Another day, another update!

With Zelda Universe’s staff growing thanks to an influx of new applicants (we’ll be getting back to all of the news correspondent applicants shortly!), it was high time that I updated the staff page to more accurately reflect the current staff and what they do. All current ZU staff members are now represented on the staff page, and it’s been reorganized to better show how staff runs. Get a look into what makes ZU tick and check it out!

In addition, Dawn of Shadows, ZU’s first ever interactive story (started way back in the day by Smeezette), has been updated with Part 12, submitted by Starman Super! If you’ve been keeping up with Dawn of Shadows, we highly recommend checking out this next part.

For those unfamiliar with our Interactive Stories, they’re community-driven fan fiction projects where a new person writes each successive chapter. If you think you want to write the next chapter to any of our three current interactive stories, we highly recommend going for it! Once you’re done, you can submit your chapter here – we’ll publish all the parts we get.

  • Raichu

    Tried to read it, but only the first chapter works. when I click at the other links, they are all broken and give me the page with MC Link and the CDI video 🙁 can you fix this?

    • They work for me! I just tried the links. Why don't you try again?

      • Raichu

        Yeah I just retried again and they work now! I don't know why they were'nt working before, I just kept getting the MC Link page no matter what author I clicked.



  • Thareous

    Yes! I am so excited to read this! Thank you, Starman Super!

  • I like this story!pretty intersting,if ZU can make it a video and put it on youtube….

  • ZoraMikau

    Btw, you might want to change the date that is on the interactive story page since there's a new one.