As usual, Cody is here with your week in review. Check out the video below for an update on the ongoing suspensions of gaming-related YouTube channels, as well as a recap of all of the news you’ve seen here on Zelda Universe this week.

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  • Well, I can't think of any catchphrases. That's unusual, I usually come up with a bunch, even if they're horrible.

  • Adam

    Why can't Chuggaconroy post his videos here using another player until the situation is resolved. I miss my chugga videos. 🙁

    • Keith

      He's not doing an LoZ lp atm though. P: His next 2 are Super Luigi Galaxy and Pikmin.

  • Keith

    And just when you think its all solved… :/ ban 2 morons, more crawl out from under the wood work..

    -_- Maybe we should …KILL 'EM WITH FIRE!!!

  • Chainoftermina

    yeah, I've always called it "ah-ca-reena". I always wondered why people said "oh-carina" My cousins actually used to say "Or-ki-anna" how's that for mispronunciation? they also said "eee-pon-iya" instead of Epona. it was really annoying, but I set them straight.

    catch phrases, hm, How bout "I'm Cody the Webmaster, I Master the Web!" or maybe "I'm Cody, and stop making fun of the way I talk" or perhaps, "I'm Cody, and I can Z U!" that last one's kinda creepy though…. I don't know…

  • Lach Menel

    (In a taunting voice) I have a catch phrase, na na na na na na. Okay, now I`m seirious again. How adout some thing that relates to ranting? Some thing like "I`m Cody,the almighty ranting webmaster" maby? I don`t know, it was just a random though I had.

  • Mike

    GUYS READ THIS!!!! The guy who is hacking the accounts with false dmca claims is CONJOBI or now known as theassholetoby2 look him up he is the one everyone flag him, send him messages, whatever we need to get rid of him once and for all do this for chugga, NCS, every LP'er this ends NOW!!!

    • wayofthesheikah

      There's no proof that this is the true identity of the person(s) behind this. What makes it so bloody difficult to track these lowlifes down is that they are hacking and using other people's account names in order to evade any means of retaliation from both their victims and their victim's friends and fans/suscribers. Who's to say that this person's account wasn't hacked and used too?

      This is just a thought, of course. I could be totally wrong on this one, but I just have a feeling that it wouldn't be that easy.

      • Mike

        I know what you mean but the guy has posted several things saying that he will never be stopped and will keep on making account he also posted that chuggaaconroy was next the day of his suspended. his accounts have been suspended but, he keeps making new ones. So even if he isn't then he is making tons of people angry

        • Oh, now that I didn't realize since I've never seen his account before. In that case, I say it can't hurt. Flame away!

  • Cardboard38

    The only way to permanently stop him is to get his IP address banned. If that happens then he’ll have to get another computer in order to start flagging people again, cuz not only will his accounts be banned, but the system will recognize his computer and refuse entry.

    • Mike

      Soon once the go bigger like on top youtubers the police will get involved, they will have to stop soon

  • Thareous

    Grrr…I am getting sick of this! If I had the resources to track this doofus down, I would, and I would use those same resources and shut him/out from cyberspace. Chuggaa and NCS–along with every other target–need to be restored while this… jerk gets back in his place. Other than that, I enjoyed how Cody wrapped up ZU's news…now that was very ingenious. ;-]



  • yourmother

    Cody, you a such a nerd, get a life

  • Matt

    Wow, your very convincing. I’ll also get a life.

  • Shadow

    Yay, I've been pronouncing Ocarina right since the game's release 😀