While Nintendo’s media summit yesterday didn’t give us much information regarding Zelda Wii, it was far from uneventful. This year, two highly anticipated games will be coming stateside soon: Super Mario Galaxy 2 on May 23rd and Metroid: Other M on June 27th. A statement by Nintendo Australia indicates that fans down under can expect the titles to be released one or two months later.

There are also some screenshots that were revealed for Mario Galaxy 2, along with a few screenshots from Metroid: Other M. Nintendo also revealed the release dates for several other games – you can view the complete list here. As the media was granted hands-on experience with both games, you can visit your (other) favorite gaming news sites for detailed impressions and details about each.

Once again, this leaves a huge gap towards the end of the year, which will hopefully let Link steal the spotlight during the holiday season! Nintendo’s media summit has left us without much to discuss regarding Zelda Wii, but summer’s only a few months away- so be prepared for E3 2010 as it hits between June 15 – 17!

You can check out the Media Summit trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 after the break.