That’s it – no more “cute” fan art for you guys. After the adorable Majora’s Wrath featured in this spotlight, I think it’s time for something a little darker. (Can’t have you guys going soft on me, after all.)

This Majora’s Mask inspired piece was created by RustyKoi. Like it? Love it? Leave your feedback in the comments, or perhaps even post in his thread!

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  • starwebs1

    That's AMAZING!

  • X x7

    that is absolutley stunning.

  • maefreak

    that is mind blowing, so amazing and beautiful mixed with a creepy, sad look. I love it!!

  • Feri-san

    FFFFT RUSTYYYYY, I love rustyyyyyyyyy <3 work is amazinggggggg

  • Lancelot-sama!

    majora's mask <3

  • Siaarn

    Rusty is my hero <3 I watch him on DA, his art is amazing.

  • whoa i love it!

  • Thareous33

    This truly captures the Majora's Mask theme. I especially love Tatl and Tael in the backdrop. ;-]

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Very Impressive, I love it!

  • Amandiel

    This is genious! I love how it perfectly depicts the overall Majora's Mask atmosphere, it made me remember why it is my favorite game.
    Absolutely mind-blowing. Congratulations, RustyKoi!

  • ahaaa! I was -not- expecting this! What a smile I've got now! Truly truly honored and humbled to be recognized by such a great Zelda site. I've followed you guys for years! Seeing something of mine pop up in the news here is quite a strange feeling considering that!

    Aaand to top things off it's my birthday in 2 days, so you could say this is like an early birthday gift! Thank you guys so much for your appreciation, that really made my day much brighter. <3

    • You're welcome! I'm thrilled to have made you so happy. :]

      And happy birthday! : D

    • X x7

      whatd you use to draw this Im thinking about sending in some artwork and I wanna make it look as good as this?

  • very awesome picture, awestruck by it when i first saw it on Deviantart.

    – lil-mizz-krazie

  • Hylian Dan

    Wow, this is incredibly good. I love it. Nice job, RustyKoi.

  • Curly Q

    I LOVE IT!! it's so dark and I like how you made the skull kid as the puppet. Good job!!!

  • Uncreative

    Wow, that's…That's simply amazing man.
    Well done!

  • Linksoer

    Thats pretty damm AWESOME!!
    Kudos to RustyKoi!

  • livingsoul

    nice style

  • ben haddix

    WOW!!! i haven't seen any1 actually do what i saw at the part where i saw the moon like eat everything where majoras mask says the skull kid is but a puppet so kudos to you for remembering that part of the game. GOOD JOB!!!!!!