750 units, and as First 4 Figures is eager to capitalize on that demand, these figures are priced at $329.99. Though if you happen to be a collector, this is certainly a great opportunity.

But wait, there’s more! There is an exclusive version of this figurine available only from the First 4 Figures site that comes with Zant’s head masked and unmasked, so that the consumer can trade out anytime they’d like. This version, however, is limited to only 250 units and costs even more – $349.99.

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