A bloody future?

A more “mature” Zelda? That’s what G4 says fans want. In a recent Q&A session wherein they said they wished Nintendo would hand Zelda over to BioWare because “Nintendo waters down their RPGs whereas BioWare excels at fleshing out an RPG into a 80 hour game. It would be Zelda but for a more mature gamer.”

Seemingly in response to this highly amusing quote, our friends over at Gaming Gauge recently penned an article about why Zelda doesn’t need to be more “mature.” More to the point: why Zelda shouldn’t be.

While the series has always had darker elements (like any good fairytale), the author shows why Zelda doesn’t need to become “more mature” covering everything from the storybook fairytale construction to the young age of the hero to the very roots of the series (Miyamoto exploring caves and woods as a child), demonstrating why Zelda should remain as it has always been: a lighthearted fantasy adventure.

It was quite a good read, and one with which I couldn’t agree more!

Read the full article at their site.

Source: Gaming Gauge (via GoNintendo)

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