I may be two days late, but I have a really good excuse! I was off receiving clothes and gifts for a child that is due in two months. My own child, in fact. I didn’t think I’d ever see so many baby clothes in my house, but I assure you it’s possible.

I recorded the video Saturday morning, but after a series of busy events in my life, I am just now posting it. Don’t worry- the next mailbag will arrive on Sunday. And it sure will be a good one, because I have a back flow of questions already!

In this edition, I talk about Zelda deities and their roles, the idea of updating games to newer systems, and why I only wear one shirt in the videos.

As always, I post the wonderful link telling you to send in questions, but I don’t know why! You sure know where to find me and ask me anything gaming, Zelda, or Nintendo related.

Until next Sunday everyone, enjoy your week.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Link’s Partner}{}{}{

Elisko writes:

Hey there! This is a random question. Which of Link’s partners (ex: Midna, Navi, etc.) did you like the best and why?

James responds:

I think I would have to choose Midna. I tend to like characters with sarcastic and smarky personalities, and Midna is one of them. Plus, with characters like Navi and Tatl, you don’t really see their stories fleshed out as much as Midna’s. Midna is a very unique story and character that you just can’t help but love her, even when you want to hurt her badly.

Xeno adds:

I’d have to say Midna. Character-wise, hands-down Midna wins — Midna has shown more emotion than any other Zelda character to date in my book. Not to mention not only was she useful in giving you hints to defeat enemies, but she was also part of the action herself (combat, transformation, transportation).

Then there’s the fact that she was also a vital role in the plot of Twilight Princess.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Zelda Game Collection}{}{}{

Dylan writes:

Do you think that a zelda game collection, all the games, with textures as an option, and MAYBE voice audio, (navi and link dont count (link from WW)) and maybe some more master quests? why or why not?

James responds:

I sent this person an email saying that I couldn’t understand the question, but then I figured it out. They are asking if a game collection with those features would be a good idea, and why or why not.

Textures, as in playing the game in updated graphics? If that were the case, some of the games might benefit from that and others not so much. The original game may not translate well to 3D, but once again that is my personal old school bias speaking again. OoT and MM, of course, would benefit the best from updated graphics. WW plays the best in the graphics it is in now, especially with the cartoony style and emotions the game evokes.

Voice audio is definitely something that shouldn’t be added to older games. Voice audio in Zelda games would seem to be tacked onto a game that doesn’t need it to succeed.

Master Quests in some of the games may work. Like I said last week, MM doesn’t need one in my opinion, it’s already hard enough as it is. ALttP might seem like a good idea to put a master quest on, as with WW, TP, ST, PH, and many others. So, yes, master quests may be a good idea.

{{bubble}{Question 3: OoT DS?}{}{}{

Calvin writes:

what would the probability of ocarina of time coming to the ds/dsi i mean its possible they ported over a few other nintendo 64 games(sm64 and soo on) if they did port it what would your opinion be?

James responds:

I think Nintendo has shot this down numerous times. A lot of people want OoT to be ported and have some updated graphics and ported somewhere. I have said numerous times in the past that releasing yet another rendition of this game is overkill. The original, the master quest, the virtual console, and the collector’s edition. They have placed this game in SO many places, that it’s not even funny.Zelda team is working on making good games now and relevant to today. They don’t really want to revisit the past and update a game that doesn’t really need to be updated, in my opinion as well.

{{bubble}{Question 4: Minish Cap}{}{}{


Hey ZeldaUniverse. I’m a long time Minish Cap freak, it was my first ever Zelda game, (I know, that’s sad,) and it’s the one that really got me into Zelda.

You don’t think they’ll make a 3-D remake of it for DS, do you?

James responds:

I think the game in its current form is the best version of the game. There is nothing wrong with it’s graphics. I think that giving older games updated graphics is not a priority of the Zelda team at this time. Finishing up the new game and then going to work on the next game is the priority. If there is ever a chance to update some games, it may happen, but don’t count on it.

{{bubble}{Question 5: TP Scenes}{}{}{

EzloSpirit writes:

I was thinking back to TP while reading the latest mailbag, and I remembered a really confusing scene in it. I believe you see the scene after collecting all the Tears of Light before the Lakebed Temple. It’s the one where you see Dark Link, and then Ilia gets possessed or something, and then Link goes evil, I think…. You can tell I kind of didn’t understand that scene. That’s why I’m coming to you for help! If you can, could you please explain that scene? Thanks for the help, as always!

James responds:

As I cannot tell you myself the meaning of that scene, I am bring in some help again.

Xeno adds:

As you know, corruption plays as an important theme in Twilight Princess. The vision Lanayru gave Link was to show not only of past events concerning the interlopers who tried to take over dominion over the Scared Realm, but also of how corruption (in this case, associated with power) can consume oneself.

“O hero chosen by the goddesses, beware. Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.” – Lanayru

{{bubble}{Question 6: Mailbag Shirts}{}{}{

Cody writes:

Do you only have one shirt? Do we need to launch a ZU fundraiser campaign to get you a new shirt?

James responds:

Yes, please, I always like getting free stuff! Maybe we can create a ZU team shirt so that all the wonderful staff can have one!

The reason you see me in that shirt is because it is the best Zelda shirt I own and it made sense to me to wear it. I will probably wear non-zelda shirts in the future.

{{bubble}{Question 7: Zelda Deities}{}{}{

Zelda Obsessed writes:

What is the relation between the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass and the other dieties of The Legend of Zelda? Is he greater, lesser, and is he the true ruler of the sea, cuz I thought the godess of Wisdom was the ruler of all “water”… And also from PH, the three faires that you posses, are they not embodiments of the Godesses, or do they just possess their traits?

James responds:

The Ocean King seems to be a very powerful being in terms of his domain. Just as the Wind Fish is the domain of Koholint, the Ocean King is the ruler of the Great Sea in that dream state.

I don’t remember seeing the Goddess of Wisdom being the ruler of the water. I believe that she created the land and the ocean, but that doesn’t automatically make her the ruler of it. The Ocean King may also be a symbol of the the ruler of the ocean, which makes sense as well.

I don’t believe the fairies are the embodiments of the goddesses, just possess their traits as wisdom, courage, and power.

Xeno adds:

The relationship between the Ocean King and the other deities is merely the fact that he is a deity himself. It might be worthy to note the fact that both the Ocean King and Koholint’s Wind Fish (Link’s Awakening) have both created dream worlds and both grant wishes. The exact relationship between to the two deities is moot. Some theorize that the Ocean King and the Wind Fish are one in the same — however, this is mere speculation.

Nayru, the goddesses of wisdom, has nothing to do with ruling the sea. Water is merely the element associated with said goddess.

While each individual fairy is named after the three main traits associated with the goddesses (Courage, Power, and Wisdom respectively), the three fairies from Phantom Hourglass — Ciela, Leaf, and Neri — are not incarnations of the goddesses. Rather, they’re merely (fairy) servants of the Ocean King.

{{bubble}{Question 8: Dream Worlds}{}{}{

KeatonPrincess writes:

Is there a relationship between the dream world of Link’s awkening, and the “dream world” of Phantom hourglass?

James responds:

I don’t see a relationship between the two, except for their ocean deity and the fact they technically do not exist.

Xeno adds:

The only relationship, it seems, is that both are dream world’s made up of from a deity (Wind Fish and Ocean King respectively). An interesting note is that both the Wind Fish and the Ocean King also have the power to grant a wish.

{{bubble}{Question 9: Future Plot Points}{}{}{

Justin Basl writes:

Hey James. I love the zelda universe page on youtube.com

I’ve played almost every zelda game, and I have always found that in every zelda game, Nintendo likes to gives subtle hints about what the next zelda game is going to include. (example: OOT uses the masks in the side quests. Then in MM, the masks are solely based around the masks changing feature.)

Remember the Dark Link cut scene in TP? It looked like Nintendo was trying to hint at Link having a greedier side, a darker side, considering you never get to fight Dark Link in the game. The scene, to me, felt really out of place, it still never made sense to me.

Nintendo said they are going to change the format in the new game thats coming out for the Wii.

My question is that, we are used to helping out random characters (side quests) in the all the zelda games to acquire more items. Do you think there could be a chance that the next Wii game might include a feature, in which you choose to do good or bad deeds? (similar in the game “Fable”) A “Darker Link”, if you will.

To me, this would heighten the gamers experience to a new level in which zelda games have never featured before.

Thank you for your time. I’m a Zelda fan for life. =)3

James responds:

Thanks for the love for ZUTV. I think its a nifty idea, even if it is only my lovely face that graces it on a regular basis. 🙂

Including a option to choose whether you can be good or bad is a very different idea for a Zelda game. I mean, look at Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Samus is a morally good character, but as the game progresses, the Phazon starts to eat away at her morality. While she never truly goes all the bad, a very good person can be corrupted. Having a plot that involves a dark or light Link may work, definitely.

{{bubble}{Question 10: The Timeline, Favorite Link, Movies, and OoT}{}{}{

ruffblade027 writes:

1) I’ve been wondering can you tell me the chronological order that the games happen in. not the order they were made!

2) what is your favorite version of link
link with brown sleeves
link young
adult link
toon link

3) What is your opion on the fan made movie The Hero Of Time. Should NINTENDO have compromisedwith the fans to keep it running?

4) Did you think it was a good idea to send link back in time at the end of ocrarina of time

James responds:

1) The Timeline is not my forte. I mention that all the time. I will point you to our timelinetheory and our theorizing forums for more information.

2) I believe the Link from TP is the best looking Link.

3) Nah, Nintendo was protecting their franchise the way they felt it necessary. Big companies like that do things like that all the time to protect their property. Nintendo did compromise a little with them, allowing them to keep it up for a little bit of time and then it needed to be taken down. So, if you got the video before they did, consider yourself lucky.

4) It needed to be done. Link had lost his childhood due to the events of the game, he deserved to have it back. Zelda didn’t think that the Master Sword would send the person into a sleep before he was able to use it. That was Zelda’s way of giving back Link what she had taken from him.

{{bubble}{Question 11: Sequels}{}{}{

Drew writes:

Would you ever want to see a direct sequel to Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks?

James responds:

How is Phantom Hourglass not a direct sequel? That doesn’t make any sense. So, my answer would be no, I don’t want another sequel, because we have two sequels to Wind Waker.

{{bubble}{Question 12: Link and Ganon: BFFs}{}{}{

NoahtheNintendoNerd writes:

What would you think of a Zelda game where Link and Ganon must join forces, even though they dont want to? I think it would bring a big, BIG diffrence in the story of Zelda, but yet, I think we would all like to see that happen, as it would seem not possible!

James responds:

Well, we have seen Mario and Bowser join forces in the past, so it’s not impossible. I can’t think of a scenario where this would happen, because Link and Ganondorf have VERY differing opinions on everything when it comes to Hyrule. Something even more evil than Ganondorf would have to be taking over Hyrule for them to join forces.

{{bubble}{Question 13: Minish Cap Timeline}{}{}{

Johathan writes:

Hey ZU do you believe that Minish Cap in the timeline is the end of the Master Sword because to me the Picori Blade looks like the Master Sword then later in the game wehn you make the Four Sword it seems that when the Four Sword Saga starts could you please give me your opion of this

James responds:

While the two look similar, I don’t think they are the same sword. I believe that the Master Sword was created by the sages, while the Picori Blade was crafted by the Minish. Therefore, this theory has some holes in it, so I don’t think it’s possible.

{{bubble}{Question 14: Locomo Sword}{}{}{

link53 writes:

in zelda spirit tracks when do you get the locomo sword

James responds:

You obtain it after you beat the Sand Temple, get the Bow of Light, and take to Anjean. She gives it to you.

{{bubble}{Question 15: First Game}{}{}{

Phoenix Flyer writes:

The first Zelda game i ever played was Wind Waker. I just wanted to know, What was your first Zelda Game you every played?

James responds:

The first game I technically played was the original for the NES, but I was two when I did. The first game I truly sat down, played, and understood was Link’s Awakening. It’s a game I cannot put down due to that fact either.

Xeno adds:

My first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time back in ’98. Unfortunately, I was introduced to the series relatively late in my life, so I hadn’t played previous Zelda games before. However, as any fan of Zelda knows, Ocarina of Time is a great game to start out on. I’m just happy I was able to enjoy Ocarina of Time when it was initially released. It was easily the Zelda game that had me interested in the Zelda series from the get-go.

{{bubble}{Question 16: Completed Titles}{}{}{

Dan writes:

How many of the 14 Zelda games have you completed, James?

James responds:

LoZ – No
AoL – No
ALttP – Yes (2009)
LA – Yes (2001ish)
OoT – Yes (2006)
MM – No
OoA – Yes (2009)
OoS – Yes (2009)
TWW – Yes (2007ish)
FSA – No
TMC – No (I only needed to beat Vaati, but I lost my file)
TP – Yes (2008)
PH – Yes (2008)
ST – No


{{bubble}{Question 17: Top 10 Songs}{}{}{

RobustPhoenix writes:

What are your Top 10 Zelda songs?

James responds:

Not in any particular order:
1) Prelude of Light (OoT)
2) Hyrule Field (TP)
3) Underworld Theme (LoZ)
4) Lost Woods (ALttP)
5) Woodfall Temple (MM)
6) Hyrule Field (OoT)
7) Sacred Grove (TP)
8) Linebeck’s Theme (PH)
9) Forest Temple (OoT)
10) Water Temple (OoT)

Xeno adds:

In no particular order:

1) Midna’s Lament (Twilight Princess)
2) Song of Healing (Majora’s Mask)
3) Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time)
4) Ocarina of Time Theme (Ocarina of Time)
5) Wind Waker Theme (Wind Waker)
6) Don’t Want You No More (Twilight Princess)
7) Saria’s Song (Ocarina of Time)
8) Dragon Roost Island Theme (Wind Waker)
9) Zelda’s Lullaby (Ocarina of Time)
10) Last Day (Majora’s Mask)