Bank of Hyrule: Win a SplitReason Zelda Tee!

Ah, spring. The birds are singing, bees are buzzing – and you’re not out there sporting an awesome Zelda t-shirt. We know, we know – why must situations like this always occur? Well, never fear. Zelda Universe is teaming up with SplitReason, and we’re giving away an awesome Zelda t-shirt to one lucky guy or gal ZUer. We’re also throwing in some SplitReason gift cards to two other lucky winners.

Interested? Good – hit the jump for rules and ways to enter.

What’s Being Given Away

Grand Prize: One (1) SplitReason Zelda t-shirt, pictured above.
First Prize: $10.00 SplitReason gift card.
Second Prize: $5.00 SplitReason gift card.
Feeling of winning: Priceless.

Bank of Hyrule Contest Rules & Entry

As with some of our other, less formal contests, this one will have entry via our comment system.

  • Leave a comment between today and midnight, April 21st telling us where you’d wear the Zelda shirt if you had it. (Make sure you use your real email so we can contact you if you win!)
  • Only one comment per person. Yes, we can tell if you enter twice – so don’t even try.
  • Contest is open to the whole world, and there’s no age limit to enter.
  • Winners must respond to us with their details within five days of winning, otherwise we’ll pick a new winner from the masses.

Of course, you don’t *have* to tell us where you’d wear the shirt – you can just leave any old comment – but we love to see creativity in the entries!

Donate and help us run future contests!

Do you like it when we give away free stuff? We do, too! Giving away free stuff without sponsorships can cost a lot of money, and we’d love to run more contests. If you’re feeling generous, please donate to our contest fund, the Bank of Hyrule. We’re a mere $24 away from giving away a DSi!

263 thoughts on “Bank of Hyrule: Win a SplitReason Zelda Tee!

  1. Ashley says:

    I think the real question is where -wouldnt- I wear it? I would wear this shirt everywhere to show how awesome I think Zelda is! 🙂

  2. Nitramtj says:

    Of course I'd wear the shirt around my university, but also to Kendo practice and restaurants or other public places.

  3. If I had a Zelda shirt I'd wear it to the moon. So that when I fought Majora's Mask I could totally kill him and stand over his dead corpse while wearing it and lift my Master Sword and yell "I GOT THIS FROM ZELDA UUUUUUNIVEERSSSE!"

  4. Linkondorf says:

    I WOULD WEAR IT IN MY CONQUEST OF THE WORLD AND MAKE IT THE UNIFORM OF MY ARMY AND THE SHIRT WORN BY ALL WHO SERVES UNDER ME….so basically everyone here will get one so theres no point in you entering 🙂

    1. John says:

      But maybe, you might get overthrown and I'd relieve you of your shirt/duties. And just maybe, everyone else might get a chance to enter once more. Just saying 😛

  5. Kitty Warriors says:

    I would find a nice big field and plant a forest to replicate the original Zelda. I would think dress the whole town up and stick em in there and proceed to than play the whole original Zelda in real life with that shirt on

    1. Kitty Warriors says:

      than not think lol

  6. Jordawn house says:

    I have started a ZELDA t-shirt collection cause I’ve plays an beat all 15 Zelda games and I’m 15 and startd playn when I was 12 but I would ware this awsome shirt only on special days when I fell happy and when I fell sad and when I fell sad it will make me happy and I’ll play all the legend of Zelda games again wearing this shirt (I’ll send pics)

  7. James (ninja) says:

    I would wear it to the zoo. Then all the animals would be like, "hey sweet t-shirt, can I have it?" and I'd be all "noooo". That would show them. Yeaaaaaaah.

  8. Jay Oppido says:

    I would where that Zelda shirt to boot camp when I ship off in May! making sure that shirt gets into my hands is a number one priority now that I saw it. It's an epic shirt!

  9. Midnafan321 says:

    Where wouldn't I wear it? I want to show off my love of Zelda to everyone! What an awesome Zelda t-shirt; I'm sure everyone who sees it will be jealous, and I'll tell them I got it from ZU but they didn't 😉

  10. Rohan says:

    I would proudly show off my t-shirt at school. All my geeky friends would be jealous of me and I would laugh at them. I would also wear this shirt whenever possible (meaning that I would wear it all the time until it would need a wash).

  11. zlforster says:

    I’d wear it everywhere of course. Who wouldn’t? But I’d probably wear it to judo the most. I’m intimidating enough, but really- who’d want to fight a guy in a Zelda shirt? I sure wouldn’t.

  12. mr.Tii says:

    I'd wear it at school, at church and at home. Or maybe I should give it to my girlfriend?? ;D

  13. Stefan "Samurai" says:

    I would wear it in the house, I would wear it with a spouse.
    I would wear it on a date, I would wear it out of state.
    I would wear it on the street, to a beat, with moving feet.
    I would wear it in a store, on the floor, and in a war.
    I would wear it in a wood, if I could, and I would.
    I'd wear it in volcano heat, slaying a dragon so elite.
    I'd wear it in a lake, taking on a water snake.
    In a graveyard, where once a shadow starred.
    Even in the desert, I'd wear this shirt.
    Through a castle, to the end,
    and beat the hassle to show a friend.

    1. Linky123 says:

      DUUUUUUDE. There is no way i could beat how AMAZING that comment!!!!

  14. Rebecca says:

    I would wear the t-shirt everywhere, I mean, it's a freaking awesome shirt so where wouldn't I wear it? I would want everyone to be aware of how awesome my new, free shirt is.

  15. Samuel says:

    I would ofcourse wear it whilst playing Zelda, going out with friends or at any social event ever created by man. (sorry E.T. i can't wear it to your birthday party) and ofcourse whilst not wearing it i would watch the washing machine in dizzying anticipation waiting for it to be clean enough to wear it again! =]

  16. MegaLinkX says:

    I would wear it to work! I'm in construction and where my zelda shirts to work all the time…. and I would love a new one! I would also wear it while playing zelda. Just cuz.

  17. Meralia says:

    There can never be enough geeky t-shirts, I have a list of at least 20 gamer shirts I'd buy right now if I had the money… If I had a Zelda shirt, I'd wear it at home, to work, to video game related events (unless I cosplayed), at choir practice, if it was a red shirt possibly at choir gigs, out on the town… Yeah, everywhere sounds about right. Could up the chances of finding other local gamers.

  18. Bogoblin says:

    My Zelda Shirt Worn,
    In The Streeat This Shirt Be Neat,
    For I Would Care Well.

  19. LOZGal42 says:

    Man I would wear that shirt to school and everyone would say " hey sweet shirt where'd you get it?"
    and I would say "I GOT THIS FROM ZELDA UNIVERSE" and I would be the envy of all 🙂 and I've wanted a Zelda shirt since the first time I played a Zelda game 🙂 ah the memories…

  20. Michael says:

    I would wear it while milking my cows.

  21. phantom says:

    i would wear it when i go into the zelda game universe using my interdimensional portal that i just finished building and when i meet link ill be all like hey dude i know how to solve all the puzzles you run into and i have an awesome shirt to weasr while helpign you solve them

  22. BEN says:

    I'd wear it every day i'd wear it to scouts even tho i have to wear a uniform but il wear it anyway and i'll wear it to school everyday and never change my clothes becouse i have been touch by a sacred shirt and smell like a sacred shirt and even look like a sacred shirt and i'll be the coolest guy in town 😉

  23. Mayo Defender says:

    I would wear it everywhere.
    To bed.
    In my yard.
    Down town.
    In my car.
    Out of my car.
    With my Uzi. (Not.)
    In my house.
    On ZU.
    With my brother.
    Listening to Cody's monotone voice…
    Eating again.
    On my couch.
    Anywhere else I didn't pointlessly mention.
    This is where I would where my Zelda shirt.

  24. Thareous33 says:

    The next time aliens abduct me I'll be sure to wear it and exhibit it on their planet.

  25. FourSwords says:

    I'd wear it in Castle Town so when Link drops by to break some jars for rupees, I can get him to sign it, and maybe convince him to ditch the tunic for a shirt like mine and a pair of jeans. He'll finally stop going around without any pants on…

  26. David W says:

    I would probably wear the shirt the next time I go to FanExpo in Toronto while also sporting my felt Link hat.
    Hope I win!

  27. ChainofTermina says:

    I……….probably wouldn't wear it at all. =S

    sorry, no offense, but I already have a whole bunch of Zelda Ts that I don't wear. not because I don't want to, but because they don't fit me. I'm rather huge and normal sized shirts fit rather tightly on my annoyingly broad shoulders. if this shirt came in like, size 4XL or something (shut up) I would wear it every single damn chance I got. but I doubt you have my size……stupid dumb body, stopping me from wearing zelda clothes…..

  28. Cutsceneaddict says:

    I would wear the shirt at my Smash Brothers Brawl Tournment that I hold annually at my house. It spans about half of the year and is tons of fun. I encourage the players to wear their video game-related shirts each time they come over for a contest. That's where I would definately wear it… not counting the mall on the weekends, of course.

  29. mark says:

    i would wear it just about everywhere i could get to. first to school to gloat to my other zeldafanfriends and to show off my awesome new shirt to my friends that dont appreciate zelda like everyone here does, all in hopes that the epicness of the shirt might change their minds about the franchise. i also would love to have a new zelda shirt. i have a few nintendo shirts, though sadly hardly any zelda shirts.

  30. whymeofcourse says:

    I'd wear it in the shower because it is that awesome.

  31. SuperCucco says:

    I'd wear it in the shower.

  32. Xeno says:

    If I had that shirt, I'd donate it to ZU.

  33. I would wear this awesome shirt at an upcoming convention in May where Nobuyuki Hiyama, Link's japanese voice actor, will be a guest. And I would wear it with pride! (Be it a convention or any other day of the year!)

  34. Kaynil says:

    I'd wear it at the church 😀

  35. stanislavski says:

    I'd wear it a lot at raves, because I always get compliments on my zelda tattoo, and a shirt would go good with it ;D

  36. super-fergus says:

    I'd wear it everyday.
    I'd sweat in it everyday.
    I'd eat octoroks in it everyday.
    But best of all, fans everywhere will know that I won it,
    and they didn't.

    and I deserve it, as I have no clothes.

  37. WindAlchemist says:

    Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter
    The season or the location does not matter.
    Freezing snow or sweltering days does not make a difference
    To a hero trying to save a princess.
    So it shall be the same for me
    In honoring that hero for all eternity.

  38. I would were this shirt to a Call Of Duty convetion and ramble on about how games used to be!

  39. ooccoowarrior says:

    I would wear it to Jesus Jams and to ZU meetups. YaY

  40. Thareous33 says:

    I'd wear it even while it washed and dried!

  41. Sweetlie says:

    I would wear it with my Link hat when I'm rolling around the field, attempting to cut grass with my plastic sword in search for rupees, bombs, arrows, and hearts; all the while screaming phrases like "HYAAAHH, GRAAAAHH, RAAAHHHH". Periodically, I'll pull out my ocarina and play a few tunes, hoping to either warp somewhere or cause a thunderstorm.

  42. Smaug of Erebor says:

    I'd wear it while eating pasta! Yeah 😛

  43. darthgerun says:

    I'd wear The T-Shirt In my University, work, and EVERYWHERE!!!

    Specially in a little farm full of coockos… er… chickens.

  44. silver_hero says:

    Alright then, i'll enter:

    I'd were it everywhere i go, expressing all my Zelda Pride i have! XD
    If I ever travel through time or dimensions, i'd be sure to take it with me 🙂

  45. Zorathan says:

    Hmm… where would I wear that Zelda shirt?
    Well, first off, I would wear it to bed…
    I would wear it to school…
    I would wear it to the Lady Gaga concert I am going to next summer,
    I would wear it on Fremont St.,
    I would wear it to the grocery store,
    I would wear it when I go to my girlfriend's house,
    I would wear it when I'm at my house watching TV,
    I would wear it when I'm in my room playing the new Wii Zelda,
    I would wear it when I go to Starbucks,
    I would wear it at Barnes and Noble when I'm buying my Zelda manga,
    I would wear it in the shower,
    I would wear it on the toilet,
    I would wear it sitting down typing this (if I were a time traveler),
    I would wear it in my grave,
    I would wear it just about anywhere and anytime!

    I hope I win, ZU, because that there, is one AMAZING shirt!

  46. feehan says:

    i would give it as a present to my friend link, i feel it sums him up pretty well

  47. SteelSlasher says:

    Where I'd wear it? ACROSS CHEST FOR GOD SAKE! Did you expect to see it around my legs?

    As to where geographically, I would go into Sony's HQ wearing it and ask if Sony were planning on buying the Zelda franchise and not just ripping it off.

  48. Ohmygasha! says:

    I would wear it while constructing my "I LOVE ZELDA UNIVERSE" monument.

  49. Muskiok says:

    Why wear this shirt when I could just wear my tunic and hat instead? =)
    I would have to reserve this shirt (along with my two other Zelda shirts) for public places where it is generally frowned upon to have pointed ears. (Though I'd still probably wear the hat with it as well- it looks to be the same green).
    Seriously though, this is one of the most creative Zelda shirts I've ever seen anywhere. Split Reason really did a good job. I'm going to have to go there more often.
    Good luck everybody! I hope you all somehow win! (Don't look at me like that, everything's possible)

  50. stingjc says:

    I'd wear the shirt to the grocery store. 😉 Let's be realistic here.

  51. EMaN says:

    I'd still be wearing it in my coffin.

  52. Alex says:

    I would live in this shirt and shower in it so I would never have to be part from it for it to be washed

  53. Linkdude101 says:

    I'd wear it everywhere. Including Heaven.

  54. linkisourhero776 says:

    Well a shirt as awesome as that, I would wear it to go to the mall, Pop-cons and to school too!

  55. medoramorris says:

    I'd wear it to E3 this year as I anxiously watch and wait for Zelda Wii to be announced.

  56. King KK says:

    I will wear it as I work as a lifeguard at the waterpark this summer. You know what makes a lifeguard more awesome? Said lifeguard wearing that shirt. Said lifeguard wearing that shirt, saving people's lives.
    Oh yeah.
    Also, I may just end up going to PAX in the near future (I've been there once before), and you can bet on your life I would wear it there as well.

  57. ZeldaGurl_ says:

    Omigosh, I don't think I've ever seen so many hilarious and random comments as these right here! Ahaha, thses are all hilarious, and I'm just glad that people love Zelda tees as much as the next guy/gal (not as much as me though, so SHOO FOO).
    Lulz, anyway, I would wear it any chance I got. I find it rewarding to be able to show off the best video game series of all time, and be able to show the world that I have good taste when it comes to VGs. I've been playing Zelda for like ever, and I love it sooo much. The whole package included. The music, graphics, storyline, the legacy (or should I say the legend), and most of all, the complete magic that has been brought to us over this whole period of time. Face it, Zelda doesn't need to be improved, it's magic just the way it is. sure, there will end up being things added, but lets all keep the true life of the game in our thoughts. Mainly because it's what got us here.

    But ya, I think that this is a wonderful opportunity to show some Zelda Spirit (haha get it? ZELDA SPIRIT? Sorry, bad joke…), and I think that whoever gets the chance will be super happy, and have one beastly shirt. ^_^

  58. Trilyan says:

    That t-shirt looks perfect for my birthday party, ITS COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!

    ZU gods, please give me power to win this contest and i promise to show it off at Hyrule Castle, maybe i can also get some of that princess 😀

  59. llll says:

    i would sew the shirt to my chest,

    with that, i would weae it till my death, then i will be buried with it, and my rotting decaying body shall wear it

  60. Matt West says:

    I would wear this shirt to my wedding and take photos to prove it!

  61. Jer says:

    I’d wear it to prom 😛

  62. Man that shirt is sweet! If I were to wear that anywhere, I’d be when I’m playing Zelda. Editing an Abridged Series of Zelda. Staring in AWE at my wonderful Zelda Club Nintendo posters. Viewing Zelda Universe for it’s amazing content! Listening to Zelda Music! When I’m talking to my friends at school about Zelda! Playing Zelda again! Registering Zelda games on Club Nintendo. Watching E3 2010 for the first GLIMPSE of ZELDA WII! Swinging a broomstick around like a sword with a cardboard box acting as a shield…Chasing my dog around after going to the bathroom in the house! There are so many places and times I’ll be wearing it!

  63. Omar Huitron says:

    I would wear this shirt to prom. Ahhhhh, I could imagine the wonderful night ahead of me…… No seriously, I'm gonna wear it…

  64. Twilight King says:

    Fwoosh da woosh
    ~Twilight King

  65. Edward C says:

    I would wear this shirt when I head away from the cities and metropolises of this world. The shirt would come with me to a secluded natural location where the birds sing, and the rabbits run rampant through the endless meadows. With the shirt on my back, I would approach a dense forest, hundreds of kilometres away from the cities and urban areas on earth. I will find peace and solitude in this tranquil setting. Further ahead, there will be a rotting stump in a small clearing, the sun would shine on this stump with a warm and friendly glow. I will sit on this stump and become one with nature as birds flutter around me, squirrels hunt for nuts, and snakes basking in the sunlight. All while the almost untouched shirt remains on my back, as I become one with nature and dicover my inner self.

  66. Keaton says:

    I'd wear it everywhere. It would take the place of my Mario and Yoshi shirt (RIP)! Which, although I found a Yoshi shirt, it didn't fit. So of course, a Zelda shirt would take the place of it! And it's a cool looking shirt. x.x

  67. nuffsaid says:

    If I won it I'd wear it while taking a shower.

  68. Andrew Moe says:

    I'l wear it to school without regrets or guilt, and talk to my friends about the website. THANKS!

  69. Alter says:

    How will I wear the tee-shirt? Let me explain a little:

    I’d wear it to E3, I’d wear it on me.
    I’d wear in the car, even if not driving too far.
    I’d wear it outside; yes that’s real bonafied, “Tee-shirt! Tee-shirt” that’s what Alter cried!
    Heck, I’d even wear it when climbing a tree, and speaking of which, I have a story for we:

    The friends and the neighbors were prancing with glee, as they saw that great tee-shirt way up in the tree! “Alter, what’s wrong?!” they demanded to know. He neglected to tell them, ’cause he wanted it so.

    See, he was content with his spiffy new shirt, but they wanted to touch it, and leave all their dirt! As the neighbors were saying “what on earth should we think?”, Alter was playing with Zelda and Link. See, in his pocket, he’d brought something cool; a new DSi that made children drool.

    So there he would stay, way up in tree, at last our friend Alter was finally free.

  70. Duh, I'd wear it the same place I wear my other Zelda shirts and my Metroid shirt: on my chest where it's supposed to be worn!

    email: Oni_Link514(at)

  71. Panique says:

    I'd wear it everywhere, except in the shower, 'cause that's lame. D:

  72. 8-Bit Squirrel says:

    I'd wear it everywhere, and whenever I do, I'll only communicate through gasps, low chuckles, and battle cries. And if anyone makes fun of me I'll Spin Attack the @#$% out of them!!!!

  73. Tj E says:

    I would wear it on the day I go to get my new copy of the next Zelda game. 😀

  74. Postman says:

    I'd wear it in space.

  75. Malaeolus says:

    Perfect attire for band and orchestra rehearsals, nights out with my (geek) friends, and while I beat the forces of Ganon back into the Dark Realm, naturally!

  76. Jake says:

    I would soo wear this around all my friends that rag on me for being a nerd! (note this is not always a bad thing) and rub it in their faces as to how awesome it is!

  77. Sherry (Linksliltri4ce) says:

    I would wear that shirt every single day that my heart meter doesn’t run out. On that sad day when it does, I will take a fairy out of a bottle or jump into a pond with a bunch of them people-lookin’ fireflies and I will continue my epic adventures in Hyrule whilst wearing that very shirt!

  78. Margar says:

    I would wear it anywhere and everywhere because up until that point, I have had no Zelda clothing, and I would seem crazy if I told everyone I met "HI I'm a Zelda fan!" So the shirt would be my way of being loud, proud, and out of the Zelda Nerd Closet!!!I

  79. Alexander24 says:

    I'd wear it during sex.

  80. Zerokku says:

    I'd wear it pretty much anywhere. As long as its a medium, otherwise I probably wouldn't wear it at all.

  81. Jaocb says:

    I would wear this shirt everywhere. But more specifically I would wear it to Friday Night Magic at CoolStuff.

  82. Janelle says:

    Where would I wear it? Everywhere of course! School Especially! I'd wear it just to see the jealous faces of my peers. Perhaps in wearing it, I can get through a water temple without wanting to nuke the whole place. (I'm looking at you OoT.)

  83. uhm well i go to uniform school but i would get suspended just to wear this to school i would wear it to work at my job at a video game store and promote the series i would wear it anytime i went out, i would wear it while i sat at home and played LoZ, i would wear it when i get into a flamewar with anti-zelda fans o and i would also wear it as i rode around the hyrulian field on epona on my way to save zelda, because that never gets old. P.S. LoZ is the BEST DAMN GAME EVERR

  84. Kokirininja says:

    As I speak…. the Moblins are preparing for battle. They… they plan to attack kokiri village!! I can and will not let this happen!! I will ride! I WILL RIDE for honor, for glory!! TO PROTECT THE KOKIRI!!! Wearing this shirt will give me the courage… the STRENGTH!! To draw my sword and take a stand and protect these happy tree living people!!

  85. Freedom G says:

    Where wouldn't I wear it? is the real question. I have very little geeky t shirts so this would be a much appreciated addition to my wardrobe.

  86. Martina says:

    In bed
    And when I mean in bed, I really mean, in BED.

  87. I would wear this shirt everywhere, all day, all year, but I'd wear it with special pride at the Game Developers eXchange (GDX) here at SCAD!

  88. WakXIX says:

    I would wear the t-shirt, mainly, in the shower. (for personal reasons)

  89. Occult Fan says:

    I win this shirt. I head over to Hyrule Castle. Princess Zelda sees me: she gets excited!! I whip it out. The t-shirt I just won. Tell her to lose the old dress, and have her try it on for me. My hands on her hips, I look her dead in the eye, slight smile, and say – 'This looks alright on you, but it would look a lot better on my floor' – : lays her down and (mumbles something about inserting a Master Sword in a Pedestal of Time)… : -Flashbackish- so. 'Its dangerous to go alone', (you say), 'take this', (you hold up shirt) (nice beard, robe!). I gratefully take it, and hold it high above my head. :music plays: Stuff happens, I slay Ganon (using shirt) – and its off to Hyrule Castle, to whisk Zelda off of her slippered, princessy feets. :epic win:

  90. Monica says:

    i would love to i wear everywhere. i need a Zelda t-t-shirt. i dont have any 🙁

  91. I would wear it every time i play a zelda game, every time i go to a restaurant and tell everyone about zeldauniverse.

  92. Matthew B. Nobles says:

    I would wear this shirt too school to make my friends jealous,I would also wear it every where i go.I also need this shirt to make my pro gaming experience more fun. Oh my birthday is this week too! so hope i win 🙂 🙂 fingers crossed I would also Share it with my poor little 3 year old Step Brother! The End

  93. Mike says:

    I would probably wear it to a bar. People may find me stupid but if you got a love for something, you can't let that get to you.

  94. Azerik says:

    First off, I'd wear it to school to piss off my friend who thinks he loves Zelda more than me, then I'd wear it the Anime North Convention on May 28th, and say I'm cosplaying as a Zelda fan.

  95. Blake says:

    I'd wear my shirt to school, and show off the awesomeness that is The Legend of Zelda, thus making me even more of a Zelda nerd than I already am! 😀

  96. Terminian Weirdo says:

    I would wear it at the circus.

  97. Luke says:

    Well I can't wear it to school because of my school's crazy dress code, but I could wear it during the summer.
    I AM going to Vancouver this summer, a place where my friend said she's always wanted to go, and she also recently said she could beat me in a Zelda tournament, so if she saw me wearing this shirt in Vancouver, it'd be the most epic win ever.

  98. Andrew says:

    For Starters I would ware it to the Manabar hanging out drinking an Ocarina of line to make it double awesome! followed by as many other places that I can possibly go in that shirt!

  99. Fire Bird says:

    Id probably wear it in bed, at a friends house, or around my house. I seem to attract scary rapist type psychos when I express my love for video games in public.

  100. Melissa says:

    The question is where wouldn't I wear it? I would even wear it to school under my scrubs. I'd also wear it to work if I get the job at GameStop. I would be the best dressed employee there. 😀

  101. Aurikine says:

    I would wear it, well, everywhere.
    Cause Zelda is just that Awesome!
    But seriously, I would totally wear it like everywhere I go whenever I can.

  102. Rikki says:

    yaaay free zelda t-shirt ftw!!!
    I would wear it everywhereee 😀

  103. Murphy says:

    I would so wear it to a bunch of places, but I think I would find my university's mascot and make him put it on and then take a picture of him. I think that would be beast, ahaha.

  104. [138] says:

    I would wear the shirt on my torso. =]

  105. Peza says:

    I would were this while playing Playing The Legend Of Zelda Master quest While it soaks up all my BO and sweat, everyone would be like * Nice T-shirt *sniff sniff*… wtf is that smel?l*


  106. sageguardian says:

    Well of course, I would wear it anywhere I go.
    And even when I go to the A-Kon convention. Who knows, I might get an autograph from someone who help make the Zelda series on it, the way my luck is.^^

  107. Chris Foster says:

    I would wear my Link shirt EVERYWHERE. I would try to conver all non-Zelda fans!

  108. bleed0range says:

    I will wear it in front of the fire house from Ghostbusters. Why. Why not? Naw, I'm totally serious. There are ghosts in Zelda!! Poes! Come on it makes sense!!

  109. Elise H says:

    I would wear it everywhere!!!! Because it is that awesome.

  110. Matt says:

    Got a Zelda shirt for every day of the week 😀 though i'm always in need of more shirts. i wear them so much that most of the triforce emblems are worn off of them

  111. twilightinthedark says:

    Well as long as I got the shirt before June, I'd totally wear it in South Korea for Summer Vacation, then of course wear it at my college, and just really anywhere. Because there's always a Zelda fan somewhere who will see the shirt and go 'YEAH! ROCK ON ZELDA BRO!'

  112. Stephen C. says:

    Thanks for the contest, I sure want to win. Odds are pretty good since it's only one site. 😛

    I'd wear it every day,
    I'd wear it all the time
    I'd wear it if it took a dime to power it up every May.
    If I win this nice little shirt,
    It'll go nicely in my closet
    And nicely on me, too.
    So here's hoping I don't get a "boo"
    And hoping I get a new shoe
    to go with my nice new Zelda shirt!

  113. Cindy says:

    I would never take it off. I would wear it in the shower, to bed and to feed the cat.

    It would eventualy become part of my skin. :3

  114. Hylian Hero says:

    It's dangerous to go alone! I'd take this climbing my local mountains (while dodging pixelated boulders… in my mind), walking by the river (while avoiding zora fireballs… in my mind), roaming through the desert (while killing leevers… in my mind) and while walking though vast wooded areas (while avoiding thieves and getting lost… hopefully just in my mind)

  115. lockx says:

    I can't match any of the other comments in this

    However I'd wear the shirt every time I played zelda, every time I comment on the site, and to uni as often as I can.

    It'd supplant my "and then buffy staked edward. The End" t-shirt by a Mile!

  116. Tom Restaino says:

    Well, I would where that b-e-a-utiful shirt anywhere I go, but the best place to wear it would to go to England and start visiting all of the castles (of course ill have link's cap on also" yelling at everyone and asking where the princess is! yelling at people saying "HAARRHH! Hut haht hrraawwoorrhh"

  117. John says:

    I would wear it proudly to my next job interview. If I don't get the job.. well, then I don't want to work for them anyway.

  118. Ezlo says:

    You know, if I got this shirt I'd wear it everywhere. I would never take it. Who cares if I have to get in the shower. I'd wear it there too! That just means I won't have to wash it because it's getting clean while I'm still being hygienic!

  119. RedRupee says:

    I would wear it everywhere.

  120. Silasaur says:

    I would wear this shirt like everywhere, because it just looks awesome. And not only with regard to Zelda. This is a masterpiece of design so I would even where if I’m not a Zelda-fan. But fortunately I am so this shirt is even awesome twice; Because of the design and because of Zelda.
    So please let me win this awesome thing!

  121. Jesus says:

    I'll wear it anytime anywhere…. even to a wedding

  122. David says:

    i would wear it basically anywhere because its just that special and awesom!

  123. Epona500h says:

    Oh I'd wear it lot's of places! Drama practice, and archery mostly. I might even wear it when I visit a friend in a convent!

  124. bluefire77 says:

    i'd wear it while I was at work,,, its ok i work for Gamestop. LOL

  125. rokclimb15 says:

    I would wear it to work and around the house while I'm teaching my son to play Zelda.

  126. Moriquendi says:

    I have it; I would just like to say that it's a good quality t-shirt and it actually looks as good in reality as it does on the picture =)

  127. Adam says:

    I would wear it to my research lab (work) and wow the others geeks with my Zelda prowess.

  128. Denre01 says:

    well, i would wear it pretty much everywhere, mostly in parks and in comunity areas, to make other gamers notice my existence, since i dont know many zelda fans in real life.

  129. KingMudkip says:

    I would wear it when I go to the library, when I go for walks around town, when I go to church events, and especially when playing Zelda. And my LoZ fan friends would be in awe of my Hylian awesomness.

  130. Smavey says:

    Straight up. I am done exams on the 26th. That night I am going to celebrate. The next day i am going to put this shirt on and then video game binge for 24 hour straight.

  131. The 10th Rider says:

    If I wore it, I would wear it under my batman suit.

  132. odel says:

    how bout i wear it up in the club when i get tipsy? 😀

  133. Bre says:

    The question is more along the lines of where wouldn't I wear that t-shirt. It'd be one of the shirts I'd always pack when traveling, and would end up being the shirt I wear in all the travel photos. And of course, I'd wear it while playing Zelda.

  134. Yenji says:

    I would wear while slamming beat poetry.

  135. Lee Hunt says:

    Yeah, I would totally wear this shirt over to my girlfriend’s place… that way, maybe I could finally convince her to become a Zelda fan!

  136. I would wear it anywhere in public, proving the existence of geek girls!

  137. NewmanJ says:

    To lan parties, at home, work…everywhere because who doesn't love Zelda?

  138. Brendan says:

    I think the better question is where WOULDN'T I wear it. But I think the best place would be to my best friend's brithday party to make him jealous.

  139. @zwlovoy says:

    I would wear it to classes, especially history. Then, I would question my professor on the Hyrulian kingdom and why the constant attacks of Gannon have been ignored in our studies.

  140. @zwlovoy says:

    I would wear it to classes, especially history. Then, I would question my professor on the Hyrulian kingdom and why the constant attacks of Gannon have been ignored in our studies.

  141. artech says:

    I would wear it during sleeping! 🙂

  142. Chris says:

    I would wear it when I go out on the town. Chicks see the triforce and automatically know whats up.

  143. GeitzH says:

    I would wear it while playing through every single Zelda game ever, then cosplay as Link wearing the shirt, and run around the world saving princesses in my awesome Zelda Shirt!!!

  144. I'd wear it to the Cheesecake Factory, because I really like factories that mass produce desserts.

  145. Katie says:

    I'd wear it anywhere. The future, the past. Underneath my power armor if I were transported to the Fallout world. Wherever.

  146. I'll wear it everywhere but with the princess 😉

  147. sugar says:

    I'd totally wear that shirt while on a date with Jason Rappaport.

  148. Chris says:

    I would wear it on my date with Princess Zelda.

  149. Devin Drover says:

    I'd wear it places.

  150. Joshua says:

    I'll wear it and play LOZ at the same time!!

  151. Shock&Money says:

    I'd wear it around town just to show off how awesome i am.
    Someone walks up to me in the middle of the street and tries to give me crap, i'd then flash the shirt and they'd be like "Daaaaang cool it man……" and they'd just back away……..

  152. Corey says:

    At my college ^_^

  153. Darknutter says:

    I need thiz. Juzt pure awezome. All my clazzmatez at zchool bully me becauze I like zelda. Heheh. Who’z laughing nao?

  154. Embra says:

    I'd wear it to my local game shop, in Berwick (a small town in the north of England, just south of Scotland). I wear all my SR shirts there, because they always get confused as to where I got them from. One day, I shall take my ZP imps in with me too, just to see if they might finally get it.

  155. Liza says:

    That’s an easy question: I’d wear it on a first date with a fellow gamer friend I recently caught up with after high school. And what is the Zelda series if not re-uniting two long lost souls once again after they faced peril and danger for so long? ;]

    (Not to mention SR and ZU would be accredited for any future second, third, and twentieth dates.)

  156. Darknutter says:

    Zo yeah everyone in my zchool hatez Zelda therefore hatez me. Well, they're in for a zhock. If I would have a chance to wear it it would be going for a long bike ride in the forezt with my friendz, zo when we're done and we're all puffed I'll kick their nutz, punch their headz and even ztab them with my mazter zword >:D

    And that'z it.

  157. Kiante says:

    Psh, I would wear it everywhere! Church sometimes. School sometimes. Zombie Dance Parties (that Sunflower's so darn cute!), fish tanks, and any other popcap gaming environment.

    I'd wear it in Hyrule to Castle Town, where I could stand around and look good, or even walk through the streets, but I wouldn't talk to anyone, because it's against the rules. Talking to someone in Castle Town requires a permit first that lets you say a certain amount of words to people per day, except you have to repeat the same sentence or paragraph over and over. After 3 years you can then get a full license which lets you alternate between sentences/paragraphs, with a total of two! It's so exciting! Then again, if I'm wearing my awesome T-shirt, they might cut the rules for me. But hey, at least I'd get to say more than that elfy hero everyone's been talking about.

    I'd wear it to Termina too, and I could pull it over my head for the mask festival! But I will NOT be helping some shrimp get a girl twice his size! Besides, that Anju's kinda cute…

    I thought about going to the Twilight Realm, but I'd have to find all the little pieces that it's shattered into and reassemble them. That wouldn't be fun! I'd have to go through like 80 dungeons! Really, it's just not worth the work. Besides, it's too dark to see my shirt there anyway.

    I'd love to go to Death Mountain and beat the Goron leader in a wrestling contest. I'd use the Iron Boots to beat him, but say it's the magic of my shirt, and hold it over his head that I won't sell it to him! Ha!

    I'd wear it to Kakariko Village, but no one lives there anymore anyway!

    I could wear it to Ordon Village, but not up to the Goat farm. Goats are always escaping and trying to gore people. They might rip my shirt! I wouldn't be able to stand it!

    But it's not like I have to stay in the Zeldaverse! I'll be really cool and go to Mushroom Castle, and get them to take a picture of my shirt to hang it up in Hyrule Castle, right beside Yoshi! You may not know, but behind Yoshi's picture it says L is real!!! You know what that means?! The King of Hyrule is really Luigi! He finally got his fifteen minutes!

    And the tee would be in ALL of my costumes on Super Smash Brothers! The Master Hand would bow before my awesome killitude!

    Lastly, I'd be sure to take it with me to the Temple of Time. If I'm gonna sleep there for 7 years, I'm gonna need some new clothes when I wake up you know!

    This has been my report on where I'd wear my Zelda Tee, thank you! This report is brought to you from a world where tense and grammar mean nothing!

    And of course, if you talk to me again, I'll have to say this all over. That's a mouthful you know…

  158. Daniel says:

    I'd wear it at home, 'cause that's where I game.
    Or at a friends house, if he co-ops and isn't lame.
    I'd wear it to school, for my final exams.
    And on christmas eve, to impress my grams.
    I'd wear it on the street, girls be damned!
    If they call me a geek, I'll tell them to get scrammed.
    I'm not a genius with rhyming and verse,
    but maybe it'd improve with the help of tri-force.

  159. Juan . says:

    I would wear it to work of course, it would be the perfect shirt to make all my coworkers green with envy!!

  160. Lucas Kosinski says:

    I would wear it everywhere. And i would especially wear it when i go to parties.

  161. Vikrant says:

    I'd never wear it…it's just too good to be worn by anybody
    Instead I's build my own museum and put it in its own exhibit behind bullet proof glass with guards armed with M4's on both sides, and invisible laser alarms for the night.

  162. LadyIntomoe says:

    Where would I wear the shirt to? Hmm… I'd certainly make my lackluster school aware of Zelda's epic existence. Coming home from a successful day, I would wear it whilst playing Zelda and Metroid both (at the same time) and drink a deliciously nutritious red potion.

  163. Brigadierbleu says:

    everywhere (period)

  164. AJ Herrera says:

    I'd wear mine at the San Diego Comic Con and be the envy of all!!!!!

  165. Torako says:

    I wouldn't wear it. I'd just stare at it's awesomeness. I can't stare at it's awesomeness if I'm wearing it!

  166. Caroline says:

    If I got the T-Shirt, I would wear it to school probably, then when I go to Cydonia on Mars, I will wear it to show it off to all the Martians – then I will travel dimensions to Hyrule and then rub my awesome T-Shirt in Ganon's face, before then wearing it to a series of Muse concerts. So there you go 😀

  167. fathertime171 says:

    i would just where the shirt where ever. i mean why not, it's totally awesome.

  168. Indira says:

    i would wear it on my wedding so that would really make it the happiest moment on my life and in my funeral so the shirt would be with me for the eternity and i can be the coolest girl in heaven!!!

  169. emfcrackshot says:

    I would wear that even if i was on fire. Especially if I was on fire. does this t-shirt come in fire?

  170. Aeffles says:

    I'd wear the shirt everywhere. As anyone who knows me well knows I drive like it's going out of style. I love to travel and even plan on doing a cross country drive, if not a huge east coast ZU meet up sometime soon for my birthday at the end of the month.

    I would wear my shirt around town, the house, out with friends, you know, pretty much anyone would wear it.

  171. What kind of place wouldn't I wear a zelda shirt? Around campus, in chem lab, for bed, while swimming, in the shower, hidden under the church robes, during every exam for good luck, while giving a speech, while going on vacation (that shirt, the entire time), while birding, while playing board games, while playing sports, while just sittin' and chillin' and watching tv with some friends. Basically everywhere that I'm required to wear a shirt, I would wear it.

  172. Alex says:

    I'd wear it when i go to pick up Zelda Wii ( if it ever gets here)

  173. John Dorian says:

    I would wear it to your mama's house, because that's how I roll.

  174. wolfo says:

    dude if i won tht zeldashirt id wear it to school, and anywhere else

  175. Cooliomoose says:

    I will wear this shirt as I beat down armies of octorocks and moblins with my Master Sword. (p..s they live in the creepy house down the street)

  176. apexman13 says:

    i would wear it to E3 expo and that special shirt would be the first Zelda shirt to hear the details of the next Zelda game!!!!!!!

  177. Solaira says:

    Let's see…
    I would go to the country of MLIA, which, as you all should know, is the place where witty Australians and British rule, Hogwarts does exist, and Narnia is its capitol, and everyone knows how to use proper grammar. I would wear my shirt there, then go to one of the ninja vs. pirates war, win, then proceed to pop all of the bubblewrap in under a minute, then say I won because of this awesome shirt.
    Then I would go to Five Guys and see how many people there come up to me saying, "Oh my Din! Is that a Zelda shirt?"

    Basically, best day ever.

  178. Cabbage says:


  179. Aniday says:

    I'll wear it while I dance on your grave.

  180. @Telanis_ says:

    I'd wear it while taking an attractive girl on a date. Princess Zelda, perhaps?

  181. Pixie says:

    Simply everywhere. Probably to the point where changing into pajamas would be like abandoning a friend, so it would double as both. ;D

  182. fratey says:

    When I'm a developer at Nintendo, I'll wear it and Sakurai will be all like "WAT" and I'll be all like "hey there."

  183. Sammi says:

    I would wear it absolutely everywhere. But especially when I'm sitting up in my dorm playing Ocarina of Time for the ten billionth time.

  184. Dni says:

    I would shove it up my butt prior to a date with a hot dude.

  185. justin says:

    I'd wear it on a nudist beach, just so it'd stand out even more.

  186. Marcus says:

    As a teacher, I would deffinetly wear it infront of all the children that I teach. It would be a grand chance for me to talk to a new generation of Zelda-fans. I feel that there are to few kids today that konow anything about Zelda (in Sweden at least…). Thats a shame, it shouldn't be like that. As I am also currently working on a new fansite, the opening day would be a prefect day to wear this awesome looking t-shirt!

  187. Ashath says:

    I'd wear it at the precise moment of alignment of all the planets and the sun; crouching on top of a rocky outcrop in the middle of a vast forest at midnight, howling at a clear, blood-red full moon.

    Then, with a roar I'd tear it to shreds with my powerful wolf-claws and leap off into the night …

  188. Geo says:

    of course I'd wear that zelda T-shirt! I have three already that I wear the heck out of. I wore it one on my first date with my girlfriend, I wore it to church a few times, I wear it to class, i wear them around the house, I wear them shooing for my LOZ stuff.

  189. b0ik0t says:

    I would wear it during my first time!

  190. Kyle says:

    I would parasail onto the roof of Nintendo's main corporate office and call Shigeru Miyamoto Ganon and demand to know when Zelda Wii is coming out, or at least get some information about it. I would also play act an entire Legend of Zelda episode throughout the day and designate where ever I am a new level.

  191. Rola says:

    Me and the shirt will have so much fun! Together we will go bungyjumping, have food fights, go to pool parties and paintbolling, u name it! We will experience everything, it’s me and the-zelda-shirt against the world! The shirt will give me strength, we will share tears and laughter. I will wear it in better or worse, till death do us part. And that is why, with me, the shirt will be fulfilled, and i will keep it safe and protected from any harm! And then i’ll be so proud telling everyone where i got it, looking back at our memories together, and smile back to the moment i wrote this letter and think "damn, it was really worth it"… oh i want this shirt so badly!

  192. Aoman says:

    Count me in for this one! Lemme see, where would I where it. HAHA, well hell, I'd where it everywhere, it's a Zelda shirt aint it!?! 🙂

  193. ZeldaMaster#1#1 says:

    Oh shirts can do so many many things
    Your shirt can brush your teeth or comb your hair
    Throw a ball into the air
    Wave hello or wave goodbye!
    Even make a pizza pie!
    So many things your shirts can do!

  194. KamikazeCow says:

    If I had an awsome *free* zelda shirt, I'd wear it to work, to bed, to clean, to eat, and to play a marathon through every zelda game starting with the original old school NES. Maybe by the time I finish Zelda for Wii will be out. Or at least by the time I get to A Link to the Past…

  195. Blizzeta93 says:

    Instead of a dress, i would wear it to prom and dance the same way they did for the old japanese commercial for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    1. Blizzeta93 says:

      plus everywhere else of course

  196. Zid says:

    I would wear this shirt everywhere!
    I wear zelda shirts all the time but this is by far the coolest looking 😀

  197. karina says:

    i’d wear it at my graduation prom!

  198. Marsgreekgod says:

    I would wear it all the time! mostly to college.

  199. James says:

    If I had a Zelda shirt I would wear it everywhere! Including the mailbag, once I get back into making them. 🙂

    I wear my Zelda stained glass shirt everywhere, as well as my What I Learned from Zelda shirt. I get compliments on my Zelda stained glass shirt everywhere I go, so I could just imagine if I had this one to go with it.

  200. Maureen says:

    I would wear it whenever I could, to work, to the university and on campus for all my friends and students to enjoy. I'd be proud to wear this shirt in public and private events, esp when there was photo taking.
    I would wear it in a store, when reading up on lore; on a boat, under my coat; in a field with a cow and on stage with a bow; while fighting Ganon, and firing my canon; when shooting arrows up at sparrows; while playing a carnival game, walking or talking all the same; while backpacking to the goron spring, meeting a fella for a fling; when playing my flute and delivering some root; when drinking in the (milk)bar, and driving in the (stage)car; when hunting aliens in the sky, and waving to them goodbye; when visiting a monument, and up until I reach retirement. And esp when playing Zelda! and visiting this forum.

  201. Homero says:

    I would maybe wear it to walmart or something like that 😛 awesome, huh?
    love it 😀

  202. Patrick says:

    I would wear this shirt everywhere. I would never take it off and never wash it. This shirt would be my second skin.

  203. AzraelBlack says:

    I'd wear it on stage with my band The Rose Line.

  204. Lules says:

    I'd use it everywhere, any time I feel like it, because I'm such a Zelda whore :b And that shirt looks veeery cool.

  205. ZeldaRules!!! says:

    I would wear it on a three week road trip that I am going on. sort of like a Zelda advertisement.

  206. Osmmmm says:

    I would wear it around my head… 😛

  207. Divine_Light says:

    I'd wear it to the video game store and have a total Geek-gasm!

  208. linkthehitmna says:

    i were it to 6 flags and school and probably every where else

  209. Of course @ the GamesCom in Cologne! Germany PWNS!

  210. Legend says:

    I would wear the t-shirt everywhere. =D

  211. RandomGuy says:

    Honestly, it's a pretty sweet tee shirt. I would wear it everywhere to show that I'm a Zelda fan. People see my shirt and start hating on Zelda? I wipe out my Master Sword and teach that fool a lesson. Plus chicks dig guys Link (its been scientifically proven), and I don't have a girlfriend, so with an awesome shirt like that I'd get all the ladies. XD Thanks ZeldaUniverse for being awesome, and help me get a girl!

  212. Toadstoolnews says:

    I would wear it when…
    I’m at school
    I’m at home
    I’m playing video games
    I’m sufing the web
    I’m playing with my dog
    I’m watching Glee (and other shows)
    I’m at my brothers graduation (in 2 weeks)
    I’m at the musical theatre
    I’m listening to wicked (a musical)
    I’m telling my friend “HEY! LISTEN! I entered a cool contest and won!”
    But never, never, AND I MEAN NEVER when I’m playing Zelda…that’s what my green tunic is for…

  213. Jovan says:

    Hello! I'm Jovan Alvarez and I would LOVE to win the this great Linked T-Shirt! It's a great collectible and it would look great on me! Hehe. Well, First of all, I would wear it under my Graduation Gown for Graduation in June. I'd wear it to take a picture of my Drivers Licence. I would wear it under my suit for my VERY FIRST interview for good luck. And I would wear it for the first day of Band Camp in College! 😀 Thank you!!! – Jovan! 😉

  214. hi1927445 says:

    i would wear it around to advertise

  215. the_geek says:

    I'd wear it when I go out on a date, now i just need to get one

  216. Steven S says:

    I would wear the shirt everywhere. School, work, around the house. Its a sweet design.

  217. Daniel says:

    Wow… where WOULDN'T I wear it? I'd take to to the movies, on vacation, to go eating in, I'd sleep wearing it, I'd take it to school and I don't care if they tell me I can't wear it because I have a right to wear whatever shirt I want to, darn it! I'd wear it darn near everywhere. That thing is just so WIN. I'd like that shirt.

  218. Bucketbutter says:

    Where would I wear yon garment, you ask? And nay, not just any piece of cloth. This, my friends, is a article of pure clothing awesomeness!

    Why, I daresay, I would wear this while in a house,
    I would wear this while near a mouse
    ! I would wear this with a fox,
    I would wear this in a box!
    I would wear it here or there…
    My friends, I would wear this anywhere!
    I love this shirt,,
    This shirt, simply put, is the bomb!

    And then I would marry the shirt and wear it to the wedding.

  219. hmm i would wear it around the house around my neighborhood and at my jr high and get all my friends jealous!!!!

  220. Cody says:

    I would basically wear the shirt everywhere because Zeldais just that big if an influence on my life. I think its awesome that youre doing this and hope you can keep up all the awesome stuff that you do!

  221. Kenny says:

    I would be a nasty little regifter, offering it up for a contest on my own site. It’s a small comics blog dedicated to all gay or fashion-minded geeks out there, and we could really benefit from the publicity.

  222. endofthelinez53 says:

    If I won this shirt, I'd wear it everyday, without ever washing it. I'd wear it on my wedding day, even if it has to be under my Tux. I would also make sure to wear it to my grave, above a tombstone shaped like the Triforce.

  223. Lunchbox* says:

    A haiku:

    I'm trying to hard
    To be original, but
    I want that damn shirt

    I would wear that shirt naked seeing as how its design is infinitely better looking than the mounds of flesh that are my man boobs. Please Bank of Hyrule, think of the mirrors! And any girl I might possibly trick into my bedroom!

  224. Hylian1321 says:

    I'll wear it to band camp, while I triumphantly play Zelda on my mellophone.

  225. Brandon McNeil says:

    I would frame it and put the frame around my neck and wear it everywhere. And if there was a LoZ movie I'd wear it to the opening

  226. HAPPY MASK MAN says:

    The question is where WOULDN'T I wear it?

  227. Thexterra says:

    I'll wear it…Everywhere. Outside, under my bed, while playing the computer, sleeping, practically everywhere! Course, I would wear it in school, if they allowed it, but no. School sucks. i'll take a picture, put it on Facebook. Then everybody'll be like, "Hey! Where did you get that?!" I'll so totally pwn them over 9000 times.

  228. The_imprisoned says:

    I'd wear my linked t-shirt on my quest for higher education and to impress the lady-friends. Of course, none are as truly spectacular as Princess Zelda herself.

  229. BooCwis says:

    I love T-Shirts, it's no lie. I have a bunch in my closet next to me (though some have grown small). A lot of those shirts are Mario related, however, and when I wore a 1-Up one into school one day…the results weren't good (still don't see why people see Nintendo as childish). And when I saw this on Youtube, I'm thinking "I could go for that, but if it's a picture of Link…ugh". Now don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a video game shirt that isn't Mario related, but wearing it around (like said Mario shirts) would be weird.
    But when I saw the design, I almost fell out of my chair (quite literally, I was leaning back all the way before). I don't have a shirt at all that looks like it (or has the same color). And the design of it is beautiful. I mean, it has Zelda items that I know and love on it blended in with a design for one of those…(band?) shirts. I surely could wear it anywear (ha) without constant vulgar comments (don't get me wrong, I have pride in my Nintendo fandom, but I'm also a shy guy (ha) and don't take those too easily).
    I'm not gonna lie or say anything smart about WEAR I'd wear it (okay enough homophones). I'd get it in the mail (IF I win, that is), hold off for the weekend (or Friday on some occasions), take a shower in the morning, but instead of wear it all for one day, I'd do it for TWO (probably have to wash it, though (an hour of shirtlessness…urg)). Maybe finish up my replay of WW that I started a month ago. Overall, count it as ANYWHERE, since I love the design so much.

  230. Jaymon says:

    I wouldn't wear it anywhere, for if i were to do that, it would cause a blinding light pulsating from the shirt. After causing a shockwave comparable to a nuclear warhead's detonation without all the radiation, a black hole and a theoretical white hole would erupt from the center of the shirt, causing all that we know to be destroyed and reconstructed in improbable places in improbable galaxies, separating the shirt from our world and causing it to flow through the time-space continiuum(yes, thats how its spelled) showing up in random times and places in the history of man. Rather, it would be displayed, and I would be wearing a slightly less awesome shirt from splitreason.

  231. KARL says:


  232. tyygold says:

    I'd wear it around the hyrule in my head

  233. Zant says:

    I would wear it anywhere!

  234. TheKhaion says:

    I would wear it while being in Hyrule kingdom.
    I would wear it while holding the triforce.
    I would wear it while slaying a boss.
    I would wear it while drinking milk.
    I would wear it while sitting on the moon.
    I would wear it while playing on my ocarina.
    I would wear it while driving my train or sealing my boat.
    I would wear it while collecting masks.
    I would wear it while running from Princess Ruto.
    I would wear it while running fast as a wolf in the dark. (xD)
    I would wear it while riding Epona.
    I would wear it while being young.
    I would wear it while being grown-up.
    I would wear it while Ezlo is yelling.
    I would wear it while going crazy hearing "Hey-Listen!Hey!"
    I would wear it through the darkest times.
    I would wear it while fighting Ganon.
    I would wear it while saving Princess Zelda.
    I would wear it everywhere.

  235. John says:

    If I were to wear a Zelda T-shirt anywhere, I would wear it probably to a friend's house just to laugh at them for not being cool enough to enjoy the awesome-ness of Zelda.

  236. I'd wear it around my jr high around my neighborhood in and out of my house and get my friends jealous by showing them!!

  237. HyrulesGuardian says:

    i would wear it here there and everywhere. i one day hope to attend an anime or games convention and when people say "hey nice shirt, where did you get it?" i'll say zelda universe gave it to me in a contest! they're the best! it would be the best moment of the year…and perhaps my life – i've been a fan ever since i was just a little girl and it would mean so much <3 i own all the games and i even have a link plushie! getting this would just be…

  238. AMCC2011 says:

    Well being the boss of my convention, i would wear it at every convention i have been invited to and take a picture at each of them for proof!

  239. Nolander says:

    I would wear it everywhere as a sort of throwback uniform while my tunic is at the cleaners. (You'd be suprised at how noticeable grass stains are on that green!)

  240. chatalot says:

    i would wear it to….. well EVERYWHERE i love zelda i play it all the time

  241. Daniel says:

    i would wear this shirt everywhere, plain in simple. i own several zelda shirts and i wear them on a daily basis, this design is pretty wicked looking and would love to add it to my collection.

  242. Johnson Yen says:

    I'd where the shirt to the game shop whenever i buy a new Zelda game and whenever i play it of course !

  243. Russell says:

    I'll waer everywhere I'm like a crazy zelda fan so yea

  244. coolbeans says:

    i would wear it while i am playing legend of zelda to boost the coolness level 10 times higher!!!!!!!!!

  245. Unforgiven says:

    I would wear it to the gym, and work out link style 🙂

  246. xnonymoux says:

    Hmm, I'd wear it to school and show all the gamers.
    Me: You like Zelda?
    Guys: Yeahs…?
    Me: Well, I bet you don't have THIS shirt! 😀

  247. Redhead08 says:

    Are you kidding me I would wear it everywhere! I would like to see you try and get it off of me^-^

  248. Shaelyn says:

    midnight of the 21st…as in last night or tonight?

    I'd wear it the same places I wear all my other Zelda shirts – minus the one from Japan. I don't wear that one (my precious! gollum!)

    the same places I wear my other Zelda shirt include, but are not limited to:

    asian markets
    the grocery store
    in my car
    GameStop/CGX/Play N Trade/GameXchange
    my boyfriend's house
    in pictures that would likely make their way to the internet
    VGL concert in leiu of a Link or Assassin's Creed costume
    Scarborough Faire in leiu of a renaissance, Link, or Assassin's Creed costume

    1. Shaelyn says:

      bah, my email's not displayed publicly? can ya'll see it?

  249. nicole says:

    i would wear this shirt at church
    at a nudist colony
    in an angry mob of zelda haters in a country that bans zelda
    i would wear it when i go to kakariko village to buy some bombs
    and when i go to malo mart
    dont forget my job on the cucco farm
    i would not let anyone wear this shirt
    i would only give it to a hobo who needs it for the winter
    and maybe just maybe give it to some homeless penguin in Antarctica who lost his igloo

    1. Shaelyn says:

      hahaha, I think you'd be a little overdressed at a nudist colony…

  250. Brandon says:

    I will wear it anywhere i go,i will never let anyone else wear it,and i will get anybode to become a zelda fan!,i will give it more care than my self…well maybe just a little less.

  251. nokotin says:

    When my inevitable fame finally decides to catch up with me, I'll wear it on TV to show the whole world.

  252. Tirenoth says:

    I would not wear this shirt; the shirt wears me. It is a creation of such magnificence that no creature may deign to wear it. If all goes well, the shirt will deem me worthy to be its companion and it will bond with me, becoming one with my spirit.

    We shall be inseparable!

  253. Maylin says:

    Eeek! Hope I’m not too late! Anyway I’d wear this amazing tee when I go to my cousins, one of them who loves Zelda and I can shove it into his face! Then I’ll wear it whenever I go to GameStop and buy a game! Ppretty much every week since my part-time job pays well!

  254. Maylin says:

    Eeek! Hope I’m not too late! Anyway I’d wear this amazing tee when I go to my cousins, one of them who loves Zelda and I can shove it into his face! Then I’ll wear it whenever I go to GameStop and buy a game! Pretty much every week since my part-time job pays well!

  255. Peter Swan says:

    i would wear that shirt everywhere, im obsessed with this game and have one of many planned zelda tattoos reach me at

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