Ever had issues with those darn bat creatures of the Legend of Zelda universe? I know I have! Katie Tiedrich, better known as AWKWARD ZOMBIE, lampoons many video game series, such as Zelda and Pokemon, in her comics. In her latest comic, “Bat out of Hell,” she illustrates that one must use caution when one tries to “kill it with fire.”

Be sure to check out her other comics in her archive including one showing why Spirit Tracks Zelda shouldn’t be out on her own and the other random epiphanies of the Legend of Zelda universe.

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  • lifesavers2

    Awkward Turtle…

    Wow. I just finished looking at ALL the comics on her mainpage.
    Theyre great!

  • Haha, it's about time Katie Tiedrich got her due on ZU. She's done tons more Zelda strips on her deviantArt that she's inexplicably embarrassed by and won't put up on AZ. Check out http://hail-nekoyasha.deviantart.com/ http://www.awkwardzombie.com/comic1-121406.php This is naturally the best one ever.

    • lifesavers2

      All those are on her site, you just have to scroll all the way back to the begginning.

      I like the Super Smash Bros ones.


      • No, AZ only goes back the Coin Battle one. Everything from My Paisly Pal and back are only on DA as far as I can tell.


  • LoZymugglegater

    Oh my word,I love her comics,they are hilarious!

  • linkpwns13

    I was wondering when she'd get featured here! Her comics are the best!!

  • KyleLinks

    I love her work! Always makes me smile. 🙂

  • mario_master

    i actually did that once on OOT the arrow missed but the flame hit

  • Mimi

    Love her humour, I'm so glad she's finally featured here!

  • Chainoftermina

    sweet! I love her humor! but she always seems to dump on her own work, I wish she'd realize that everyone loves her stuff.
    and It's always a nice surprise AZ has a zelda comic. there was another one about spirit tracks a few weeks ago. it's funny.

  • HAHA, ohmygosh! These are the funniest, most original sources of entertainment I've seen in a long time. My favorite's the one with Roy and Link. ("Think fast!"| "Duh, think what–ow–oh, okay…) XD Just so you can identify it. I believe it's entitled Coin Smash; you'll see why.

    And yeah, I agree with Chainoftermina: Katie Tiedrich seems to doubt her work, though she is very talented at what she does. But I think some of her "downsizing" comments may just be a more remarks meant to make us laugh. But, hey, I'm not her, so I can't know what it might be.

    • Chainoftermina

      yeah, I think they are just to make us laugh, but she goes a little too far sometimes. more often than not, her negative self-criticism points out flaws that I didn't even notice until she said something.

  • Scott


  • Shaelyn

    but…but….if all else fails, use fire! zelda logic has failed me!!

  • Blizzeta93

    i wondered "If i would shoot a fire arrow at a crow would it turn into a fire crow?" i killed it.

  • Volvagia

    Haha!!! I love her comics…!

  • ZeldaGurl_


    It's about time she's been recognized on here! I've been reading her comics for like the past 2 years, and they are HILARIOUS! I don't know which ones are my favourites, because I love them all so much. I absoloutly LOVE the one with Roy, Marth, and Link wit h the Rubix cube! Ah man, I laughed my face off with that one! I think she is the only person I would really not get mad at for making fun of Link to be Stereotypical blonde. I also love the Trophy comic for SSBB where King Dedede was like "HA Behold, a TROPHY STAND TROPHY". Ahoo, genius.

    OH, and I like the one with Link, Dark Link, and Princess Ruto. xD Ooooh, and I love the one about her where she says she tends to look like what she's drawing, so she doesn't draw in public much anymore… And, now that I think about it… we should take her advice, for those of us who draw… Lulz. the Roy one was cute where Pit comes in, and I love the one with TP Link getting attacked by OoT Link. Made me sad to think about it, but nevertheless, Hilarious.

    I'm so happy she's got her name on here, she really deserves it, and I'm anxious to look at what keeps coming! She shouldn't be so hard on herself, but I see how she uses that to keep from getting negative criticism. She is still rocking it, and I just LOVE her work!

    • Chainoftermina

      yeah, I've been reading her comics on a regular basis ever since you showed them to me. its cool to see them on the front page isn't it.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Yes Sir! It is indeed! And hey, they are too good NOT to show anyone. I'm just glad you're still keeping it up. 😀

        She deserves the credit, and I think it's quality work like hers that keeps a lot people interested in these games. Comedy has to be EXACT in order to make it funny, and she knows just how to do that. KUDOS to her!^^

  • Blake

    No, she wants to be criticized. http://www.awkwardzombie.com/comic1-090108.php