As it is clearly known by many fans, the Zelda series seems to be displaying significant technological advancements with each new game that is released. It first started with the King of Red Lions, the boat introduced in The Wind Waker. At first, this was considered to be something irrelevant to the series. Then the steam boat was introduced in Phantom Hourglass, which lightly stirred the Zelda community, and after that, the train was introduced in the most recent Zelda title, Spirit Tracks.

A recent article by Zelda Temple explains how fast the Zelda series is advancing, along with how the advancement already existed throughout the older games, an example of which is the Great Temple Bay in Majora’s Mask. It is also considered unfitting to the series by many fans because  the entire metal temple relies on water to power it up, making use of water wheels, propellers, and many advanced devices.

Do you think that the Zelda series advancing too much? More importantly, do you think the series is advancing too quickly? And could advancement actually benefit the series?

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