Every week (or something very close to that), Cody posts a video on ZeldaUniverseTV in which he summarizes all of the Zelda and ZU news from the past week for our YouTube subscribers. This week, he covers all of the news you’ve seen here on the main site along with the announcement of a special project.

Check out the video for Cody’s announcement of his plans to begin a Zelda LP (Let’s Play), a recap of this week’s news, and Cody’s extracted tooth.

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  • are you a robot?

    • Thareous33

      And what is your programming, Nitemares? Aggravation? Is that how you net all your reputation points, or do you just always rate yourself? Because you should not even have the gall to question someone's identity, especially when you are likely to relate in a similar way. So don't go off on some huge parade with any four simple words that are apt to set off somebody's wrath.

      • i just check the news on zelda and don't care about the rating points, i hope i have the lowest, that'd be great, i hope i have negative points, i can question whatever i want, it's a free country, but wait, i'm from the usa, so it might not be a free forum if this site isn't originated there, but i really don't care, this is the only loser that gets on my nerves, everyone else is fine, i go on the site to check news and i see his mug frozen on the video, but sorry i don't turn my hat around and take my glasses off and act like someone else when i talk, then go back to normal, this guy has no personality at all.

        • Thareous33

          I must agree with most of what you have said. This indeed is a free country, for what it mostly seems. It's just that when I see a fellow human being is criticized, something inside me goes off. I did not mean to be an antagonist, and for those harsh words I apologize. However, I cannot admit to showing regret for the reason I put those down. And I know you do not care, which, in my most honest opinion, I have no surprise. As for your ire towards Cody, I shall leave you to whatever feelings you have, since there is likely nothing I can say to persuade you differently.

  • HAHAHAAHAHAAAA! Thanks for the laughs webmaster Cody!

  • Matt

    I want moar Cody!
    Update damn you! >:B

  • Matt

    @Nitemares- Dude He’s the webmaster.
    If he wants he can have his “mug” lazored onto your eyeballs. =/

  • Chainoftermina

    hey Cody, I think Fate gets you and me mixed up sometimes. My Computer died DURING E3. on Wednesday. yeah, I guess that's not as bad, since I did have my Computer for the revealing of Skyward Sword, but still….weird coincidence. and Fate annoys me all the time too. I hate him.

    so, which Zelda game are you going to play?

  • guestious

    This entire site needs a complete overhaul. There are some decent things here, but the layout sucks badly despite being fairly beautiful graphically. And there doesnt seem to be any quality control. There is a good amount fo freedom however, and thats something not to be taken for granted. But, the trick is, how do you get your site members etc to use their freedom to contribute things that are increasingly more interesting and compelling to the people who stop by the site? The people who run this site should take a look at how teamliquid's site is run, and steal a few of their ideas.

    There is not enough depth here on this site. Its a decent attempt to chronicle the Legend of Zelda games, but so much that could and should be here is missing or hidden, or difficult to navigate intuitively. No one gets paid to contribute to Team liquid's site, and yet their contributors put so much thought into what they add to the site that its baffling sometimes.

    Forum topics should be categorized and accessible from the right/left side bars on the front page. Most recently commented forum topics should bump to the top of their respective category on the side bar, so that way everyone and anyone can see what is being talked about right now. This makes the forum discussions almost like a logged public chatroom, which is how you make the site visitors feel like they arent alone browsing the site.

    There is not enough thought or effort put into the screenshots section for each of the games. Many of them are simply a couple shots that are the most publicly available already. There is no reason for any long time Zelda fan to visit the screenshots section of the site if all they ever find are shots weve all seen and played a million times. The way the SS sections of this site work now is only for visitors who know nothing about Zelda games. The rest of us are bored.

    I got a hundred more complaints and fixes for this site if anyone wants them. This site could be epic but its just kind of empty and cold and difficult to navigate (despite being pretty and having its heart in the right place).

  • Don't worry – if I couldn't handle idiots flaming me for the sake of trolling, I wouldn't have lasted a second on Youtube. It's something that every single youtuber gets, no matter how good their videos are or what they look like"

    I dont' care because for every "This guy looks like a faggot, go die in hole, nerd. stop posting your disgusting face here!" on my video there are 20 thumbs ups and positive comments like "Dude honestly, you're legitimately funny. I think you're doing a fantastic job so far!"

    So don't worry, I'm not going to stop, and you can just ignore the trolls because they feed off attention. :3

    • Nitemares

      that's why i'm getting so many positives for what i say, being a nerd or a loser isn't what you look like, looks has nothing to do with it, it's how you act and you got it down pact straight, i've seen the ugliest and especially no talented people on youtube and people are always saying good job, cause they themselves have no talent. youtube is the no talent capital of all websites.

      • Thareous33

        Being a geek is better than being a jerk. 8P

  • Zeldadudetp

    I wanna see Zelda LP!

  • LoverOfLegend

    >:O How do you think I feel? I had to get 8 TEETH PULLED!!! They were all baby teeth, though.