Will he make it? Maybe... if he had this walkthrough.

Ciroton’s been at it again – after a long break, the man responsible for ZU’s Twilight Princess walkthrough has come forth with Section 3 of our Wind Waker walkthrough, which covers everything up to the end of the third dungeon, The Forbidden Woods.

Our Wind Waker walkthrough is ever-expanding – so if you ever get stuck, you know where to turn to! If you’d like a more visual guide, we suggest checking out our Wind Waker visual walkthrough, created by none other than YouTube’s Chuggaaconroy. (Yes, although his account is suspended, the visual walkthrough still works!)

Stay tuned for the next part of our Wind Waker walkthrough, coming soon! Don’t ever forget that if you’re stuck on a part that our walkthrough does not yet cover, the Zelda veterans over on our forums are always willing to lend a helping hand.