Contrary to popular belief, my clever, pop-culture-referencing title isn’t the main attraction here.

Instead, after three months, the mailbag is making a return! If this news has driven you into a violently excited frenzy, fear not – Cody is here to explain everything in a calm and professional manner.

Hit the jump to submit your questions, and stay tuned for the next mailbag!

  • X x7

    yay the mailbag! I already sent my question in! AND im first! (dont leave hater comments on me about bragging about being first.)

  • lifesavers2

    DONT BRAG ABOUT BEING FIRST!!!!!!! JK I do it alot too…
    ahhh… the mailbag… I thought it dissapeared more than 3 months ago…. Time doesnt fly…

    I like Codys lack of facial expressions.

    • X x7

      thats just what i was thinking he doesnt show any emotions

    • lifesavers2

      Well actually I would like Cody to add facial expressions, and the hand movements remind me of the LOZ CD-i animations, but its all cool.
      Hey Cody youre cool!1!!!1!!11!

      AAUGH! Now Im thinking of the CD-i games!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!! *brain melting* How much does a CD-i system go for nowadays? I think Im going to sell it. Along with my sanity.

  • Chainoftermina

    I think I do still have a question in the old Mailbag that hasn't been answered yet……but I can't remember what it was. ah, whatever, it wasn't that important. I'll have to think of some new questions for this….

  • starwebs1

    Yeah, I just put mine in, and I had already put it in. Now it will get found!

  • Thareous33

    So does this mean that other staff such as Bastian and Sugar, I don't know, "guest-star" on the mailbag, or is it only going to be James again?

    • Cody will likely do most of the mailbags for now, and other staff members will guest star occasionally. :]

      • Thareous33

        K, thanks. I liked it when they had the guest stars for a while. Though James did an A-1 job at clarifying all the questions.

      • Yay! Guest starring!
        For some reason thats as hard for me to say as Wii Fit Balance Board Anti-Skid Foot Massage Pad. Phew.

  • Majora

    Finally some questions answered.