Improving on perfection? Yes, please!

By now we have all heard that the arguably best videogame of all time is heading to the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will make an appearance on the new handheld system. You didn’t know that? Have you been living under a rock without a Power Bracelet? If so, Ocarina of Time is being remade (not ported) to the 3DS, and according to producer Eiji Aonuma, they’ve already been considering ways to improve upon perfection.

I’m sure each of us has our own mental list of things that we’d like changed in our favorite game, and the guys over at Shuffling Dead are no different.

Read on to find out what they would like changed!

It's better already!

Without further ado, here is Shuffling Dead’s list of the ten things they would like to see changed in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS:

1. Modernize the menus
2. Fix the damn Water Temple
3. Increase the framerate, smooth out the animations
4. Fix and finish the sidequests, then add more
5. Give us the Bomber’s Notebook!
6. Greater rewards for greater tasks
7. Add more hidden areas
8. One more collect-a-thon for good measure
9. That extra content from the 64DD version
10. Include a second quest!

While much of their list makes a lot of sense (modernizing the menus is a given, considering Nintendo will want to make use of the touch screen at the bottom) some of their suggestions seem unnecessary. Do we really need a Bomber’s Notebook for such a straightforward game? Not to mention they also seemed to miss the most obvious needed change of all: Spirit Tracks showed us a truly immersion touch screen mic-activated enchanted instrument. Ocarina would do well to follow suit.

Regardless, it’s a fun read. Head over to Shuffling Dead’s site to read the full article with explanations for each of the listed items.

Source: Shuffling Dead (via GoNintendo)
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  • OllieRaiden

    For a second quest, I'd love to have Majora's Mask in there. Or maybe just as a second game on the cart. To be honest, that's always been my No.1 Zelda game, and to replay that on the 3DS with update graphics, etc. Would be fantastic

    • OllieRaiden

      Just to clarify. By a second game, and my favourite game, I mean MM in both cases.

      • 209116032

        Majora's Mask should totally be added to this package. I mean, why the hell not?

  • I'll have to read their full article to hear the explanations for all of these, but I have to disagree with a lot of them. However I do like the idea of a second quest despite it not fitting in with the game's plot. The water temple is a given, but at the same time, I enjoyed a bit of a challenge. I think that when they say "Bombers' Notebook," I think they mean more sidequests and some actual character development.

  • what about updating the hyrule castle backgrounds to a higher resolution ?

    thats the best change they could possibly do after bug fixes

    • Frank

      It's not a port, the game is being completely remade. What this means is new character models, much better textures, and I would guess that the pre-rendered areas such as hyrule castle and most indoor locations will be completely re-done with polygonal models.

    • Frank

      Oh, and as well as the above, this also means that 'smoothing out the animations/increasing the framerate' isn't an issue either.

      Think of this being like Super Mario 64 DS, they will basically remake the game from the ground up.

    • I agree with you- I'm hoping they clean up the backgrounds such as the ones in the Market, Hyrule Castle and the Temple of Time.

  • Thareous33

    I really wish they'd add this for Wii also. But I can't complain…another game is on its way soon! X-D

  • josh

    Not sure what they mean by "fix the water temple"? it was supposed to be hard, get over it! if anouma changes anything, he ll incorporate the item select from the new game and make the iron boots more accessible so it's not such a pain in that respect.

    best part? 3D fishing game, whoaaa!

    • robloxian00

      It's the tedious Iron Boot problem in the Water Temple they need to fix. And i hope they make Dark Link Easier than Molgera. I mean, that guy should have been a boss!

  • brayden

    being able to swing your sword and run like in tp

  • space

    Have you been living under a rock without a Power Bracelet?
    DAAAAAAMN I DIE XD!!! Who wrote this? it`s a genius 😀

    about the game, else that the water temple and the graphics, if they could add something of MM , it will be awsome

    • That would be bastian. He's hilarious, and that's why we love him. <3

    • Thareous33

      Yeah, the name of those who wrote the article are always to the bottom left of the title box, in case you're new here, or simply never noticed it. Either way is fine. Bastian is a very hysterical character, though I have never met him. A lot of times you can tell a man's personality by his writing, still.

  • Brittany

    OMG the water temple wasn't even hard! PLEASE PLEASE don't make anything easier! COME ON! Zelda games shouldn't be super easy to beat.. I'm sick of having that problem : ( I personally like challenges and feel like for a while now it seems as though I don't have a Zelda game in my possession for longer than 3 weeks MAX before it's beat… I would like to see another game with something like MM's difficulty level…The Zelda series has been my all time favorite since the start (NES) and that won't ever change. I just want the game to last longer 🙁 After waiting a while for it to come out I want it to take a little while to beat it <3 <3 sorry for the novel and gripe fest 2010 =/

    • Reign

      For me, it wasn't the difficulty of the Water Temple, and it may not be to them either. It's just the pure repetitiveness of putting on the iron boots and taking them off over and over and over again. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but it gets really annoying after a little while.

      • twilit mask of time

        Well they ARE fixing the boot equipping issue. The only other thing that is a REAL issue with that temple is the fact that it can be uncompletable. This is easily fixed by making it so another key appears in case a player puts the one in the wrong place.

    • LuX

      If your making a Zelda game last 3 weeks your doing better than me, I'm lucky If I can make it last three days. Kinda like Pringles once you pop you just can't stop lol.

  • TheMaverickk

    I don't think they need to "fix" the water temple. That's something that is deeply bothering me… I know Aonuma mentioned that he felt guilty for it and that it may be possible that they would make the dungeon easier…. and some players have called it a relentless dungeon that they couldn't beat.

    Yet personally I was 12 years old when I played Ocarina of Time and although I found it to be the most challenging Temple in the game it wasn't unbeatable. I was able to beat it with a few additional hours of searching for a key which had eluded me. It was one of the most rewarding dungeons to complete as well.

    So I hope they don't alter the Temple, leave it as is… I mean it can't be that horrible if the game is still the one of the highest rated and most loved. I mean it seems most people were also able to complete it as well.

    Streamlining the menu's so you can change equipment will speed up the dungeons process though and that I agree with.

    On the flip side if they add any content to the game I'd want the Light Temple to be put in…. or at least elements that they ran out of time to put in the original. Some more mini caves would be nice as well… something like the dark mazes in Twilight Princess would be cool. Overall though I don't expect much to be changed in all honesty. I'd be happy with all the original elements of the game.

    • TheyCallMeTim

      I totally agree with you, when i first beat OOT..i went through the water temple with ease, but when i went through it again..i realized how friggin difficult it was, and what i was smokin when i beat it the first time…i loved the challenge to beat it and felt great when i did, but since i want to replay it so much i think they should tone it down jus a tad..not overmutilating it..jus a lil…and add lots of new stuf!!!!

      • It's a great challenge, yes, but some things just become tedious. I would leave everything the way it is, but merely change the way the water level is raised/lowered. That was an extremely tedious task- having to visit three different locations so many different times.
        So basically-
        Challenge = Yes
        Tedious tasks = Big NO

  • TheyCallMeTim

    i hated ST, PH was the shizdizzle, and if they make us blow into that damned mic to make the ocarina go…imma be …well frankly ill just piss and moan, im gna buy this game and the 3ds whether or not…im just excited..

    • LuX

      I prefered PH too ST also, I still haven't finished ST tbh. I thought the train was too restrictive, a Boat is free and open the train is well too on rails, and I know it's a train so it has to be but, it didn't work for me.

      But blowing into the mic never bothered me, actually I enjoyed that, I read alot of people get headaches from doing it, all's I have to say too that is your blowing to hard, you only need little more than a breath and it works fine.

  • Mattrdom

    I’m gonna so look forward to the Zeldas next year.
    Oh, im so preordering this and SS.

  • LordYoshi

    I agree with all of that but the water temple, its a classic for being a pain leave it a classic. The 2nd quest should logically be the master quest version.

  • OoA_Ralph

    1. Modernize the menus- Sure why not
    2. Fix the damn Water Temple – No thanks I liked it they way it was.
    3. Increase the framerate, smooth out the animations – Good good
    4. Fix and finish the sidequests, then add more – Can't argue with that
    5. Give us the Bomber’s Notebook! – Seems fairly useless
    6. Greater rewards for greater tasks – How so?
    7. Add more hidden areas – Sounds good
    8. One more collect-a-thon for good measure – Hmm?
    9. That extra content from the 64DD version – Not sure so can't comment
    10. Include a second quest! – How big a quest are we talking here?

    "Spirit Tracks showed us a truly immersion touch screen mic-activated enchanted instrument. Ocarina would do well to follow suit."
    No thank you, SS was fun and all but the panpipes were kinda annoying.

  • Chainoftermina

    I don't really know about enough of these to agree that strongly with them. I mean, whether they do any thing to the water temple or not, we still know how to beat it now. I mean, it's a remake. there's nothing NEW, it's just being updated. everyone know how to beat the water temple NOW.

    HEY LISTEN I noticed you forgot something HEY LISTEN one improvement I want to see HEY LISTEN would probably be to get HEY LISTEN rid of a certain HEY LISTEN floating advice ball HEY LISTEN that never HEY LISTEN shuts HEY LISTEN the hell HEY LISTEN up!

  • Goro

    Make Navi's advise optional like in Twilight Princess. If you ever need advise, press a certain button (or click on the touchscreen) and she'll give you advise on what to do next.

  • ShadowHero31

    yes. chainofTermina is definetly right. so is Goro's. i would like if the freakin HEY LISTEN wasn't so annoying. more than anything i want changed, i want the water temple fixed and the heck of annoying HEY LISTEN optional or not there at all!

  • Lukar

    "Not to mention they also seemed to miss the most obvious needed change of all: Spirit Tracks showed us a truly immersion touch screen mic-activated enchanted instrument. Ocarina would do well to follow suit."

    Huh. Maybe I'm wrong, but I swear you guys said just awhile ago that the Ocarina shouldn't change.

    • We newsposters and content writers are like snowflakes: no two are the same. We don't always necessarily agree. 😉

  • ShadowHero31

    and also for the second quest, i wouldn't want it to be MM, but i do want it to be a sequel to the game. (possibly the event's following the game in the Adult Timeline). maybe 7 years later (in real time) link is visiting the Kokiri forest, and Zelda telepathically sends him a message. The Ocarina of Time has been stolen, and link must find and defeat the one who stole the Ocarina. Link defeats 6 mini dungeons to reunite the sages who lead him to the one who stole the OOT. it turns out to be Shadow Link!

    • lolknight

      YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you do have to admit it would be pretty sweet if they could include MM as well 😀

  • veeronic

    I fail to see what was wrong with the water temple.

    • LuX

      I agree I also fail too see what people's issue with Navi is……I mean she doesn't say it that much ¬.¬

  • Aidan

    I think that it would be good if you could play the ocarina on the tuch screen

  • Cam

    Personally, I liked the water temple because it was hard…. felt so good to finish it and see the lake water rise with Sheik at sunrise 🙂

  • Jonah

    It's funny how people want the water temple fixed and then complain that zelda is too easy.

  • tay bull

    I think by “fix the water temple” they aren’t referring to the actual difficulty of the dungeon itself, but more to the fact that there was some really bad design involved with that dungeon, such as the Iron Boots. It doesn’t really make it harder, just less entertaining and more of a pain in the ass.

    Things like that being changed are good.

    Things like making the puzzles easier, or the enemies easier aren’t good.

  • N64 Games FTW

    I like all those things, listed there…

    However I would like to see something very much like in Majora's Mask, where people were never in one place the entire game…
    Where people have scheduals, and they run off to go do them…

    They could even do this with the minor charactors and I think it would still be amazing….

  • BlueLink92

    I wouldnt want them to make the water temple easier its fine the way it is.
    They should add atleast one more temple :]

  • Lawlilicious

    What ppl seem to fail to understand is that their not doing anything with the difficulty of the water temple. They are just changing how u equip the ironboots (so u dont need to go to the equipment screen everytime ur gonna change)

  • tetraxlink

    Nintendo should put majora’s mask on the cart too or master quest.

  • SuperCucco

    i look like a weirdo in public blowing into my DS. people staring at me. o.o
    and the water temple needs to be harder 😀

  • Black Yuri

    I don't understand what's wrong with the water temple.. I, like many other people here, first played when I was 10/11 and had no trouble at all. If fact, it's still one of my favorites.. :/

  • LoZyMugglegater

    I agree with all of those except the Bomber's Notebook thing.It's not that I hate the bomber's notebook,but I never used it at all in MM and I personally think it's pretty dang useless.Anyway,"Greater rewards for greater tasks."Yes,please!If there is one thing in the Zelda series I hate it's going through a huge awesome sidequest and then just ending up with a stupid Giant Rupee that I have absolutely no use for.:(


    how about blowing in the DS to play the Ocorina!!!

  • Cukeman

    Don't mess with the wonderful Water Temple, crybaby! No bomber's notebook, thank you.

  • Steampunk_Link

    Modernize the menus?!?!? I find them better looking than many recent games.

  • The Water Temple does NOT need to be fixed.

  • GenoKID

    Well, general improvement is always good. I like the idea of a second quest, but it shouldn't be master quest, something all new. I DO want more sidequests. They should add more character development, particularly with Navi, and even Ganondorf. And the iron boots thing, only actual problem with the game. Fix it.

    Oh yes, add a difficulty level, PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!

  • Guest

    What kind of music do you think will be in the Fire Temple? They keep changing that around between different game versions.

  • Linksoer

    One thing I DON'T want is, the game to be easier.
    Please Nintendo, if You're not gonna make the game harder, then do NOT make it any easier! I rather want the standart difficulty then for it to be easier.

  • OllieRaiden

    A few people seem to be missing the obvious about the Water Temple. There was a quite well known glitch where you could end up without enough keys and the temple was then completely unplayable. It's possible and, I thought, probable that's what they meant by "fix".

  • ultima

    The second quest should be Master Quest. Thats because ive never played it….. never got the chance 🙂

    NO bombers notebook… It was boring.

    The microphone/Ocarina thing isjust stupid!! I did not like the ST spirit flute thing…

  • voltarrows

    i think that after you beat the game, the 64DD version can be unlocked and be played optionaly

  • wayofthesheikah

    I like most of these suggestions for the 3DS OoT remake, but I don't know about the Bomber's Notebook, don't think it'd be necessary. More character development would be AWESOME though! (like have the townsfolk in Kakariko react to your actions/heroics as you complete each temple. Wouldn't mind seeing Malon have more involvement either, haha! =D)

    Some more side quests would be cool (something like the Lumberjack side quest in the GBA remake of ALTTP, for example), and a secret dungeon would rock too. Maybe it could be like the special GBC version of Link's Awakening and you get to choose one of three unique items to use in your game.

    Also fully agree with fixing the key glitch in the Water Temple and making it easier to raise/lower the water in the central chamber. Half the reason why the Water Temple always took me so long to do was because I'd forget a key and have to go through and cycle through the water levels AGAIN…

  • Guest

    I really don't get why everyone hates the Water Temple in OoT. If anything, the one in TP confused me more.

    Still, the Water Temples in almost every Zelda game I have played has been hard in some manner. It's a Zelda Classic now, a tradition, to have the Water Temple in a Zelda game be hard. Changing that would be like making Zelda a 40-year old King. Sure, we still have the same game, but a part that we have come to know and expect is now gone

  • Alex

    Hey that may work, but the 64DD should have the Triforce! Imean, we all wanted it and still do.

  • well i dnt kare wat everyone else says but i dnt want them to change it much the water temple isnt as annoying as we say we all no that and i like the graphics and the start menu. this is of course my opinion but i dnt think much should be changed the game was perfect and amazing the way it was

  • The water temple was perfect the way it was. I am 13 right now and i played zelda since i was two and wen i was five i beat the water temple like really fast

  • Robert Siegfried

    there is no way to improve upon ocarina of time (unless you're talking graphic quality) my old N64 still works and i beat ocarina of time four times per year. my current record time is nine hours, thirty seven minutes, nineteen seconds. no, i did not get everything. i have done that plenty of times but not when i was timing.

  • Robert Siegfried

    and btw. wind waker graphics suck. the games that accompany them usually suck, and i cant believe they actually are continuing to use them cause skyward sword will probrably SUCK. realistic / artistic graphics are the way to go. the games with cartoony graphics are just too easy

  • OniLink147

    I'd love to see Majora's Mask as the second quest. Plus all that content from the 64DD version.