As it is clearly known by many fans, the Zelda series seems to be displaying significant technological advancements with each new game that is released. It first started with the King of Red Lions, the boat introduced in The Wind Waker. At first, this was considered to be something irrelevant to the series. Then the steam boat was introduced in Phantom Hourglass, which lightly stirred the Zelda community, and after that, the train was introduced in the most recent Zelda title, Spirit Tracks.

A recent article by Zelda Temple explains how fast the Zelda series is advancing, along with how the advancement already existed throughout the older games, an example of which is the Great Temple Bay in Majora’s Mask. It is also considered unfitting to the series by many fans because  the entire metal temple relies on water to power it up, making use of water wheels, propellers, and many advanced devices.

Do you think that the Zelda series advancing too much? More importantly, do you think the series is advancing too quickly? And could advancement actually benefit the series?

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  • The Chadow

    I don't believe the series is advancing too much, however, it is advancing far too quickly. Like, they made a jump from Ocarina of Time's horse transport to boat transport, then suddenly to locomotive transport, like… WTF. It's understandable that the tWW/PH/ST world HAS these features, however, I think that the need for those means of transportation is silly.

    It also feels weird to mix the medievel, swords n sorcery world with an old western, coal/steam-locomotive world. At least, for the Zelda universe, it does.

    And just to piss someone off: first.

    • Thareous33


  • Geo

    theres nothing wrong with the advanceing tech in the world of zelda. but it needs to be more rounded out. not just one thing modernize the whole world. dont just throw in more thing thats going to appear out of place. and dont give the impression, like in spirit tracks the spirit tracks were ancient. where as everyone seemed to still be wowed by the recent development of trains.

  • Rohan

    Well, if I'm not mistaken, the steam boat and the steam powered train were developed within a year of each other. The jump from Phantom Hourglass to Spirit Tracks was not big at all. I think Zelda is moving at a healthy pace. Also, i'm surprised that all the recent games are sequels, what if Nintendo gives us another prequel with Zelda Wii? That would be interesting.

    • X x7

      well i believe youre mistaken because the train was invented in the 1830s to the 1850s I think and the steamboat was made when america was in the mexican war or a little before that.

  • Nitramtj

    It's not a big deal if it's advancing quickly, I doubt the games will build on each other, technology wise. The next zelda game could easily not have any advanced technology.

  • Well, here's the thing: Zelda has always had technology. I think it's something unique to the series, because somehow it always pulls off having magic/medieval times but also including some technological advances. I'm fairly certain that in the past either Miyamato or Iwata has said that technology is not one of their main concerns. Think of the hookshot. It's a high-tech grappling hook.

    Technology in Zelda is not advancing that quickly. A train? Yeah I admit I didn't like the idea of it at first, but Zelda managed to blow me away with it! You know, even if a Zelda title took place in a futuristic high-tech world it would still be a heck of a game. But that concept is highly doubtful. Zelda is just that quirky kind of thing: it's olden times, but it's got technology. It's Zelda.

    • Nintenfan81

      Good point. I never let myself get bothered by the tech in Zelda cause Nintendo always makes good games out of it. They put in a steam boat, and I didn't think anything of it. They put in a train, and i got excited about it. Really, they could put in a gun and i would still be happy with it. And if you don't like the tech in these new games, DON'T COMPLAIN AND STOP BUYING THEM YOU TWITS.

      I probebly have a loud of people who hate me now.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    I don't think the Zelda series is advancing too fast,or really advancing at all.I mean, some form of technology has appeared in practically every Zelda game since AoL.AoL had elevators in most of it's dungeons,ALttP had the awesome hookshot,OoT's sand temple had mostly mechanical puzzles,MM had the Great Bay Temple,the Oracles had elevators,TWW's Temple of the Gods was of course very advanced but the boat doesn't seem like very much of a "technological leap" if you ask me,TP's Goron Mines were very advanced for the Gorons.PH had the steam boat and ST of course had that horrible choo-choo train.But if you think about it most of the technology doesn't appear to actually be made by the people in the games.Most of the elevators and dungeons are either unexplained or made by an ancient race, the same goes for the hookshot.So really the only leaps they've made are the steamboat and train,which is really only one step ahead of the steamboat.

  • Just because in the ZELDA universe, they have steam boats and trains, doesn't mean that the people of Hyrule have all the technological advances that the REAL world had at those times.

    Look at it this way. They harnessed the power of steam; but the rest of Hyrule is still stuck in the middle ages.

    Just to sum it up: The LAST thing you have to worry about is Miyamoto or Aonuma adding guns. It simply won't happen.


  • Darkstar

    Some of the steam technology was actually use din the middle ages too, mostly the boat because boats have been around for centuries. Anieint Discoveries explains alot of technological tools/inventions in the past so Zelda could just be using that idea. At least it's not electrical powered lol

  • Darkstar


  • Necrolord

    Just to mention, there was a spaceship in Majoras Mask

    • X x7

      when I dont think so

      • Nintenfan81

        The aliens at the ranch. Looked like a big glowing ball.

        • X x7

          I didnt really consider that a spaceship and the aliens are officially called ghosts.

          • Gwen

            If you pay attention in one of the shops (in Majora), there's a paper on the wall that depicts a rocketship. I can't remember the exact image, but I believe explosives and the moon were involved– not that crazed imaginings amount to actual technology, but many crazy contraptions were built before the Wright brothers managed to actually fly.

            It's not hard to assume that those "ghosts" are actually aliens and Romani just doesn't know that's what they're called. They come in a ball of light to abduct the cows (isn't that some old movie tradition? I never understood aliens and cows) and if you fail, they literally beam up all the cows and Romani into the ball of light. They return Romani later, and she's all messed up. One strategy guide called her "lobotomized". I continue to call the attackers ghosts anyway.

  • Thareous33

    If memory serves me right, it was a portal they used to suck the cows into. Yes, there were aliens in Majora's Mask, but the designers probably didn't was to get too technological.

    DekuLink also made an unquestionable point. PH and ST focused on Link and Zelda instituting "New Hyrule" where underdeveloped technology already existed. But if this did came after the Flood, then wouldn't that mean that we'd see steamboats and trains in games like Twilight Princess? (I'm too bright on the Timeline Theory myself; this is just supposed to bring a question to mind). Should this be true, that would mean that TP's Hyrule is the New Hyrule, minus the inventions in the two previous games. I admit, I could be wrong, so feel free to correct any assumptions I have on this.

    That aside, I deem it best that this type of overt technology doesn't spread to Zelda Wii or any other games after that. Preferably, for me, not to any major consoles, anyway. It would be best that the boats and trains stay with Toon Link. I mean, who knows, maybe we'll be riding a mechanical horse someday.

  • X x7

    I personally dont think that the boat was a huge advance in technology, unless youre talking about the steam boat. although, in phantom hourglass, it was the only one in the world so, when you think about it, it was just the beginning of technological advances.

    Even so, the reason its advancing so quickly is because in each different game, theres like a hundred year period between them or more. Look at OoT and WW. That has over like 200 years in between them, so you have to expect SOME advances. also, look at PH and ST. They have 100 years and even so, it wasnt that big an advance of technology if they already had a steam boat, which is basically a water train.

    all of you are looking at the great bay temple as a huge advance in technology too. first off, termina doesn't exist, so it doesn't really matter how advanced they are. second off, gears and water power have been around for a long long time.
    Now some people are talking about the hookshot being technology and beyond technology in our standards, well theyre a different world, so they have different inventions before we do, like how the train was in ST, even though guns were invented before trains.

    • Thareous33

      Yes, I did mean the steamboat, but I don't enjoy words being repeated time and time again, over and over, again and again. Henceforward, I like to variegate how I use words and even take part of a words out of the word to form a synonym of the root word (f.e., "steam" out of "steamboat"). Also, Termina does exist, otherwise we wouldn't have Majora's Mask. Link just got lost in the (oh my, there it is again: tautology, needless repetition) Lost Woods and wound up there.

      • X x7

        no it said in the walkthrough book its an alternate world, but it all comes down to therorizing
        its just my opinion

  • Dawnthecat

    I don't really care if Zelda becomes more technologically advanced as long as it doesn't take away from the plot and fantasy elements that make Zelda so awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing more technology in Hyrule since it made some awesome side quests and mini games possible in WW and TP such as the pictograph side quests and the cannon minigame. As long as Zelda's major theme is fantasy I don't mind if they bust out the tech.

  • rasmus

    I don't mind the train in ST, and I actually really enjoyed the spaceship alien scenario in MM. but when link first discovers what the big stone circles do on the train tracks I was like……ok that looks like a stargate….NOW ALL THE TIMELINE THEORIES MAKE PERFECT SENSE TOGETHER!!!

  • Vic George

    How about a Legend of Zelda where Link uses an ancient spaceship to travel to different worlds to complete a quest?

  • Enuf

    It's not advancing fast enough… actually. A few things here and there, but come on. Realistically, Hyrule should be way more advanced right now.

  • scottwalker

    I want the setting to be just like OOT, no train, no boat, no gunpowder weapons, just a sword and shield, a horse, and medieval style weapons. I dread the day link will be shooting muskets instead of bows

  • X x7

    Personallly, yes with 3 Ls,
    I think the train was an ok tie onto the series, but they have to keep it in the toon link saga. they cant move it into realistic zelda. once they do, everything is wrong with the world.
    I actually wanna see a sequel to spirit tracks, because i though it was so good, regardless of the technology in it. now all they need to do is get people in top hats and monacles and itll be 1800s style zelda WOOOOO!

  • Phantom7

    It's not advancing too much or too quickly. Think about it, the games occur hundreds of years apart, plenty of time for technology to advance a little, especially in games like ST.

  • TheMaverickk

    I don't think technology really matters too much. As long as Link still keeps using a sword I don't care. So far every piece of technology has been within reason. I mean you have so many different civilizations of differing ability. So how can it be expected that all of them are in the same era of development. Especially when it comes to ancient temples and the sort. I mean the Zora, are brilliant working with water, why is it so far fetched that they could have a temple with steel propellers and piping to direct water for energy.

    You have the Ooca have giant fans powering their city, and they are an ancient civilization. Mind you the Shadow Temple had fans as well… no one ever talks about that.

    The Gorons have an elevator in Death Mountain in Twilight Princess. That is a piece of technology. People bent out of shape over the train and steam boat are just completely ignoring the fact that there are many varying levels of technologies present through out the entire Zelda series. Some far more advanced then a Train even…. the Twilight Palace for example has holographic blocks and luminescent lighting devices.

    If there is ever a space ship in a Zelda game it wouldn't shock me… I mean we've technically already seen aliens in the Zelda universe (Majora's Mask at least).

  • flo

    So you're basically saying you want it to change to a more high-tech cliched setting instead..? I personally believe Zelda should keep it's style otherwise what makes it any different from all the other games?

  • flo

    But yeah, I'm not saying I'm unhappy with the "advancements in technology" of all the Zelda games so far. I mean I think they're all within reason.

  • Wrath of Pong

    Technology is completely irrelevant t the actual game. It is Zelda's gameplay and story telling that makes the game, not what level of technology the series has. Zelda could be set in space, and it would still be uniquely Zelda.

  • frost

    This is fact. I don't see why the advancement of technology would negatively effect the game. Zelda needs to start changing it's style, and fast. The whole high fantasy setting is too cliched and overdone.

  • I don't think the Great Bay Temple devices are more advanced than the train is Spirit Tracks. Also, Termina seemed to be more technologically advanced than Hyrule.

    To me, as long as Link continues to use a sword, a horse, and no guns, it'll be all right.

  • Gwen

    Steam power was discovered thousands of years ago.

    They just didn't know what to do with it. If that was kicking around in the first century AD of our real world, anyone in Hyrule could have invented it too. All they would need after that would be someone to say "could we hook it up like we did the windmill?" Granted, the aeolipile probably couldn't exert much force, but all you need is that idea to get things started.

    Who says that Hylians have to take as many centuries as our ancestors did to figure things out? The last hundred years alone have seen an explosion in technology that never existed before. It almost seems more ridiculous that they had steam power in PH and haven't gotten anything more advanced 100 years later–but then they don't have a great need for innovation either.

    • X x7

      Thats what ive basically been saying! Its a different world so their technology comes differently than ours! Finally someone who understands.

      • flo

        Amen to that :]

  • Anomous

    Well, I say that Zelda has not yet reached a part were it is too advanced…but it may be heading there. If it becomes to High-tech or modern, that would be bad.